Microsoft at a loss over Event Viewer scam

Australian chief security advisor proposes potential changes to Indian legislation

Microsoft Australia has admitted an inability to effectively shut down an Indian-based telemarketing scam which offers users of its Windows operating system virus protection.

The scam, known as Windows Event Viewer - or simply 'eventvwr' - involves telemarketers requesting the recipient's authority to run a Windows program by the same name in order to fix bugs in the operating system. Other callers claim they can remove the virus for a fee and ask for people's credit card details.

However, the telemarketers only charge the credit card for the amount the customer agrees to and, according to the vendor's research, do not use the card details again.

The scam has been rampant, however, with an initial investigation by Computerworld Australia into the issue in 2009 remaining one of the most active threads on this publication's website.

A global fight against the issue, which appears to have grown in its effect on users, became heated in March when the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) issued a warning it would impose fines of up to $110,000 on telemarketers which refused to abide by the Do Not Call register.

However the threat was somewhat toothless; as most of those responsible in India, ACMA is unable to fine telemarketers directly involved with the threat.

Microsoft Australia's chief security adviser, Stuart Strathdee, told Computerworld Australia that the vendor was working closely with ACMA and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on the issue, but the differences in international law prevented direct action.

"They [ACMA and ACCC] are experts in consumer protection and they also have a wealth of depth in their views on international law," he said.

"The difficulty that we have here [in Australia] is that because the telemarketers seem to be based in India, there are some intricacies of the Indian law which suggest they may not be breaking any laws there.

"Even if they are breaking some consumer laws in Australia, trying to prosecute anyone under Australian law in India is exceptionally challenging."

Strathdee said the vendor has worked with law enforcement agencies across a number of states in the past two years to get clarity on what laws the telemarketers may be breaking.

"We've also had talks with our legal teams in Asia Pacific and counterparts in government to work out what we can and can't do," he said. "We may need to work with the Indian government to have some of their laws changed to create further protection and also make prosecution easier."

Strathdee said at this stage, the vendor was still determining who it could work with in India to highlight the issue and suggest law changes, however, there remained little expectation that any effective changes to legislation would be enforced there.

"What I do know is that from an enforcement perspective in Microsoft, we've been very active in trying to track down people who have used our logos without permission or tried to represent themselves as having an alignment to Microsoft," he said.

Since telemarketers weren't impersonating Microsoft employees or claiming to be from the company - instead mentioning key brand names such as Windows Vista or XP - they were treading a "fine line" on the case.

"It's not just Australia that has been impacted by this," Strathde said. "As the problem has continued for the past few years and we start to apply the blowtorch to draw public attention to it, the scammers focus their attention back to the UK and than sometimes as the press picks up on it there they will shift again to the US."

Srathdee added that security support for the scam was free and it could help customers if they had any concerns about the security of their computers.

Locally, Microsoft has been active to stamp out unauthorised attempts to offer unwarranted support to users for its operating system. In March, the company won a copyright infringement lawsuit against a Queensland-based technician who had owned and operated two domains based on the Windows trademark.

Have you been affected by the Event Viewer scam? Let us know below!

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This Microsoft issue is real I am a PC consultant and have my clients call should there be a problem with their PC. I have had clients cry being that upset that they have paid these people. And others have hung up. So please relay onto Microsoft the threat is real. Even had a call from a client today.



Indian Laws are competent to handle such issues. Proper procedure needs to be followed.



Indian laws may be competent to handle these scams but they are not helping all the people getting scammed!
A lot of people know what to do but plenty don't.



I received a phone call from these people only last night 14 April 2011 claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Division and that my computer is sending out a signal to say that everytime I log onto the Internet it is downloading Malware/Virus and that they could help me online to fix this problem. I told them that at the present time I do not have an operating computer and they advised that when I get my computer back to give them a call on 02 8005 4969 and ask for Dave. I will not be returning their call.



These people (there were at least 4 of them) rang whilst I was at work. My 15 year old son took the call. He told me they were really bossy and demanding him to go into things on the PC. They were actually yelling down the phone at him. He did eventually have the sense to hang-up and not do what they told him. Scary stuff. Bully tactics and I'd say yeah, this is a pretty serious threat, especially for young or vulnerable people.



My mother - who has been fighting getting a computer for years - got a call on the day I gave her one! She said the lady on the phone was very abusive and was yelling as well. Fortunately my mother told this lady, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she thought of her phone manner and hung up!

It took a lot of fast talking to convince my mother that she probably would've received the phone call whether she had a computer or not!



I just had my second call from these people - female Indian sounding called herself Sylvia - same person both times I think - the phone line is very crackly. The first time she said her company "Computer Maintenance Dept" was working with Microsoft. The second time no mention of MS! They hang up when you start asking questions, but I have plenty of less knowledgeable friends and I worry some of them might be scammed!



The Indians are rude and swear and curse when you advise them you know it's a scam. I notice I never get these calls from Chinese sounding people. We should cut off the Internet to and from India until these little Indian thieves learn how to behave. The Indians are currently living up to their corrupt and dishonest reputation.



Perhaps it is time to give Ubuntu operating system a go. At least when these people call up, you can straight away tell them you do not have a Windows PC.



These calls are at least a weekly occurence at my house where I spend very little time at. I agree that most of the callers are very rude as soon as you start asking questions. I have had several call back three or four times in an hour because I hung up on them. Cath's post reminded me of the time I had a great laugh ... "Hello, My Name is xx and I am from the Computer Maintenance Department." I asked what company they were with and they said they weren't sure. ... I mean ... come on!

ben reid


i was just called by an indian accented gentleman stating he was from he said they were a Microsoft partner. He asked me to look into event viewer and tried to convince me the errors and warnings were very serious. He then wanted me to down load a remote access tool and surrender control of the PC while their technician fixed my computer. I stated that only a complete mug would allow access to an unverified source. He boldly stated we could check them out out on their website and call them back when we were ready to prevent a total crash of our computer.
I have since posted a warning to all my friends on FB.



