Optus customers to see $1 to $6 price hike

Phone and broadband plan price changes go into effect 1 November.

Optus customers will see a price hike on most phone and broadband plans next month, the telco said. The carrier this month reduced the number of plans available and did away with peak and off-peak data limits.

On average, customers will see their rates rise $1 to $6, an Optus spokeswoman told Computerworld Australia. The changes go into effect 1 November.

“The impact to the customers on these plans will differ depending on what type of plan they are on, however it will mean a price rise on most plans,” the spokeswoman said.

The price hike won’t affect customers on NBN, senior plans or 50GB free broadband bundled customers, Optus said.

Meanwhile, Optus has slashed its number of plans to 12, down from more than 30. “By streamlining our fixed plans we will be able to offer greater clarity and simplicity when it comes to selecting a home phone or broadband plan through Optus,” Michael Smith, a managing director at Optus, wrote on the company’s blog.

Under the new plans, Optus has stopped differentiating between data used in on- and off-peak hours. It also has removed upfront connection and delivery fees on 24-month plans. Wi-Fi modems are included on all broadband plans and bundles. In addition, customers can choose to sign up for 6-month contracts.

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Tony Hogben


....I have been an Optus customer since 1998 and expect to be looked after....



@ Tony Hogben - your an optus customer so please bend over that desk and a "friendly" cust service rep will be with you in a minute.



they are upping the price and takeing out the free 13 and 1300 numbers. they will now cost 35c each
I phoned up optus to see if they could do a deal and they said no
I have been with optus for many years and am thinking of changeing to tpg

Francis Young


I am seeing a steady stream of posts, from those of my FB friends using Optus, seeking advice on churning. The general complaint is that their contract lets Optus charge them a fee to terminate, yet allows price hikes. It's hard to see this turning out well for Optus, unless their secret agenda is to rid themselves of ADSL and HFC customers.

Peter from Perth


optus customer here,Not happy....Moving time.



Optus will not be charging customers a fee to cancel if they don't agree with the price rise. It is illegal to do so and Optus do not participate in illegal activity. Every customer will get 21 days to cancel.



sick of you optus
i am moving to tpg



not happpy with the price hike for 2yrs broadband & phone bundle contract.., will cancel it...

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