Acquia unveils 'Apps Market' for Drupal

Acquia Network customers will be able to purchase third-party apps and services

Drupal services and hosting behemoth Acquia has used DrupalCon London to announce the 'Acquia Apps Market' for customers of its Acquia Network service.

The Apps Market will allow third-party developers to offer Drupal-based services and applications for sale to subscribers to the Acquia Network.

The beta version of the Market offers access to site monitoring package Insights, SEO tool SEO Grader, Mu Dynamics' performance testing app Blitz and the Drupalize.Me tutorial video library, as well as services already delivered to Acquia Network customers, including the Mollom anti-spam service.

Acquia's Apps Market will launch in Q4 this year.

Along with site-building tools and a Drupal knowledgebase, the Acquia Network offers support services for the open source Web framework.

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What diff does it make with this news when you already know that Drupal does not scale?

Fastcompany moved out of Drupal.



Nihar, Drupal has matured since the days of Fast Company launching. You mention one site moving away from Drupal but neglect to mention the countless high profile sites moving to Drupal:,, Drupal can scale, Drupal is secure, and it's quickly becoming the go-to choice for a number of different uses. Believe me, if Drupal didn't scale to enterprise needs, I don't think Acquia would have raised nearly $40 million. Acquia's on to something here, they'll do well with this. I think it's a natural and positive move for the Drupal community.

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