My brother just copped a call from similar - "03 8807 0958" calling themselves Virtual PC Doctor. Asking the owner to do the run / eventvwr thing. He told them he'd call back and hung up. He then rang 'em back, got a lady who didn't know the name specified, then went looking and "found" the caller. When asked for his supervisor, he was told that "Oh, the supervisor is out of the office just now".

The phone number entered into google comes up with a couple of pages of the same stuff as above. Good luck to anyone getting hit with this.



Just recieved a call from an indian accented guy, wasn't to sure what company he said he was from as the noise on the line was insainly loud, asked me to enter 'INF' in the run window/box and that should 'C:\windows\inf' which he told me ment Infection... Then got me to do the event viewer and informed me the errors from MySQL where caused by the 'Virus' . Then told me he would put me through to a 'Microsoft Technician'. Thats when i hung up...



I received a call 4/30/11 from a male that sounded like he was from India or of Asian heritage. He told me that when we surfed the internet our ISP address showed that certain sites caused pictures to be loaded to our PC. He had me type in event viewer info and then when the logs pulled up and there were error messages he said "Oh MY God" several times. I asked him several times what he was trying to have me do and who he was with. He told me that there were virus loaded on my PC that would destroy my hard drive and all my programs were not effective. After asking him several times who he was with, he said he was with an affiliate of Microsoft. I said I had to leave and finally he gave me a phone number-a 1-845 # and his name as Richard Thomas ??. I made an appointment for him to call back on Monday at 11 a.m. and then have proceeded to try and research the suspected fraud. His "oh my God" was the cap on what I suspected was fraud. He knew my name and I am guessing he had identified this through my ISP address. Beware! I will try and report this to authorities once I find out just who to report to. I am equally concerned that he could access my identity this way.



Get a whistle. For any abusive callers, blow the whistle down the phone. Very quickly puts paid to abusive callers, as the suddenly can't hear in one ear.



I had 3 of these calls over the weekend. The final one was Monday 2 May 2011. They phoned me and then proceeded to ask for my phone number to which I replied you have my phone number because you just called me. Then when I told him to send me an email he ask why and I said so that I could pass it onto microsoft or the police. He then asked me if I knew Osma Bin Laden was dead and I asked what that had to do with this call. He then abused me by say - you people don't care about Osama and you certainly don't care about your computer. To which I then asked him if he had been drinking alcohol and he hung up. They are very annoying and very abusive when you question them about their motives. Next time they ring it will be just a quick hang up.



I get those calls a lot, so much infact i have unplugged my phone and have no intention on plugging it back in again. Who the heck needs a landline anyway?



Glad to see Microsoft being responsive about this </sarcasm>. We were getting calls with this scam in June 2010.

I played along with the heavily accented gibberish for a while until I asked him how to fix my linux PC, must be a first, he hung up on me.

Maybe Eventviewer needs an MS update so it presents a splash-screen saying "If there's an indian guy on the phone telling you to run this, ITS A SCAM"




Indian caller from "Microsoft Support, Sydney" called me and said "Hello, are you ****?" - he knew my full name.

Then the spiel about "We are being alerted that your computer is spreading viruses on the internet - please run EVENTVWR and tell me what you see".

At which point I said "No way buddy - I'm gonna Google this first" - and hung up!

Thus, I am here to report YET AGAIN - the Indian Curse has struck. This is plainly ridiculous and a SERIOUS security threat to innocent PC users. Are these people linked to Al Queda? How would we know?






I got a call last night from an Indian guy also (fancy that?). Anyway as I work in IT I know he couldnt fix anything and nothign was actually wrong.. So I just played along cos I was bored and did the event viewer thing, he said a few times 'OMG the errors sir, you have big problems. We can make your PC faster and stop it crashing cos it will soon'. So he asked me to go to start>> run>> type in and enter in some code or something so they can fix my machine. I said ok no problems but the website isnt loading. He then tried to talk me thru turning off the firewall checkign the address etc all the time I was watching the footy.
So he said the warranty is out and they can also renew it make PC faster and fix teh errors!. When I said I built the PC from scratch he said a bit frustratingly, no sir all the parts together come under warranty, hahaha crazy.
So then I said ok hang on I put the phone down and walked away, I could hear him occasionally say hello, hello sir are u there, to which I reply 'yes, yes hangon PC is slow/frozen will u fix it for me' give me a minute'.
The call took 45 minutes before he hung up heheh. My land phone says the call is from 'overseas' so I know its them everytime. The next thing I will do is buy one of those loud alarm horns that look like a spray can but make a really loud high pitch noise and get him to push his ear to the phone (I'll talk softly so he puts his ear close) then blast his head off!
hahah you can have fun with these guys, also I turned off the wifi and unplugged Internet it before hand, just in case....
we can fight back like this cos the authorities cant do anything!!



I got a call last night from an Indian guy also (fancy that?). Anyway as I work in IT I know he couldnt fix anything and nothign was actually wrong.. So I just played along cos I was bored and did the event viewer thing, he said a few times 'OMG the errors sir, you have big problems. We can make your PC faster and stop it crashing cos it will soon'. So he asked me to go to start>> run>> type in and enter in some code or something so they can fix my machine. I said ok no problems but the website isnt loading. He then tried to talk me thru turning off the firewall checkign the address etc all the time I was watching the footy.
So he said the warranty is out and they can also renew it make PC faster and fix teh errors!. When I said I built the PC from scratch he said a bit frustratingly, no sir all the parts together come under warranty, hahaha crazy.
So then I said ok hang on I put the phone down and walked away, I could hear him occasionally say hello, hello sir are u there, to which I reply 'yes, yes hangon PC is slow/frozen will u fix it for me' give me a minute'.
The call took 45 minutes before he hung up heheh. My land phone says the call is from 'overseas' so I know its them everytime. The next thing I will do is buy one of those loud alarm horns that look like a spray can but make a really loud high pitch noise and get him to push his ear to the phone (I'll talk softly so he puts his ear close) then blast his head off!
hahah you can have fun with these guys, also I turned off the wifi and unplugged Internet it before hand, just in case....
we can fight back like this cos the authorities cant do anything!!



just got one of these calls... "Run eventvwr your computer is heavily infected the software and hardware can disappear at anytime". I google'd and scanned the results seeing the word "scam" so added some select words of my own to the indian individual and hung up.



