Ludlam demands Telstra explain role in US spying

“This is an extraordinary breach of trust, invasion of privacy, and erosion of Australia’s sovereignty,” says Greens senator.

A data sharing agreement between the FBI and Telstra marks "an extraordinary breach of trust, invasion of privacy, and erosion of Australia’s sovereignty,” according to Senator Scott Ludlam.

Crikey reported today that Telstra made a deal with the US allowing the FBI and Department of Justice to spy on communications on Telstra’s submarine cables made from and to the US. The undersea cables are owned by Telstra subsidiary Reach.

Ludlam and the Australian Greens have called on Telstra to immediately disclose details of the agreement with the US.

Telstra issued a statement defending the agreement.

“This Agreement, at that time 12 years ago, reflected Reach’s operating obligations in the US that require carriers to comply with US domestic law," a Telstra spokesman said.

"It relates to a Telstra joint venture company’s operating obligations in the United States under their domestic law. We understand similar agreements would be in place for all network infrastructure in the US. When operating in any jurisdiction, here or overseas, carriers are legally required to provide various forms of assistance to Government agencies.”

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Telstra seem to think they were required by law to break privacy laws. Pathetic excuse.



More like, Austalias government has no nads when it comes to internatinal relations. US says jump and our gov says how high.



Would be interested to know if the Southern Cross Cable system (privately operated) and Pipe's PPC-1 are also tapped as they both land in US territory.



@asmodius: They seem to be mimicking the US in more ways than just privacy invasion.

It's a real shame, because we can all see they're such a /great/ candidate for a role model country...



The US stands a good chance of failing as a super power within our generations life time, their cities and infrastructure are in a woeful state, it was quite alarming as we traveled across a number of states from Patterison to Fort Meade.
However the Military bases and the like were all in top notch condition, it was rather like the Roman empire -sic Italian mainland in the last 50 years before its collapse, all funding going to the military and supporting infrastructure.

One thing the USA has in large scary levels is a very paranoid population, bombarded by a paranoid media, thats being manipulated by a few media moguls, its those moguls that should be disempowered as they are a driving force to alot of this spying on everyone BS

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