Qantas Windows Phone app tracks flight schedules

App prompts passengers to check-in and can store domestic boarding passes
Qantas Windows Phone app tracks flight schedules

Qantas has launched a free application for Windows Phone which, according to the company, will help passengers keep an eye on how much time they have before their flight boards.

The app uses Windows Live Tiles, a feature which gives the user the ability to `pin’ virtually anything to the phone’s start screen as a tile. Qantas customers can access app information from their start screen, as well as multiple individual flights, without needing to load the app.

The app also works out the passenger’s global positioning system (GPS) location and then prompts them to travel to the airport for check-in by factoring in the estimated travel time required to get to the airport form their location.

Windows Phone Australia business group lead, Megan Howard, said in a statement that the app will update the Live Tile on the passenger’s phone to alert them of how much time they have before take-off and when check-in is open, as well as store mobile boarding passes for domestic flights to “help make travel easier for many passengers.”

In October 2011, Qantas began trialling iPads on one Boeing 767-300 as part of a long-term strategy to introduce wireless technology for in-flight entertainment.

Techworld Australia has contacted Qantas for further comment and is awaiting a response.

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Geoffery M


Why on earth would they make an app for a platform that nobody has, and nobody wants?

Have you ever seen anyone with a Windows Phone? On a train, or a bus, or at the airport? Nope.



Geoffery, sorry to put a dampening on your platform-bashing but actually if you go to any of the telco or third party phone stores they're all stocking Windows Phones. In the same way it took Android years to grow adoption, Windows Phone is in its infancy. Most users that have used a Windows Phone find it hard to go to any othere device - that must be saying something for the platform. The apps market is growing at a massive rate, which implies a large pool of companies and developers disagree with you.

With the announcements around Windows 8 and the direction that's going, it's clear that Qantas is trying to jump ahead in the game, rather than being a me-too laggard.

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