I have received calls from these Indian dickheads too. I usually give them a mouthful of unchristian like words and hang up. Today I decided to keep them on the line and play along, lol. Like everyone else he wanted me to run eventvwr blah blah so I decided to ask for lots of details about him personally. He then asked me how old I was and said I was of a similar age to his mother, haha.

Anyway, I kept telling him that we are not all stupid in Australia and that my computer was not infected etc. He said I was "sick", so I suggested he take further classes in customer relations!!

After about half an hour he accused me of wasting his time, haha.



Hi Computerworld,

I received one of these calls a few minutes ago, for the second time. Thanks to your information, which I googled while on the call, I was well informed to handle the caller!

He started to get pushy when I stalled him while reading the info. I eventually hung up him. They tried ringing back, but I just hung up again!

Thanks for revealling this scam.



Attention Readers & Computerworld,

I have literally just received a phone call from a "I.T consultant" claiming to be from Microsoft. Given the randomness of the phone call, I decided to 'Google' the directions he was giving me whilst he was on the phone.

[As described above, he prompted me to turn on my computer and run the command "Eventvwr"]

Consequently, I arrived at your page, which confirmed my suspicions that it was in-fact a scam.

After hailing abuse at him, he hung up the phone.

I am simple writing to inform others that this scam is current as of 23/5/2011 -


Thanks again Computerworld for alerting me to this scam!


Sydney, Australia



I received a phone call last night from a call centre. Female asian/indian caller asked for me by surname 'Could I speak to Mrs....." the caller claimed that there was a problem with my computer operating system. I asked what 'system' they were referring to and was told Microsoft.(Interesting as I use MAC). I played along for a while asking several times where they were calling from and was eventually told 'PC Sell? in Chatswood' Sounded 'dodgy' told caller to loose my number and not call again as I was on the 'do not call register' and hung up.
Received another call tonight. same pattern. Asked to speak to manager. She hung up.
Are these the same scammers??



Just had a similar call. She (Indian sounding, from "Sydney") said she was authorised to fix WIndows errors. I asked "Authorised by who?" - "The Software Department." "Is that part of Microsoft?" "No, It's the company that authorised us to fix these Windows problems." Sounded fishy from the start. I kept asking questions "How do you know the computer was linked to me and my phone number, address, etc" Said it was from my computer, and the error reports she got. I know my computer doesn't know my address or phone number, so I guessed she probably just got my phone number from the phone book, and was just guessing that I even had a computer.



Yep - I had one of these calls this afternoon. From a "private" number so possibly from overseas.

The Indian "gentleman" started with the story about how they were getting notifications of errors from my computer and that it must be infected with a virus and he would fix it for me.

Dodgy as anything I thought. So I asked for a number I could call back on, because I needed to verify who he is. I got a quite aggressive lecture about how I could check and verify them and he would give me "all information required" after I did what he told me to see the errors in my computer.

To see what they were trying, I let him go as far as asking me to start event viewer and open the application log - when he asked me to tell him what errors were there I said "none - there aren't any". He knew enough about Windows to know this wasn't true - but just starting getting aggressive again so I hung up on him. He didn't call back.



I am constantly getting this call and went through with it after about the 50th phone call at a cost of $193.79 dollars and what for god knows they told me they where from Microsoft and that my computer was out of date with the microsoft licence and yes it is old and was playing up so went with it

Now I have a paid AVG program on the computer and well still having problems

I Sent an email to there support section and they returned my email and said they would call today they did and I was not home asked me to call there support centre but left no number but after reading comments about this not sure what to do now

ben flores


my parents got a phone call whilst i was at work and entered the eventvwr and the person on the phone asked her to count some boxes which cropped up.. and then they called me and i immediatly told them to cut.. do you know what happens really ? what risks do i have to check and stuff? im quite scared because everyone saying its a scam but no one is telling us how to solve it and how to know if i have been effected or not! hope someone can answer me pleassssse!



Yes It's a problem that hasn't gone away I know so many people that they have tried to con and have succeeded with some.I myself have had them call me at least half a dozen times.Knowing it's a scam I've strung them along waisting their time playing the fool till they have realised that I'm having them on getting some sort of revenge.



I too had a call from the indian phishing scam, i played along saying things like "on no what does this mean" and "how can i fix this" he must of caught on because when i asked him if he wanted me to give him money he hung up...I think the best thing we can do at the moment is to play along and waste as much of their time as possible..Mark

Colleen Sullivan


I have just got one of these calls and thought I would check up on the net about them. They are calling themselves and if I dont send them some money to their account I am in breach of my Microsoft license agreement because I am operating my computer with all these viruses and they will close me down so I cant use a computer ever again. I had to pay 197 into their bank account by wednesday. I have a print out of their bank details and taking to the police to see if they can use to get them. I talked the operator down to 50 bucks. I have his name and number wonder if there are as many holes in his name as the story, he is Indian and his name is Mark Gordon. lol I am guessing there is.



I too got a phone call tonight (14/06/2011), in regards of the computer error and an internet problem on my computer. Again, it sounds like an Indian person and a certified MS Tech (Load of crap). I told him that I am a tech and etc. and he still persist, rude and demanding... I just hang up. I'm very disappointed that the authorities in Australia is not doing anything about this. I know my software and hardward well, but, I'm sure that there are alot of victims out there. Thus, if someone offer to fixed you problems, you should ask can you also fix my finance and my life!!!! If not piss off..



I also have been getting phone calls from these people. The first few times I just hung up because I couldn't understand what they were saying. Today (June 14/11) I stayed on the phone to try and figure out what they wanted. Basically they were asking me to go into my event log and showed me a bunch of errors. They then said that if I didn't fix it eventually my system would breakdown. I didn't buy it so when they asked me if I had internet connection I lied and said no it was not working. They then asked if they could call back in a few days I said sure because I knew by then I would know if it was a scam. Now I do and I have a few choice words for them when they call back. Also a note when I asked directly if they were from microsoft (the first person said they were) the man said no he was a server manager that viewed a bunch of different ISP and system logs and were contracted to call people....ya right! I hope everyone else who gets one of these calls will think to do some research before giving these scammers any info.



