Internode announces social mobile plans

The NodeMobile plans range from $10 to $40 per month.

A new mobile plan by Internode provides 150GB for social networking. The data bucket includes Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay and Foursquare, it said.

The plan doesn’t appear to include any websites that produce large amounts of data traffic such as YouTube or other video streaming sites. Other operators offer unlimited social network buckets.

All the new NodeMobile plans include 150GB for the social networks. For $10 per month, a customer gets $165 calls and text and 200MB data. For $20, a customer gets $450 calls and text, $1000 calls to other NodeMobile customers and 1.5GB data. For $40, a customer gets $750 calls and text, $1,500 calls to NodeMobile and 3GB data. The NodeMobile SIM card costs $10 plus $5 delivery.

To reduce bill shock, the plans alert customers about voice and data allowances.

The NodeMobile service, which runs on the Optus network, is available only to existing Internode customers with a fixed location service.

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