Aussie small business slow to embrace cloud: Microsoft

AMI-Partners survey spotlights 'involuntary IT managers'

A survey conducted by AMI-Partners on behalf of Microsoft indicates that many Australian small businesses are disinclined to shift their budgets away from on-premise services towards cloud and managed services.

Only 14 per cent of Australian businesses that participated in the nine-country study indicated they were planning to invest more in cloud services. Fifty-five per cent of those surveyed indicated that they were unlikely to change the way that their IT was managed.

The study also spotlighted the shoehorning of non-technical staff into IT manager roles. Many small businesses rely on having someone with a non-technical role take responsibility for their IT. Globally, the study estimated $24 billion in productivity was lost by employees who had to take time out from their regular duties to manage IT.

In Australia, these de facto IT managers – which the study dubs 'involuntary IT managers – spent 3.1 hours every week managing IT instead of focussing on their primary role, equating to 161 hours every year.

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Brandon Cheshire


The issues that is not addressed in this article is the availability of high-speed broadband. In the metro area, costs for super-speed fibre can exceed $4k a month per end, and in rural areas, four times that. Small businesses are therefore limited to BDSL and even ADSL, which may not deliver the performance required to commit to the Cloud.

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