I have received 5 calls from this Indian caller - the caller Id says "overseas" he claims to be an associated of microsoft from a company called 24/7 and that my internet explorer was sending out signals which indicated a severe virus worm was working its way towards my hard drive and every error on my events viewer was the worm getting closer, he assured me he was not a hacker and that for a fee of $104 he could extend my warranty for another 3 years . I told him I had to go out urgently and to ring back tomorrow , can't wait for this piece of sh*t to call back



I get this call once a month or so. I run a Mac so there was never any chance that they were real and I have gone with them a few times to see if I could get anything useful out of them to identify who they were but no luck so far. If India has laws to deal with this then it's about time they acted on it.
It must work on some people or they wouldn't keep doing it. It is a crime that no one seems to take seriously.
Any ideas?



They're still at it, just got a call then. Claimed to be from, which does not seem to be a very convincing website. The phone number on the site has been engaged when I've tried calling.

The registrar is The domain is registered via I have reported the potential abuse to privacyprotect - hopefully I can cause them a small amount of hassle.



I got a call from these scammers on Saturday, decided to string them along, also managed to record the last 8 minutes of there call.

I've written a blog post about the call and also included the recordings -

Craig Gallen


Just had a similar scam call from an Indian claiming to be Microsoft.



Howdy all
I just got one of these calls. I wasn't sure if genuine or not at first but started to get a bit sus when I was put onto a supervisor technician and he started telling me about all the possibilities that could be wrong. At this point I asked "So which of my computers is sending you the error messages?" cause I have more than 1 PC. He wanted to know if they run off the same broadband connection, to which I replied yes, and said then they both have the same infection. At this point I knew he was full of it and asked him how if one PC was infected, but the other was turned off, how could it become infected, then he went offf on some rant about Cisco and some other tech companies that they are "affiliated with"and said I needed to connect to their computer and talk with their "Microsoft technician". I asked if he was from Microsoft and then I got a no. While all this was happening I was googling ëventvwr and found all this, then I read passages out to him from the article and he started to get frustrated with, I said based on what I'm reading here we aren't going to continue this conversation and hung.



Got two calls today. Both my wife and I told them we were busy, but that we would look into this with microsoft directly ourselves. He very quickly ended the phone calls.

IT Guru


I got a call today and was well aware of the scam.
I played along asking them how the climate was over there and just general questions. Which nothing to do with computers and they satyed on the line for about 30 minutes lol. Finally i agreed to let them log into my pc this went on for another 15 minutes. I eventually told them that i was actually watching TV lol.
Then i let him have it.

"Nice try Apu hopefully i have stopped you from calling more innocent people during this period"

along with a few other choice words

Smarter than them!


I got one call this afternoon, the Indian guy went on about how my computer had sent error messages to Microsoft and that he was calling to help me resolve the virus and hacker issues. I asked what company he worked for, he said Life Support Systems. I proceeded to tell him that I did not believe him and his claim that he was from Microsoft. I said NO THANKYOU, and hung up. Then about an hour after the first call another one came in using the same scam. What Jerks they are.



thank you i had gotten a call today from "microsoft" a man who i couldn't understand. he told me that microsoft were reciving errors and warnings from my computer. i had been transfered twice within this call. i was starting to suspect things were wrong when he took ove my computer and had acces to my webcam. an icon apeared as a web cam in a window. the man took over my computer and showed me the "errors" and "warning". then after questions like "how old are you?" and i replyed they wanted to speek with my mom. i said she wouldn't be back till 3:30... they said they would call around 4:00. after we hung up i was very confused. why had the called me? how did they know my phone number. and what really struck me was when i looked on my redial on the phone... there number didn't show up... now i'll have to wait till four and tell them that they are a scam....



Just yesterday got a call as well, this was new to me I heard about the other one, where you type in dos and they read out a number and its the same number on the screen to try and prove that they have you online, (still not sure about that one?)so I completely re imaged the computer just for safety.
eventvwr was new to me, he said push windows key and r at same time, he did the spiel wasn't updated blah blah, hard to understand kept my cool let him know I'll check with computer tech adviser programmer (one I help teach). He told me he was not a hacker genuine MS technical all that stuff. Now next time if I get a call I'll I just tell them already know about it and he doesn't have to waist his time,(use their own information against them) no need to be rude,sadly its their job & unfortunately its a well respected job over there.



just got my 3rd call in 2days from windows tech support in melbourne said i had very bad virus on my computer[ indian man] allan dawson,ha yelling turn on your computer sir over and over said dont no how .he did however give me a number to ring and when i rang an hour later the man on the other end said straight away you want allan dawson i said no and hung up dont no if real or scam [0390169627] was the number

Grant Humphries


Ha ha, Yes I just received a call today and the guy actually said he was calling from Microsoft Support. He asked me to go to Event Viewer and delete one of the warnings saying that it was the bad program. Then go to their website. He got really angry when I didn't go to their website and run their program. He started to abuse me so I asked to speak to his manager at Microsoft to complain about his service and he started to slag off Microsoft saying that MS is a fraud. Too funny. Then he hung up on me. It's the only contact I've had all day and now I'm lonely again. Keep these guys on the phone as long as possible to prevent them from calling someone who will be duped.



