CommBank updates digital wallet for Android handsets

Commonwealth Bank releases Property Guide for Android, updates Kaching
CommBank updates digital wallet for Android handsets

The Commonwealth Bank has released a redesigned version of its free Kaching digital wallet app for Android handsets.

The new version of Kaching for Android adds email and SMS payment notifications and has an improved interface, according to CBA. The previous version of the app essentially cloned the original version of Kaching for iPhone devices.

Kaching can be used to pay bills, transfer money between accounts and for peer-to-peer payments, including over Facebook.

The bank announced in late November that it intended to roll out an enhanced version of Kaching for Android devices in December. The previous version of Kaching Kaching originally launched on the iPhone in 2011.

Kaching has been used for over $4 billion in payments in the last 12 months, according to CBA, and has been downloaded more than 750,000 times.

The bank today also announced a version of its Property Guide app for Android handsets. The app uses augmented reality to overlay real estate data on images of properties captured by an Android smartphone or iPhone camera.

Both Kaching and Property Guide are available from the Google Play app store for Android.

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