Cloud storage outage strikes Macquarie Telecom

Outage affected 65 customers over last 48 hours; service restored for most.

Macquarie Telecom customers suffered a cloud storage outage and some are still experiencing problems, the company has confirmed. Macquarie plans to give rebates to affected customers.

“Over the last 48 hours, 65 customers have experienced network outages that have left them unable to access cloud storage,” Macquarie managing director of hosting, Aidan Tudehope, said in a statement.

“Our technicians have been working around the clock to identify and fix the issue, and the majority of customers were back online within 12 hours.”

Macquarie expects to restore service to the remaining eight customers today, Tudehope said.

“We are still working on a detailed analysis of the cause of the outage but can confirm that it relates to a Storage Area Network at our Intellicentre 1,” Tudehope said.

“We deeply regret the disruption caused to our customers,” he said. “All affected customers will receive a rebate on their bill for the period of the outage. Our service managers, CEO and myself have proactively communicated throughout with all affected customers, and we will continue to update them on the progress of remediation works.”

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Potsy Jeppersen


I'd hate to be one of those CIOs having to explain to the Board of Directors why he/she moved their company's storage onto the unproven and risky cloud.

Oliver Twizt


Unproven? Risky? So... All the biggest clouds that have been running for years, Amazon, Google, Rackspace, Akamai (who you probably don't know of, but powers most of the websites you use every single day) Facebook are

Technology (both hardware and software) fails. Outages happen. It's a fact of life - caused by human, machine, act of nature or otherwise. You can have the best infrastructure, of any type, but that's not going to save you from shoddy DR/BC plans.

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