Tasmania on the way to being first connected NBN state

Construction commencing on 12,600 premises.

Construction for the National Broadband Network (NBN) has commenced on 12,600 premises in Launceston, Somerset and Binalong Bay in Tasmania.

Construction has started on around 10,500 premises in Launceston and 2100 premises in Somerset and Binalong Bay.

A total of 8625 premises will also be connected to the NBN in Deloraine, George Town, St Helens, Scottsdale and Smithton, with Tasmania to be the first state in Australia to be completely connected to the network by the end of 2015.

“Tasmanians are embracing the NBN. The take up rate for people signing up to the NBN in sites active for more than 12 months is 18 per cent, well above NBN Co’s forecast take up rate of 11 per cent,” Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, said in a statement.

“High-definition video conferencing means children may be able to take classes their local school doesn’t offer and people will be able to consult with a specialist doctor from anywhere in Tasmania, or around the country, without travelling long distances.”

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Roberto Georgio


Tasmania to the first connected to the NBN, wow should we pop the champagne, the real test is mainland Australia, this will go down in history as the biggest economic loss of Taxpayers money by a Union-Labor Government. A bronze statue of Conroy should be placed in front of Parliament house in Canberra, to remind us of Labor's economic ability when wasting hard working taxpayer's money, we must never forget this legacy.

Ken F


I live in WA and NBN is installing cabling past my home. A visit to the NBN web site informs me the network will be available in November. Moving on to the next page I'm informed it will be available in March 2013 and yet another page advises July 2013....at this stage home owners dont know whether we will have fibre to the home or something else. A complete and utter shambles.



Well, now we will see if the NBN is capable of the miracles claimed by Sen Conroy. Tasmania has practically no economy left, so it is very ripe for an NBN-led economic takeoff.



There is still no word on when my suburb (Kelsey Creek, Qld) is getting the fixed wireless. So dissapointing.



I'm sorry Roberto but I can't agree with your comments. This is a computing website and you are complaining that a national high speed universal fibre network in Australia is a waste of money!

I can understand that the rollout is happening slower than hoped. This is a big project and it *will* take a long time. I guess we need to be patient.



Roberto, you will never forget the legacy because in ten years' time you will be thanking the current Labor government for having had the foresight to embark on such an important project for the nation. The fact that it takes many years to build a nationwide fibre network underscores the importance of starting the build now rather than later. If the Coalition is successful in disrupting the rollout and goes ahead with their second-rate stopgap alternative (mainly FTTN), we will all suffer the consequences.

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