First Tasmanian customer connected to the NBN

Tasmanians are beginning to connect to the NBN

The first home has been connected to a commercial National Broadband Network (NBN) service in Tasmania.

The iPrimus customer has been connected at Triabunna, with around 11,500 homes to eventually be connected to the NBN in Tasmania in Deloraine, Kingston Beach, George Town, Sorell, South Hobart, St Helens and Triabunna.

NBN services were previously being trialled in Tasmania.

Primus will deliver additional fixed wireless and satellite services via the NBN once it has completed its on-boarding process and service testing has been approved.

The company recently announced it was working with NBN Co to trial new software which would allow businesses and consumers to transition from the copper network to the NBN through NBN Co’s UNI-V Enhancement Program.

The program will eventually allow service providers to offer telephony services to users serviced by the NBN fibre through the NBN UNI-V port.

“Ensuring enhanced and consistent voice quality on the NBN is a key priority for Primus,” said Primus CEO Tom Mazerski in a statement.

“...our collaboration with NBN Co on the UNI-V Enhancement Program acknowledges [our] expertise as we work together to ensure future service delivery excellence of voice services on fibre.”

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P Mason


I find the headline is a little confusing "First Tasmanian customer connected to the NBN" as I thought this was in fact at Midway Point (near Hobart) in August 2010.

ahmad kishani


i want nbn broadband and i wanna do contract with 100mgbit speed and i cant wait for june 2015 beacuse im living in calwell,canberra

Phil M


The reasons Turnbull is opposing the NBN, is 1) Their stuff up in selling telstra in the first place, 2) The LNP's association with and how they must do Murdochs bidding, as Murdochs papers are the LNP's mouthpiece. He knows Foxtel and their massive fees are history once the NBN comes along. The equivalent of netflix will replace it. Murdoch would rather the LNP shut the NBN down than have to adapt and heaven forbid, provide a service similar to netflix here in Australia for less than foxtel's prices.

If it was all about costs, the LNP would not advocate social welfare handouts like the baby bonus, the first home owners grant, the paid parental leave or the billions in funds spent on port, rail and road upgrades for the mines.



@3 mjbdfrv, the reason Turnbull is opposing the NBN is because it is a bold and valuable concept of vital national infrastructure - and because NBN is ALP policy.

So no need for conspiracy theories. It seems the coalition have vowed to destroy NBN because they didn't think of it.




Interesting. So you think Foxtel would love the competition of the NBN, bringing IPTV or Netflix type programs to the mix?

You think is a bipartisan, impartial media outlet?



@5 mjbdfrv, no disagreement with you about Uncle Rupe, but we weren't initially talking about him.

Perhaps we can agree that the coalition hates NBN because it wasn't their idea, and News Ltd hates NBN even more because they seem to think it's a mortal threat to their legacy business model.

Abel Adamski


@P Mason
Tassie had "customers" connected as part of the trials. different equipment and methods were trialled, now the equipment has been settled on the trial installs will be updated to the current standard equipment. Now going commercial and there are now "real customers" on commercial plans being connected, where previously only limited connections were accepted as trial subjects.

The media may have presented a different picture for their own purposes



@6 Gnome.

Aye to that Gnome, aye to that.

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