TPG ups the ante with unlimited NBN data plan

TPG will offer a $69.99 unlimited NBN plan.

TPG is the first ISP to offer unlimited data plans on the National Broadband Network (NBN), with a $69.99 per month plan on the base level NBN speed of 12/1Mbps.

The 12-month plan is available with a TPG home phone rental and also includes unlimited local and standard national calls to landlines and unlimited international calls to some countries, such as the US, Canada and China.

Customers will be required to pay a $79.95 set-up fee and the plan is only available to new TPG customers.

Which NBN plan is best?

The NBN plan compares to TPG’s unlimited ADSL2+ bundle with home phone line rental for $69.99 on a 24-month contract at speeds of up to 20Mbps. The plan includes unlimited local and standard national calls to landlines, 100 minutes of international calls per months and a wifi modem internet gateway.

While the company signed a wholesale agreement with NBN Co early this year, the company has been a latecomer to announce NBN plans, previously stating it was waiting to release plans when more people could access the network.

So far, only a limited number of areas in Australia can connect to the NBN.

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And this is but the start of a price war, when this gets rolled out more fully and things hot up, I would expect $70 to $80 per month to get you unlimited usage and 50 Mps.

Which will be needed for all the TV/film on demand or Foxtel,s worst nightmare.



TPG has speed of 8-10Mb/s 200 meters from Digital exchange!! What speed have people living 6-10 KM from exchange? , It maybe TPG should leave market as they just sucking money from customers.
Pople buying smart TV can not use it fully at that speed.



Who cares about these plans, just a small number of people can get access to the NBN at this time, its really no big deal.

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