Had a call from them Saturday - stating they were from Virtual PC Doctor - American accented guy "Bob Anderson" asked me to check my computer - handed me over to American Accented woman named "Angelina" who then asked me to connect to interent which I did not. They did provide a phone number - checked web site for Virtual PC Doctor and that number listed as contact - Googled the phone number and came across Anti-Phishing info. I called the number today and "Angelina" answered but identified herself as "Helen". Was quite rude when I asked her if she was aware her company and activites were listed clearly on the internt as being a scam. She said that they woulnd't advertise themselves on internet if they were scammers and wouldn't provide a help desk. They are very clever. I kept waiting for them to ask for the IP address but actually going into Event viewer and seeing errors did give me pause for thought.



i just had a call from them again tonight at 9pm an earlier around 4pm saying they are from the windows technical division telling me i have lots of errors an bugs an stuff in my pc telling me to go to eventvwr in run an look at all the errors an s*&t then started asking me for 9 aus dollars a month to fix it i say wat a load they rang my partner last month saying they were from skype customer service an that she had a trojan in her pc i laughed took the phone an told them i have reported them to the police as harrasment an they never rang back till today an my number is listed as a do not call

Mr Angry Man


I got rung by Mr ronnie O Conell an Irishman he said with an Indian accent ringing he said from Washington USA.Frankly you have to as thick as 99 short planks to fall for it



Got my estimated 25th call at the usual time of between 1pm and 3pm (WST). About a month ago I implored them to stop calling me and for a few weeks all went quiet, but last week it started up again. There's no chance to discuss with these people why they are participating in a scam as they are clearly being monitored. None has ever properly explained how they came by my number (it's in the phone book). One told me it was from the Windows records when I bought the software, problem is I bought my computer off a friend with the software installed. Not that being able to contradict them caused them any anguish, they just kept reading their prepared scripts.



I had a caller the other day and i played along with her, i gathered she was calling from India or there abouts. She insisted i had a virus in my pc, i asked what version of Windows? a little quiet for a moment and then she said XP... I went on to tell her i use Linux. She asked what that was, i said..well it ain't F*** Windows and i went on to call her a scammer and a thief etc... she then hung up on me which i thought was quite rude LOL.
The moral of this story... Everyone should get rid of Windows and use a Linux operating system instead like i do, it's much safer and those Indians have no idea when it comes to Linux.

Rod Dines


A few months ago I was in a university lecture with around 300 other students and the lecturer who was giving a lecture on cybercrime asked if anyone had been called about this scam and I swear that 90% of people put there hands up (I suspect some did so simply because they knew of someone else affected). I was stunned at the scale of this. In my immediated family we have had at least 6 calls at 4 different addresses.



They have tried to scam me twice. First time I just played along and yelled at them for being wrong went they tried to tell me the error messages were from a virus when it was me trying to setup some http daemon.
The second time I said I had an Apple and they hung up.



I'd like to add, this scam is now active in Canada, please look out guys.



I have been contacted twice by different people both sounded Indian. I knew that they were a scam, on the first one I had a bit of fun, and strung them along, and then started reading stuff about their scams that were on the internet.
When I got the second call, I had enough, I asked for his phone number (in case we got disconnected) and then proceeded to tick him off, telling him he was a scam, that he should get a real job. I rang the number back and harassed them a couple of times. I have now purchased a whistle, and if they tell me to type in eventvwr again, then press ok, I will blow my whistle and then say "oh I just did what you told me, and my computer just made that awful noise". So if you want to have some fun give 039010562 a call and ask for James.



I have been contacted twice by different people both sounded Indian. I knew that they were a scam, on the first one I had a bit of fun, and strung them along, and then started reading stuff about their scams that were on the internet.
When I got the second call, I had enough, I asked for his phone number (in case we got disconnected) and then proceeded to tick him off, telling him he was a scam, that he should get a real job. I rang the number back and harassed them a couple of times. I have now purchased a whistle, and if they tell me to type in eventvwr again, then press ok, I will blow my whistle and then say "oh I just did what you told me, and my computer just made that awful noise". So if you want to have some fun give 0390105262 a call and ask for James.



I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Simon Daly


I find they get quite upset if calmly asked why they're lying to me, and why they feel the need to be a thief. It seems it is ok to be dishonest, but there is great shame in being accused of it.
A friend simply asks them if they can hold on a minute as he's busy, then puts the phone in front of his computer playing a pornographic soundtrack.

Alan Brier


It is useful to be able to read so many recent comments - the same scam is still alive and well at present in the UK and has a certain initial plausibility for those too polite to contradict the arrant nonsense being spoken in such strong Indian accent. But any initial sympathy for the poor bastard needs to be discarded as early as possible to try to dissuade him from calling again.



Some Punjabi with a heavy indian accent called my house and said he was from some Microsoft technial company or something telling me to type in evenvwr and I pissed him off pretending not to know how to do that then I cursed him out and said I use linux not windows and he got really mad and said "u dunt noe ow to use compiter" just like that and then I laughed and called him a punjabi and laughed until he hung up. Idiots.

Julia in Australia


A few minutes ago I had a lady call with this scam. She said there were reports of errors on our computer and I said we had three... I had to tell her three times that I have more than one Windows computer and ended up yelling at her because she couldn't tell me which computer was having a problem. Every once in a while the line on her end would go really quiet rather than telemarketing noise, so I think she was being coached on how to scam me, and eventually she put her supervisor on the line with me. Possibly the Punjabi fellow from above! I had them going for a good 15 mins, but couldn't find any agency to report it too at all! THAT sucked more than anything.



I keep having calls even though I am listed on do not call so that doesnt even stop them. I had a guy basically Yell at me for 10 minutes when I said NO!!

I had another call again today - when I hung up on them they called straight back.

I dont know how to stop them I have said no about 8 - 10 times so far but they keep calling. I just refuse to answer private calls now.

Today they told me the Australian Giovernment has given them permission to "Blacklist" my computer so it would not work because the new govt legislationstating that they could not allow me to use my computer because it was infected.

Barry in Oz


Sounds like they just keep on rolling on. Just got the call and kept the guy talking long enough to google (which brought up this page amongst others). They must have access to phone details as they knew the street address. We only had the phone connected the other week!

When pressed he gave me a phone number, but there is a recording saying that it isn't covered be my service provider. The website looks legit, but that is obviously part of the plan. I wonder if they know they are part of the scam.

My poor Indian fellow probably should have asked if I had a Windows OS first, but that made it a little easier to keep him going to try and work out if they would be traceable. Seems like a waste of time but the best fun I have had since I argued that I didn't want dirty electricity coming down my power lines if I signed up for green energy and they would have to put in a new power line to make sure. I kept that guy from annoying others for nearly 45 minutes!



