WikiLeaks Party suffers denial of service attack

The Jester claims credit for taking down website.
WikiLeaks Party suffers denial of service attack

A hacktivist and public WikiLeaks critic has taken credit for a denial of service attack that took down the WikiLeaks Party website this afternoon.

The registered Australian political party acknowledged on Twitter that an attack had happened shortly after a spokeswoman denied the website's outage was due to anything malicious.

The site has been down for about 15 minutes as of this writing, but browsers can still access a static version of the website provided via Cloudflare. A WikiLeaks party spokeswoman told Computerworld Australia that the site would return shortly.

The Jester (@th3j35t3r) took credit for the site's outage on Twitter, writing: “TANGO DOWN - Wikileaks Political Party site in AUS. For grooming US gov employees & contractors into treason."

The attack came in the wake of the official launch of the new political party, which will stand six Senate candidates in the federal election, including WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The Jester has previously launched denial of service attacks against the primary WikiLeaks website.

When initially contacted for comment, the WikiLeaks Party spokeswoman denied there had been an attack.

“We’re not under attack as far as we know,” she said. Rather, the website had “a slight IT hissyfit” after receiving an “enormous amount of hits” in a short amount of time, she said.

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Note that @Sandraeckersley pointed the Jester to the WLP website and that she supports the take down. It seems to be her own misguided definition of "free speech".



RT @SandraEckersley Everyone knows who the Jester is. I follow him - have for weeks.



The Jester recently targeted the Ecuadorian stock exchange because of their consideration of Snowden's asylum request. He obviously operates with complete impunity from US federal forces, who promptly arrest anyone else doing DDOS attacks. Or are DDOS attacks legal when they're against targets the FBI approves of?



That's cos the US government is a serial bully Bree. It does what it wants and doesn't give a fuck about international laws. The sooner the US government is destroyed, the better for the rest of the world's governments and peoples.



jester isn't a person.




It rhymes with bolt.



There's clearly a difference in skill level between the Anonymous members who have initiated DoS attacks and The Jester. The latter is likely military-trained or a veteran of the security industry (both?), while most Anonymous members are hobbyists not yet out of their twenties at best. The US gov't has also admitted to simply not being able to find the Jester if I remember.

Also, Wikileaks' servers are based in Sweden, most likely, and, as such, the US doesn't have jurisdiction. Even if the US gov't did, considering how damaging WikiLeaks has been to different countries, I can't imagine many who have The Jester near the top of their lists.

The biggest difference? The Jester has maintained he is doing illegal things, and WHEN he gets caught (since he knows it's only a matter of time), he believes he'll be prosecuted.

Real Talk


Jester is the biggest script skiddy in hacking history! 9/10 of his attacks are proven FAKE. See >>

Dos/DDoS attacks can be purchased online for 10$ a month LOL Jester is a scammer/T-shirt selling skiddy



Ill just leave this here
"thats his GF she's next"
"Your mom looks awful proud of you"
"Reaching out to MR *** to educate him about his very silly son"

Yep thats th3j35t3r



proven fake? He's proven to everyone who's watching that he can take down a site at a moment's notice...



@Philip, @RealTalk, @Bree -- each one of you are hereby awarded the "Head Up Your Own Arse" award. If jealousy was a crime - all of you would be on death row.



Oh Hai Jennifer Emick/@asherahresearch and William Welna/@Sanguinarious. I see you Jester Trolls get around #LULZ



@ThePickler "Oh Hai Jennifer Emick/@asherahresearch and William Welna/@Sanguinarious. I see you Jester Trolls get around #LULZ"

Such obvious Jester trolls. See them all over the place and usually the same old suspects.

Do you business @th3j35t3r.

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