Not-for-profit telco to donate proceeds to disability services

Jeenee will offer contract and month-to-month mobile plans

A new telco will offer mobile services for consumers and donate proceeds to people with disabilities.

Jeenee will be launched on Saturday by Community Connections Australia, a disability services provider.

The telco will provide services on the Optus 3G dual band network and will offer four contract plans starting at $30 per month for $200 worth of standard calls and 100MB of data.

Its top-end plan for $80 includes $850 worth of standard calls, 6000 text messages and 1GB of data.

Jeenee is also offering four bring-your-own mobile, month-to-month plans from $25 to $60.

“The original concept of Jeenee was to finally offer people with disabilities an affordable technology solution that provides them with increased independence within the community,” Robin Way, CEO Community Connections Australia, said in a statement. “However, in order to get the project off the ground, we needed to establish Jeenee as a telco in its own right.

"This has an obvious benefit to all Australians as anyone in the community is now able to take up their mobile plans with Jeenee while supporting a hugely worthwhile cause.”

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Dave Johnson


Why would anyone do this, I don't mean to be horrible as supporting those less able than ourselves is very Australian however this is not a good way of achieving the outcome the charity is desiring. If people are going to seriously supporting a charity this way, then why not use something like the Unlimited Plan from Amaysim (optus 3g network), or TPG for $40 and donate the $40 to the charity. Surely that is a better way of assisting a charity from your telecommunications options, and you get a tax write off as well. Unless the entire $85 is a tax write off, people be sensible with the way in which you donate.



Dave, clearly you have missed the point. Do you think mobile services are free? If you had a bit of a clue you would see that you are getting the same network service you would with anyone on optus network. though not filling the coffers of for profit execs. I suppose if thats what you like then fair sure this mob will take your donation and that will be tax free, though you will still be paying for your mobile with someone????

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