I just had an Indian guy call, he said he was from microsoft and that they could see my computer was infected with a virus. When he told me to open up the "run" command I knew he was dodgy. So istead of typing in the command to "run" I typed it into google and found this page. Thank god I did. After toying with him for a while, ( I think that if i can waste some of their time on the line with me then its less time they have to scam someone else.) I eventually told him what I think of him and his scam, to which he responded with some very creative insults! Thank you computer world for posting articles like this and helping to keep us safe!



how do we stop these slimey thieves? I , for one, am sick of receiving calls from them saying they are from this or that company(all bogus of course). I have tried all manner of approaches to stop them....on the do not call register (really am), hung up on them, put the phone down and walked away for hours, listened to them and asked all sorts of questions until they hang up. But today I lost it and screamed at them told them they had no right calling me, they were running a scam and I was sick of them calling me and not to call me again, i really screamed at him even then he tried to keep talking at me...when will they give up.....oh how I wish I had their private numbers so I could call them when I felt like it, wonder how they would feel...and i am going to get myself a whistle, they are already deaf, they do not hear what you tell them



oh, forgot the day the guy told me his supervisor would talk to me, gave me a phone number, and her name,and when i rang the number I got some poor soul in a country town in victoria who didn't know what I was talking about, they had given me his partners name and their phone number. I explained what had happened and his partners name must have been the next person on the list of people to be harrassed, I did report this to the police. I think it is about time the Indian government stopped these crims, they are giving India a bad name



I got two of these calls tonight, they even gave me a number to call back when i said i am not going to download anything on to my computer when i dont know who i am really talking to, he gave me a 02 number ( 0280060604)to call back to, obviously i didnt call back, but it shows they are now having a number to call, I live in the 07 area, probably bouncing back a number in India, they were all indian accents that were talking to me,( I feel sorry for the elderly, they will probably be taken in on this as it does sound legitimate), i thought i would google it, and up comes this note about the scam, if they ring back i will keep them holding on for as long as i can, bastards



I Have had 3-4 calls from this mob over the past week-seems they just don't wanna give up- each time the Chritian name changes- but all sound indian to me , told em NO but starting to harass me-how the heck do we stop it?



You are not alone. Eventvwr scam now also in Denmark!

This morning I got a call just as described by all of you guys above from a "Mark Harrison", senior technician "at Windows".

I live in Denmark and had not heard of this scam before, but I definitely smelled a rat. While Mark was guiding me through the motions to the eventvwr, I searched the net and found this page, which confirmed my suspicion. When I told him that I was not going to log on to the suggested site and download anything onto my PC, the line went silent and was eventually interrupted!

The plague is spreading. I hope this page will be found by a lot of people before "Mark" and his fellow fleas get away with it. Unfortunately a lot of inexperienced PC users will probably be fooled.



Well, from my research, this scam is alive & well in Canada. I must admit that I am impressed with the phone prefix of "999" that they are using. I did not get a live voice, actually had nothing at all. But, forgetting my time as a phone support guy, auto-dialers can leave the person on the other end outside the loop when a connection is made.
Truly unfortunate that this is going on, and obviously has been for a v-e-r-y long time. I would have thought that the ummmm, "authorities" would have made some inroads to shutting this thing down... oh well, ç'est la vie, eh...

Lynsey Carroll


I am living in Scotland, UK and i just got a call from these people asking me to open up 'event viewer' ...I eventually hung up on them but the woman was so insistent that unless i did what she said my computer could crash irreparably any day now. From the above comments it seemed more wide spread in Australia but that some people were seeing it in other countries too. Was concerned to see that i think i may be one of the first to comment from Scotland or the UK. Hope this problem gets dealt with before it become world wide! Its extremely worrying as it seems like the kind of scam a lot of people might actually fall for!



They called my mom this morning (Canada) and proceeded to run the eventvwr scam, same details as above. Website address given to her was



These calls started last weekend, three tonight. I didn't believe them and checked with internal support at work who confimed that it was rubbish. When I challenged them tonight they gave me a local number (NSW) 02 800 50 590 to ring back on to confirm that they were genuine, I won't be wasting the price of a phone call. Its ridiculous that this has been going on for months, isn't about time diplomatic pressure was applied to the India government, not just from Australia but UK, USA, Canada, etc. in a concerted effort to get them to stop.



At first I didn't answer the calls from 999-910-0293 until the third try. They said my computer was sending error codes and they needed to fix the problem or it would be a disaster. They wanted me to Run EventVWR. Said I'd check w/my geek and call them back. They gave me 718-599-4198, a landline in NY. He had a heavy Indian accent. Kept insisting I go to my computer and run this program. I finally said I didn't trust him and he hung up. My trusted geek led me to this article.



I've received the standard call with request to allow access to my computer. Being curious (and more than a little stupid) I granted access. Someone named 'james anderson' connected to my computer, activated my paypal internet link and asked me to authorise payment for a 'windows software warranty'. The email address for payment was At that point I decided to end it all, disconnected the links, closed the computer and restarted it. The james anderson linked restarted and I had to manually end it. Now I have my Windows security essentials doing a full scan of the computer to make sure nothing malicious has been downloaded to it.
And I thought I was 'computer savvy'!!



It's ironic that this comes from India where Microsoft have outsourced much of their operations.

Ah, the joys of Globalism, bringing us VoIP and fraudulent services from international sources...

I love how they target old, retirees who don't know any better, someone is providing them with the phone numbers of these old people. When I find them, I'm going to make them suffer.

Duey Cumalot


Microsoft should just pony up some money to do an Advertising campaign on Australian Commercial television and in newspapers/ magazines.

Make it into a Community service announcement, keep it light but get the message out that MS dont monitor your systems for problems, dont have your contact details and if someone you dont know contacts you out of the blue claiming to be responding to a problem on your computer the only correct response is to "NOT hangup, put the phone down, leave them on the line and go do something else"

Lan Cal


I just got the event viewer scam call from a guy in India. God what an awful accent. He can't even speak decent English and after toying with him for 10 minutes I told him to call me back while I go do what he wanted me to do. Fat chance of that. He called back and there was no reply for him.

