Interest in Telstra offer overpowers Boost Mobile website

Boost announced three plans riding on the Telstra Next G Network.

The Boost Mobile website server was temporarily overwhelmed today by a traffic spike following the operator’s launch of new 3G prepaid plans on the Telstra network. Visitors to the site were able to register as of yesterday afternoon.

“There has been an overwhelming response which has caused the site to slow down and timeout for some customers,” a Boost Mobile spokesman said.

The problems occurred after Boost announced details of new plans coming March 1 that ride on the Telstra Next G network. Boost had previously used the Optus 3G network, but in October announced it would be moving networks.

Boost announced three rate plans, all of which include unlimited talk, text and MMS to standard national numbers. A $10 plan provides up to 500MB of data in a five-day period. A $20 plan includes 1GB of data for a 15-day period. And a $40 plan includes 3GB of data for a 30-day period.

Data is charged in 1MB increments and will be rounded to the nearest MB at the end of each data session.

The service doesn’t go live until March 1, but Boost has a pre-order promotion that gives buyers a golden SIM card and $10 of free credit.

Boost Mobile has said that its existing customers will remain on the Optus network.

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Idiots. People sign up when the data blocks are 1MB? If your on a smartphone your screwed.

Not looking forward to getting back to aus if idiots make this standard by paying!



Also, didn't boost get dumped from the Optus network? Fairly certain it wasn't voluntary

Jason Lasky


What will Telstra offer pre-paid on March 1st? Will they BOOST data?



I could be mistaken but I was under the impression that Telstra only wholesaled their 3G network and not their trademark NextG (3.5G) service. Granted the coverage is the same and there will still likely be a noticeable increase in speed compared to the Optus network but I think it's a little misleading to call it NextG as the article implies.

Then again Telstra feels free to call their LTE service 4G so who really gives a crap.

With Kogan and now Boost sucking the life out of Telstra infrastructure I wonder if it's only a matter of time before congestion leads sub par performance?



You're not really screwed with the 1MB increments because a smartphone generally holds on to a data sessions for at least a day so you wouldn't loose that much.

The network agreement is different to the wholesale agreement and people are essentially getting full speed and full coverage Telstra 3G minus LTE which is pretty much Next G product offering

Adam Bender



Thanks for the comments. It sounds like full 3G, not like what Kogan is getting. According to Boost's FAQ on their website:

"Yes, all Boost Mobile customers on the 3G Telstra Mobile Network will have access to the same network.However, Boost Mobile customers will not have access to the Telstra 4G network. Also, to ensure that you get the most out of your service, it is important your handset is compatible with 850MHz."



Aaron I was with Optus and could check my data usage. It certainly wasn't a day, this was an android over quite a few versions unfourtanetly.

Adam Bender



Just to follow up, we had this comment from a Telstra spokesperson in a previous article:

"A Telstra spokesperson said there are no restrictions on Boost reselling Telstra's Next G offering."

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