Consumers believe download speeds are improving

Nearly half of consumers have been with their telco service provider for five years or more, according to a new survey by ACCAN.

Network improvements for telcos appear to be paying off, with 61 per cent of people believing Internet download speeds are getting better, according to a survey by ACCAN.

The ACCAN National Consumer Perceptions Survey covered 800 people over the age of 18.

It found the number one device for communication was the mobile phone, with 58 per cent of respondents preferring it over a fixed line phone (29 per cent).

The survey also found Australians are relatively brand loyal, with nearly half (46 per cent) having been with the same telco provider for five years or more for their main communications service. A total of 65 per cent of consumers over the age of 55 have been with the same company for five years or more.

“It’s surprising that so many people have been with the same telecommunications provider for five years or more, especially at a time when there have never been more providers offering competitively priced voice and Internet services in Australia,” Teresa Corbin, ACCAN chief executive, said in a statement.

“We’re going to take a closer look at why people don’t actively participate in the market by shopping around. If you’ve been with the same provider for a long time, it’s worth checking to see what other deals are on offer.

“People are actively trying to save money on other utilities like energy, but for some reason when it comes to telecommunications services many people just stay with the same provider.”

Other findings of the survey reveal 76 per cent of people have made a complaint to their service provider.

Of these complaints, 36 per cent of people were dissatisfied with the responses from their service provider, while 46 per cent of people are willing to take complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) if problems couldn't be resolved with their service provider.

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Obviously the survey questions were not put in Point Vernon 4655 Queensland , where so- called broadband delivered through Telstra's 1950s exchange and copper wire comes through at much the same speed regardless of what you pay for - about the same as the old dial-up ! And anyone silly enough to use a mobile phone here has to go stand in the middle of the road to get signal. We are that tiny part of the population that is the eight per cent in the boasts of the Telcos that they 'cover 92% of the population ' .



what people " belive " and what is reality are not nessarily the same thing



Colin unfortunately forgot to mention that Point Vernon is covered by Telstra's excellent LTE 4G and 3G 850 NextG mobiles network., which also covers the Pialba and Torquay areas. The newer part of Point Vernon is serviced by an ISAM cabinet in Wattle St (clearly evident in Google maps) so copper in this part can't be pre-1990s. I can't see any of the older RIMs in the area, so likely ADSL2+ is universally available over 0.64mm gauge copper from Pialba exchange.

Francis Young


@Reality, your information and Colin's may both be correct in different parts of Point Vernon.

RIM info here suggests that at least part of Point Vernon is enjoying RIM hell. Heatmap data shows some users getting 5Mbps down but only 384K up, suggesting all is not well. There are no samples at the northwest part of the point furthest from the exchange, where speeds would have to be worse.

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