Just know that Microsoft doesn't call their customers to tell them that their systems are being monitored. Just toy with them if you like then hang up.



Hi. I'm in rural Australia. Just had a call from swappcc care claiming to be my Microsoft Windows Support Provider. She, with an Indian accent, told me my computer was infected with multiple viruses. I told her I have virus protection. She said these viruses cannot be detected by protection programs. She asked me to press windows + R. and Run eventvwr. She said my name and address had been provided to them by Microsoft. I wished I asked her to tell me my name & address so I could have had a laugh. I googled "eventvwr" and pages about the scam came up. I then said my employer provides computer assistance. She rather promptly hung up on me.



I have just received the same call as Jodie had. He said the same thing to me. I have a computer.. but my bf is a computer tech. We fix our own computers. When I had mentioned that to him, he laughed, and said I was very foolish and that he didn't think that I was being honest. When I hung up, I called that number that was on my phone when he called, the number was not in service. He said his name was Dave Johnston (Johnson).



Thank goodness for google! Got a call a few minutes ago from an East Indian woman claiming she was from computer tech support or some BS.. I actually wasn't sure for a while that it was a scam because I couldn't really understand her and it was noisy in her background. This was obviously a warning sign!
WHen she went on about the virus my computer was spreading I questioned her about the fact that we have TWO anti-virus programs on our comp. She tried to confuse me by naming other harmful files which my e-mail was sending and apparently THESE we were what she was referring to.
WHen she asked me to type in EVENTVWR in my run box I told her I had to put my phone down to do so as I don't have a cordless.. I googled it and sure enough.. scam.
Went back to the phone, told her I don't appreciate being scammed, don't call back and hung up.
WHat jerks.



I got a call about this tonight. The man with a heavy Indian accent got me to check Event viewer and then wanted me to put a code into a website
I told him I had no reason to trust him and hung up.
Then I googled information and found this article. I am so glad I hung up!



I received a phone call last night from India, it was hard to hear the woman properly, but she was claiming she was from Microsoft tech support and that my pc has been receiving warnings from Microsoft. She got me to view the event viewer to see that Microsoft actually had warnings in there, (This supposedly is how they try to prove they are legitimate.. it is very convincing.. I never even knew I had an event viewer) then said if I would open the run command box and type in *couldn't hear what she said here* she would then put me intouch with one of their acredited technicians in the "35 Tech support department" My partner got a little suspicious and got me to ask for her phone number, which she gave as 756414736, I didn't hear her name. Once I refused to type in the command run box, and questioned how I was supposed to know if she was a genuine microsoft employee and this was a genuine call, she hung up.
I am worried because I had a virus not long ago, and they sounded pretty legitimate.. I know they are really going to fool alot of people, nearly fooled me. I never typed in the run command, rung microsoft and reported this and now realise Microsoft never solicite calls to anyone over computer problems. My advice.. Hang up on all of them.



I got the same call today from an Indian man named "Bob" claiming he was from Microsoft Support Team and that my computer was giving Microsoft information everytime I was online and that I had a virus/ malicious software on the computer that was going undetected. It sounded suspicious and I told him I didnt trust doing things over the phone so when he told me to hold down windows/r and type in eventvwr I googled it and saw all the articles and posts about the scam - I told him that I knew was a scam and he started yelling that he was complying with Australian law and that he was from Microsoft. I said 'you're clearly not' and he replied by calling me a 'bloody idiot' to which I swore and hung up. I hope other people who get the call realise before following their instructions or just hang up immediately!



I got a call from these fools last night. Stupid morons. I live in zimbabwe where there are no credit cards or on line banking. But i could spit i am so mad!



I had one of these calls and the guy was claiming to be from this company: - I gave him the run-around for 45 minutes. OHH it was so funny!

Him: what's your IP address?
Him: Sorry sir - can you repeat that?
Me: I'm telling you - what's what it says.

Epic fun! I can't wait to get another call. According to that website - you can "request" a call. I have plans to setup a VM with porographic wallpaper, and then give them control.



I receive these phone calls at least twice a month. I argue with them regularly. I have told them the last three times that I don't use a Windows Operating System. I often ask them questions that they can't answer... However, the calls are very irritating and no amount of rudeness seems to get rid of them.

Nat Brown


I didn't even have a computer with internet access in my house and they tried it on me. Now I pick up the phone hear music or an indian voice and just put it back on the receiver. I am in the process of changeing my credit card from ST Geroge as they use rude pushy Indians also and I really don't want to deal with their superior arrogant attitude at all even the one time I am 3 days late on making the full payment of $48 owing.

Priscilla Lane


I downloaded an upgrade for my nokia phone and then my computer started to play up and would not boot properly only coming good after a few times of restarting. so I took out the nokia and all of a sudden I had a phone call from these gicks saying they were ringing from Microsoft technical help and noticed I had problems with my computer. because I thought they were genuine microsoft guys picking up the virus I let them take over the computer to look in to my event viewer and because there was all those red error messages there I nearly paid them to fix up but realised they were a scam when they crapped on that they could speed up my computer. wanted $350 dollars for renewal of my subscription which had lapsed with microsoft. I normally would have hung up when I hear an indian on the phone but because my computer had started to crash I though thye were genuine. Anyway I hung up when I realised they were probably responsible for crashing my computer anyway. changed all my pass words etc.



I have just had a phone call by these, he was claiming he was a mircosoft partner or some sort, he was asking if i done online shopping, i actually thought it was a real call because the other week i rang some one over my computer being broken i said is it over the samsung laptop he said yes. So i thought it was a serious call. He was demanding i put this code EVEMTBWR in to my computer, I said No because i don't know what this will do to my computer. He was shouting and demanding i do this because it will sort my computer out. I put the phone down and he kept ringing back. I said can you please stop ringing me and put the phone down, 2 minutes later he rang back demanding i do this to my computer! This is realy scary and i would love to know where they got my number from. I was so close to putting that code into my computer but i thought it may be a con. This is serious because i bet a lot of young people answer the phone and do this! It is horrendous! Thank god for google!



