NAB rolls out ATM monitoring system

Service warns staff if an ATM is about to break down
NAB rolls out ATM monitoring system

National Australia Bank (NAB) is introducing an ATM monitoring system called NCR Predictive Services which is designed to warn staff about ATM hardware failures.

According to the company, NCR, monitoring will allow component repairs to be made before the machine breaks down. The technology also allows problems to be fixed remotely meaning ATMs are back in service more quickly.

NAB's head of ATMs and self service, Alistair Munro, said that it will be the first Australian bank to deploy the service. The bank operates 1400 ATMs.

“As well as increasing ATM availability, NAB will continue working with NCR to deliver consistently better service and more convenient banking for our customers around the clock,” he said in a statement.

The bank will complete the rollout of NCR Predictive Services by the end of July 2013.

NAB’s sister bank, Bank of New Zealand (BNZ), was the world’s first bank to deploy the solution back in April 2012.

According to BNZ, the predictive technology raised ATM availability to 99 per cent. Visits by engineers were cut by 30 per cent and over 40 per cent of more complex issues were fixed before they put the ATM out of service.

“Achieving similar improvements across NAB’s ATM network will equate to serving customers for an extra 60,000 hours each year,” said Munro.

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ATM hardware failures are a common problem among its users. The ATM monitoring system introduced by NAB is truly an innovative method to revive ATM services faster and conveniently. The method of fixing any ATM hardware failure remotely is amazing.

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