NBN Co to launch 1 Gigabit wholesale broadband service in December

Consumers and businesses with access to the NBN fibre network will get service

NBN Co has announced that it will be launching a 1 Gigabit wholesale broadband service by December 2013 to areas that can access the National Broadband Network (NBN).

NBN Co’s wholesale customers – retail service providers (RSPs) – will be able to order the service and develop retail plans based on the 1 Gigabit product.

According to NBN Co, consumers will not need any additional NBN equipment in order to receive the service.

Plans for the 1 Gigabit service and two additional speed tiers were contained in NBN Co’s 2010 Corporate Plan.

The speeds and wholesale access prices are outlined below:

Speed tier one

• Download speed: 250 Mbps
• Upload speed: 100 Mbps
• Wholesale access price per month: $70

Speed tier two

• Download speed: 500 Mbps
• Upload speed: 200 Mbps
• Wholesale access price: $100

Speed tier three

• Download speed: 1000 Mbps
• Upload speed: 400 Mbps
• Wholesale access price: $150

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According to NBN Co's head of product & sales, John Simon, the fibre network was built with 1 Gigabit speeds in mind and is capable of supporting even higher speeds.

“In Australia, around a third of homes in the fibre footprint have signed up to the NBN in neighbourhoods where it’s been up and running for 12 months,” he said in a statement.

Simon added that a third of NBN fibre users already subscribe to the fastest speeds available.

“They’re also downloading around 50 per cent more data than the average Australian broadband connection each month and uploading an average of 14 gigabytes per month.”

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"NBN Co has announced that it will be launching a 1 Gigabit wholesale broadband service by December 2013 to areas that can access the National Broadband Network (NBN). "

No, that is to areas that can access the FTTP part of the NBN.
Sadly, since Abbott has promised to halt the FTTP roll-out for all but new estates, that means it will be available to 20% of the population. The other 80% will have to make do on the FTTN maximum of 2.5% of that although he has promised to boost that to 5% of the current rate in a couple of years. At least a year or two before the next planned FTTP speed boost to 10Gbs in 2021 anyway when FTTN will deliver 0.5% of FTTP speeds.

Mark C


I love how nobody ever mentions data plans. At those speeds you'd easily use a 100GB plan and blow your allowance. Speed is fine but it has to be metered with an appropriate amount of data.



A few key facts about Labor's 1Gbps fibre:
1. It is expensive. NBNCo connection is (AVC) $150/month ($1800/year). This doesn't include NBNCo data (CVC) and RSP costs.
2. NBNCo Corporate Plan predicts that less than 5% on fibre will have 1Gbps connections in 2028 (50% will have 12Mbps connections).
3. Unlike Google Fibre it isn't symmetric and PON architecture imposes a limit on the number of services per PON without upgrading.

Contrast this with the Coalition policy where for ~$3000 fibre can be installed, which means many more people will take advantage of this. The Coalition plan also has a minimum speed of 25Mbps (rising to 50Mbps in 2019) meaning that under the Coalition 50% of people will have significantly faster connections.

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