Telstra contemplating speed-based plans, hits back at P2P criticism

The telco has attempted to clear the air on trials it will be conducting, which include throttling speeds on peer-to-peer networks, following backlash from consumers

Waddington said the ISP lost customers as a result of introducing throttling, but the net result was a gain in customers.

While Exetel was transparent about its peer-to-peer network throttling, Waddington said other ISPs have also previously carried out the practice – they just haven’t been open and honest about it.

“Have I actually seen these boxes installed – equipment installed – on another ISPs' rack [to shape peer-to-peer networks]? At least one,” he said.

Is the problem congestion at Telstra?

Telstra’s ADSL traffic has doubled every 12 months over the past four years, with the telco telling the ACCC about possible future congestion issues in November last year.

However, Waddington said he doesn’t believe the problem is congestion because it would be cheaper for Telstra to upgrade than to deploy peer-to-peer controls.

ACCAN has also asked Telstra for evidence that peer-to-peer traffic is causing congestion.

“We’re thinking it would probably be isolated to certain patches rather than across the board,” Elise Davidson, media and communications manager at ACCAN, previously said.

Telstra is adamant it is merely conducting trials and it has nothing to hide, with its CEO, David Thodey, saying there was nothing “heinous” about it.

While ACCAN has expressed concerns, Davidson said there doesn't appear to be anything untoward.

“I think Telstra are being open and transparent about this trial. I don’t think they’re really hiding anything,” she said.

“They’re addressing all of the tough questions pretty directly, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on it.”

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I think It's pretty poor for Telstra/Bigpond to claim it' expansive in regards to bandwidth.

So rather than the fixing the situation, including any and all congestion, they rather piss their customers off by implementing P2P throttling which will effect legitimate applications/games.

So Instead of the good of the customer, it's now back to good old days of the shareholder and pay packets for them selves, this is another reason why we need the NBN to succeed no matter the outcome of the 2013 Election.

This is just pure laziness and both ACCAN and ACCC should just sanction something against Telstra.

If they are not willing to fix the Network including any congestions, why did recently, including as of April of last year say that Coalition's plan would be helpful for Telstra?

Coalition Plan, P2P Trial would be disastrous for it's own customers.



i like exetels comment. we slowed half our customers traffic down 'to remain competitive'.
how is it competitive if other providers allow their customers to use whatever they like at full speed and exetel dont?
i know people who dont use p2p on telstra and will leave as a result of this intrusion into their online life



Exetel controlled their bandwidth costs with p2p shaping. Meaning they paid less, which in turn costs their customers less. TBH at the time 99% of what alot of us did wasnt affected, just the idiots torrenting on default ports.
Telstra doing this is no real surprise however. They have not invested in their network at all and to upgrade it would cost far too much without massive govt money, as we are seeing in some areas where the NBNco is coming in and having to do massive repairworks.
Bring on the fibre. Bring on cheaper bandwidth as a result. Bring on the future.



...Telstra have not upgraded their network??
They have just spend several hundred million converting their entire core network over to the latest and greatest kit :/

Dont get me mixed up with the telstra loving luddites out there, im all for seeing the NBN come along, and more real service level competition aimed squarely at telstra...but cmon man, dont lay a claim at their feet thats not true, thats just unfair.



Justin you do realise the cost of bandwidth is generally controlled by the premium paid on overseas data-links and generally not the local infrastructure.



Telstra customers are already paying a premium compared to other companies and now this...



IMO, they should be prevented by LAW from doing this. This is sheer greed, nothing more.

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