Microsoft synchs Xbox 360 to smartphones, tablets

Microsoft is cranking up competition in the game consoles industry with an update to its Xbox 360 console

Microsoft has unveiled its Xbox SmartGlass software for synching Xbox 360 to smartphones and tablets.

The SmartGlass software also synchs Xbox 360 to Android-powered devices, as well as Windows 8 operating system.

The move may be interpreted as an attempt to beat Nintendo’s much anticipated next-generation Wii U console. Nintendo’s next-generation Wii U is promising a tablet-style GamePad controller. But Microsoft has one major advantage over Nintendo. Whereas Nintendo is developing GamePads which are additional gadgets for gamers to incorporate into their lives, Microsoft lets game console lovers use the gadgets they already have.

Other than synching smartphones and tablets, the SmartGlass software will also allow users of Xbox Live to stream movies or music onto their home television screens.

In addition, the software will automatically display additional information at the beginning of a film such as an actor’s bio.

Microsoft plans to release the SmartGlass software globally by the end of 2012.

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