Comms Alliance updates industry guidelines for NBN, fibre

Revisions add low-loss traffic class for video delivered over fibre networks.

Communications Alliance has updated industry guidelines for delivering video and digital services over the NBN and other fibre networks. Two of the revised guidelines relate to quality of service on IP networks and one is about wholesale telephony.

The guidelines were revised by an Alliance working committee of telecom industry officials, led by Internet Society of Australia director, Paul Brooks. The working committee aimed to reduce packet loss and increase interoperability between the NBN and other fibre networks, the Alliance said.

A major addition is the low-loss traffic class for enhanced video services, the Alliance said. The first QoS guideline defines quality parameters for a set of traffic classes on IP networks, while the second QoS guideline includes test methods for the classes, it said. Revisions to the third guideline, related to providing NBN wholesale telephony services, add more information about dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signalling.

“With the migration of telephone services to the NBN, IP service quality measures and traffic prioritisation will be critical in ensuring the high audio quality expectations of the public are maintained,” Brooks said in a statement.

Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said in a statement that the updated guidelines are “an important part of ensuring that quality for consumers remains paramount.”

The new guidelines (PDF) are available on the Alliance’s website:

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