iOS 6 Wi-Fi glitch a Web problem, not firmware issue

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  • 20 September, 2012 14:28

A Wi-Fi connection glitch sent a short-lived, but intense wave of alarm and outrage through the iPhone and iPad user community yesterday, after they updated to the just-released iOS 6. But apparently the problem had nothing to do with the operating system itself, and Apple fixed it within hours.

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The latest version of Apple's mobile OS was released Wednesday, with more than 200 changes or additions to iOS 6. It runs on iPad 2, the new iPad, and iPhone 4, 4S and the iPhone 5, which will be released Friday, Sept. 21. Shortly after it was available, Twitter and various online forums and comment boards flared with complaints that iConic mobile devices could no longer make a connection to any kind of Wi-Fi network.

Instead, the phones and cellular-equipped iPads made a cellular connection, and users' screens showed a Web page at carrying the command "Login." Yet there was no form to actually do so; and beneath the prompt was the alert "Hmm, the page you're looking for can't be found." After dismissing the screen, the device simply failed to connect to the Wi-Fi access point.

The failure prompted a wave of alarm, outrage and paranoia on the Web, such as the postings at MacRumors' online forums (from which the following comments are taken) as well as Apple's own online support community

"I try to connect my iphone and my wifes iphone to our wifi and after it connects. It opens Safari and loads with Log In in the header?" posted dtbratt about 6 p.m. ET Wednesday. He added another post minutes later: "HUGE Problem with iOS 6!"

"Same here," posted 1984. "It keeps losing the wifi signal and switching to 3G/4G and then a weird page comes up with 'Log In' in the title bar but no log in form. The only way to stop it is to turn of Cellular Data."

At least one user said the new OS initially worked fine but then ran into problems. "Got the same problem," wrote TheDutchGuy. "Worked fine for several hours, but now I get the same Apple 'failed' login page..."

"I think this is the worst iOS release to date," posted JS82712. "And Steve would've never allowed this."

Some saw Apple nefariousness at work.

"Of course, now I'm wondering what is it about connecting to WiFi that Apple is transmitting to itself," posted SoloStyle.

The glitch affected corporate users also. "Same problem here connecting to my work's corporate Cisco Wifi (normally a Cisco login page would come up, but I'm just getting the Apple page instead)," wrote T-Will.

A few intuited what the actual problem might be. "I'm seeing this too--iPad and iPhone. Apple seems to have removed the HTML page that they use to check if you're behind a wifi hotspot paywall," noted ejdmoo.

And in fact, something very like that was indeed the issue, as a number of users began posting.

Neogaff picked up on a MacRumors post that outlined the problem: "Here is what is going on. Ever since iOS 4(?) there has been a feature where if you connect to a WiFi network it will try to ping this site: If it is a success then it lets you connect, if it is not a success the phone trys [sic] to bring up what would be a Login page for corporate wifi networks. Example, public access points that have a login page, etc. It seems that some moron at Apple deleted the file located at and that is why it is not working. This is not an iOS 6 issue but rather a problem with Apple's website."

In a series of tweets, Steve Streza, lead platform developer for, a San Francisco app vendor, outlined the issues. "Your phone checks a page on to see if your network is working. If not, you're probably on a network like a hotel/airport, where you have to agree to their terms before you can use the Wi-Fi. Then they show you the page so you can agree."

"The issue only affected iOS 6 devices, which use ... as their test URL. Previous OSes just used"

He noted that Apple would have to update the Web page, not the OS. "The test page ( ...) has been updated. My iOS 6 Wi-Fi is working again," he tweeted. "If you're still having issues, toggle Wi-Fi off and on. It does the detection when you connect to the Wi-Fi network."

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Rob G


Okay so here is a day later from the launch of IOS 6 and I still can't get my WiFi to work at work. I took it home and had no problems but can not get my WiFi to work here. I actually used my work WiFI to download IOS 6. What gives? I tried turning on and off the Cellular Data and turned on the Airplane mode as someone else suggested. No Luck. I have also run into trying to log on to my yahoo email account but it continues to loop me back into signing in again and again. Anybody else having these problems. I have done the whole reboot and stuff, so I am not sure what is going on.



Rob G, yes I am having the same issue with Yahoo mail. I got on once or twice but it then keeps reverting to the log-in page. This is obviously an Apple IOS 6 problem and not a Yahoo issue.



Yes same here. Any fixes out there.



Same problem here. Cannot log in to yahoo mail or any mail other than Exchange.



Can't get my BigPond Home wi-fi to work. Wish I'd never loaded the new stuff now. Can use 3G, but that costs more to run. Not impressed right now.



i updated yesterday and can no longer use any thing needing the internet, eg weather, safari, any of my apps rang telestra at 11am yesterday and was told some internet codes were lost during the upgrade and id have to wait 24hrs. Def not impressed.



I have the same problem. My iPhone 4 was updated to IOS6 and it has no problems. It's just my iPad 2 which will connect for about a minute, although very slow and then just drop connection completely. I am about to throw it against the wall - just to let my frustration out!



my phone is gone back 's original settings. please help
to it



I HAVE SAME PROBLE HERE TOO..I CANT USE ANYTHING USES WIFI...i switched wifi on and off i get full bar signal but no page loaded and its says connection so pissed off



Hi there - I had the same problem with iPhone 4 upgraded to 5.1.1 and then 6, and the same with iPad2. I noticed that both worked fine on 3G and also worked on WiFi when I used a secondary WifFi hotspot (different network from my main one).
Went into my default WifFi settings on both iPhone and iPad, and told them to FORGET my main WiFi SSID (that wouldn't work after upgrade). Then turned off WiFi on both devices and turned back on. Each asked to join my main SSID so I typed in the password for that network and they came up straight away. All now working fine.



Thank for your help but still no joy after I tried all of that. Off to Apple now. cheers



I have tried rebooting and resetting the iPhone plus hitting the on/off button but the WiFi still does not work. Consequently my HotSpot does not work either. Help!



Same problem here, iphone 4S going SO slow on wireless, turned everything off (modem, router, phone etc) started all again with no joy. Wifes iphone is the same.

I hope they fix it very soon!

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