Foxtel makes amends over claims of high definition AFL games

Foxtel will issue a correction and change its promotional material of high definition AFL broadcasts following customers' complaints to the ACCC.

Foxtel has moved to change its promotional material for AFL games which it claimed were all filmed in high definition quality following complaints to the ACCC.

While Foxtel broadcast nine AFL games in high definition in each round, only five were filmed using high definition cameras. The remaining four games were filmed in standard definition and later up-converted to high definition quality, with up-converted games of a lower picture quality, according to the ACCC.

Following complaints to the ACCC, it said it was concerned with claims by Foxtel that its AFL games on the Fox Footy HD and Fox Sports 1 HD channels were “real HD”, “beautiful”, “glorious” and “brilliant”, and created the impression the games were an absolute level of high definition, potentially misleading consumers.

The complaints were lodged with the ACCC from Foxtel customers who had subscribed to its high definition AFL channels in the belief all games would be of the same quality.

Following discussions between Foxtel and the ACCC, Foxtel has now amended its promotional material to state five games per week are filmed in high definition, while another four games are filmed in standard definition and later up-converted.

Foxtel will also issue a correction notice and will provide compensation to customers who lodged complaints with the ACCC or Foxtel.

“The ACCC is pleased that Foxtel is clarifying any confusion regarding its promotion of AFL broadcasts in high definition,” Rod Sims, ACCC chairman, said in a statement.

“The ACCC recognises the popularity of watching AFL in Australia and I re-iterate that companies must provide clarity and transparency in their advertising so consumers can be sure of what they’re getting.”

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The most important point here, which you have failed to report, is that all AFL games are filmed using the same cameras, and these cameras are fully HD capable. However, because Channel 7 are complete luddites and have decided to show their 4 x AFL games per week on their SD channel, they refuse to provide a HD feed to Foxtel for them to broadcast the game in HD.

Completely ridiculous, and yet another blatant case of the commercial networks treating the viewing public appallingly.

Josh Rowe


Agree with Justin that Channel 7 have chosen to only send a SD feed to Foxtel when they could technically send a HD feed to them.

Read this blog post on the topic:



Channel 7 - "We love the footy" - yeah right!

David Herbert


7 should take the blame on this one. Not playing ball with Fox. All the equipment including Gearhouse's broadcast trucks are HD compatable.

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