AusBBS drops NBN prices due to negative feedback

AusBBS has also dropped its 12Mbps plan on the NBN due to insufficient interest in the plan.

Australian Broadband Services (AusBBS) has dropped its prices on its pay-as-you-go plans (PAYG) for the National Broadband Network (NBN) due to negative crowdsourcing feedback.

AusBBS announced in October this year that it was offering Australia’s first PAYG plan for the NBN targeting the “average” Australian household that uses 25GB to 35GB per month.

However, Rob Appel, CEO at the company, said consumers were “not impressed” with heavier users being required to pay higher rates.

The company has now revised its PAYG plans to include the first 10GB of data, with customers charged 85 cents per GB up to 25GB and 40 cents per GB from 25GB to 100GB. Beyond 100GB, customers will be charged 1 cent per GB.

PAYG NBN prices at AusBBS were initially priced at $39.95 for 12Mbps, which included the first GB of usage included. Beyond that, customers were charged 85 cents per GB up to 10GB and 40 cents per GB after on all NBN speeds.

Initial access fees at the company now start at $42.95 for 25Mbps; $52.95 for 50Mbps; and $62.95 for 100Mbps. The company will no longer offer 12Mbps plans due to a lack of interest in the speed, according to the company.

“The vast majority of the population are using significantly less than 100GB so the new plans offer almost everyone a competitive pay-as-you-go alternative to traditional caps. And with the 1 cent rate above 100GB, occasional usage blow outs will not lead to bill shock,” Appel said in a statement.

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Hugh Jaas


You would thing a PAYG service provider would allow you to use as much data as you like, as you are paying for usage. But no, AusBBS still has a 'subject to fair use' clause. So, yet again, this is not a true PAYG service.



Those prices are still TERRIBLE!!!!!
How does a company with such moronic pricing even exist or continue to exist in todays environment?

I easily burn through 200GB per month...
NBN will ensure my lolcats load at the speed of light because lets face it, the NBN will be used 95% for Lolcats, Youtube and pornography.



Good luck with your 200GB of lolcats, YouTube and pron, Chris, but I can assure you that most users of NBN will not share your exact preferences.

The AusBBS menu does look strange, though, but any oddball offerings will quickly get sorted out now that the NBN rollout is up to speed and competitive offers are building up.



This is like the bad old days of early broadband or even dial up before all you can eat plans where we are being price gouged because of people with the mentality of gnome making excuses fro high pricing. At the end of the day the market will decide. The only captive market left that gets away with this is the mobile and cable carriers like the Optus/Telstra duopoly...



@Cam, you might like to read my post again, where you'll notice that I said that oddball offers will be quickly sorted out by competitive pressure.

You say 'At the end of the the day the market will decide.', so my mentality and yours seem to be in furious agreement. :)

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