Vodafone sanitises brand, waves goodbye to Crazy John

The number three telco wants one brand for its network

Vodafone Hutchison Australia will close or rebrand Crazy John’s retail stores across Australia as part of a new single-brand strategy, a Vodafone spokeswoman said today.

The change is effective 20 February, she said. After that, Vodafone will continue to support Crazy John’s customers through its own store, website and telephone number, she said.

“Some of our Crazy John’s locations will close, while others will be transformed into Vodafone branded stores over the coming months,” the spokeswoman said.

Vodafone will try to limit job cuts, she said. The number-three telco announced 500 redundancies in late October.

Vodafone is “committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our customers and will do our best to redeploy as many Crazy John’s retail employees as possible to work in one of our many Vodafone stores.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make but it is necessary to remain competitive and to ensure we focus our investment where our customers and people will benefit most.”

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So the Vodafone Exec let these staff go through Xmas thinking they had jobs when in fact they of course hadn't - this is disgraceful. And then the Exec hide behind a "spokesperson" . So the American CEO has been running Vodafone for almost a year now and in that time all that he has accomplished it seems is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of job losses , continuing declining numbers , stores shutting , no 4G , unhappy customers. It must be a very unhappy place to work right now .... if you have a job.



Well I cannot comment on whether the decision was made before or after Christmas, but the employees would have had an even worse Christmas knowing they may lose their jobs six weeks later.

At least the network is now running properly & in my experience better than it ever has. The Vodafone technical staff can at least take some of that credit.



URL Grey - of course it must have been made before Xmas to announce in the second week of the year and ask anyone now who is in fear of losing their job if they would have preferred to have known this before Xmas so that they could actually manage their spending better and the answer is yes. Put yourself in their shoes of now getting credit card bills etc for Xmas spending and not having a job !! Far worse.

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