Greetings from Canada. I just hung up after talking to a man with an Indian accent who was traying to convince me that any messages in my Event Viewer other than "information" were troublesome. While on the phone, I found this article. Glad to hear a lot of you are having some fun with this.

When asked what anti-virus software I was using, I told him that I wrote the anti-virus software!

If they call again, I'll see if they can help me with my modem, or my teletype system, or my trackball, or something else that I don't have! :)



I live in Denmark, and I just recieved a call from "Windows Technical" - something, and with an Indian accent.The call was very similar to the calls described above. I didn't want to follow the instructions, and when I asked for a number to call back she hang up - on my phone it just showed "out of area". After the call I googled for eventvwr and found this from Computerword - thank you



The scam has hit the US, I got a call tonight and fortunately was suspeicious. The call was from a number with an area code in Seattle, Washington USA, I suppose to look more legitamate. Thank you for your website!



I just got a call from an Indian lady saying she was from Washington , telling me my computer was spreading virus's to others , and it's a serious crime and she was kind to let me know before the "Authorities " come and get me . She gave me some number that would make me believe she was genuine . I told her that after around 600 calls that I have already received from them I am not an idiot and to **** off . I hung up . She called back 5 times , on the last call she said she would black list me - whatever that means - and send my info to the local authorities . Go ahead - I'm waiting



Out of interest. When they use the '123 logmein' to get access to your computer - are the two comptuers connected both ways and can a virus be sent from us to them during the connection?

Blake Moon


i just had two calls from the same people trying to tell me the same thing very annoying they are very persistent ><

Martin Andrews


I have just written an e-mail to the Indian High Commission in the UK to ask what the Indian Government is doing about this. I suggest that everyone else also writes to or calls the Indian Government or their Embassy every time they receive a scam call, so that they eventually have to act.



To SUE, yes teamviewer can send files and edit existing files.



I requested that they let me into their computer first ... they said this is not possible I asked for a supervisor to allow me access into their system to have a bit of a look around first.

I then asked Mr Indian Man who would not name the company he worked for whether he would let a complete stranger access his system - smart boy said "Yes" .... I highly doubt that

After about 20 min old mate hung up on me ... this seems to be a call i get every couple of weeks - it is so much fun playing with them and keeping them on the line - should make a list of games to play with them



My friends and I have a game, we see how long we can keep them on the line for. It is not hard and you can keep normally keep doing what you were doing beforehand (as they don't seem to know much about computers anyway). after around 10 minutes, or when I get bored, I tell them I know the scam they are up to and I have just been keeping them on the phone to protect people with less computer knowledge from falling for their lies. Then they start with the abuse ( I suppose that is when I should get a whistle!)



Seems they are at it again here in the US. I was 99% sure this was a scam. Once i Googled eventvwr this thread came up. I hung up on the guy. If they call back, I like the blast the horn idea.



I got these CNT'Z GOOD today!

Will post it on youtube if I can get the phone convo of my service provider???



I am in Nevada, USA, and just got a similar call today.
An Asian/Indian/whatever guy called and claimed to be from a company called "Creative Solutions." He said they provide service for all Windows users. He told me that for the last 2.5 weeks they had been getting reports (supposedly from my computer every time I went online) of junk and malware being downloaded without my knowledge. Yeah, right. He told me I could Google the company name, which he claimed would prove they were legit. He also gave me a phone number I could call him back at: 403-456-3966. He kept asking for me to go to my computer, so he could walk me through something, but I just kept screwing with him. The computer I have Windows on hasn't been online for over 2 months. When I pressed him for the exact dates they received the reports, he hung up. A Google search of the company name turned up nothing (big surprise!) and a search on the phone number came up with reports of a scam. He had my name and address, which he probably got from the phone book and I imagine it was a calculated guess (or it's on the Internet somewhere) that I have a PC.



I live in the Netherlands and got several calls for the last 2 weeks from: 002064560661. But I wasn't at home at that time. Today I received a call again, similar to the ones mentioned here. At first I listened what the lady with a strong Indian accent told me but I stopped when she asked me to run an url (something like: www_dot_support_dot_me). Also the same story: my pc was infected with malware and constantly generating traffic with their computers...When I started asking critical questions she put me through to a senior emplyee: she said they had tried to update my machine remotely with Windows update. I'm happy I didn't fall for their stories...



This scam been i Sweden a while.

My first calls Nov/Dec 2011,
and again today March 2012 where they politely were informed that I own a Mac :)

Bill Dundon


We were contacted by Brad (Id #WI595, phone 0280050590) from Windows Service Centre Tech Dept a few months ago and were sucked in to the scam. He has called today and we've fobbed him off. What do we do now to ensure safety of our computer?






Sixth call in 6 months received today. When I advised the caller of this, and asked her if they kept records of the numbers they called for this scam, her response was an angry "This is not a scam!" - just before she terminated the call.



Every couple of days 630-288-1777 calls me (on my cell phone). Google says many other people have identified this as Comcast, but usually when I answer and say hello, they just hang up.

So tonight they called again and I screamed "HELLO!? HELLO!?" to trip whatever "detection" software you guys have in place and I was put through to some kid.

He identified himself as being from Comcast and got my name wrong, and I began to say "listen, you guys keep calling me..." but before I even finished the sentence they hung up.

W-T-F is this? Can I be taken off the proverbial list here, please? i am kinda creeped, what do these people do for a living?



Microsoft Australia could have just called up VISA India and got these people kicked out.



there was a indian gentleman calling me offering me a free cellphone … he kept interrupting me saying, ‘You listen to me, I have this offer,’ so I asked what company he works for. I intended to ask to be placed on their ‘do not call’ list. He says, ‘Shut the f— up’. . . I said, ‘Excuse me?’ He said, ‘You shut the f— up,’” everybody be aware as this has been going around the usa and aus



i recieved a all awhile ago...
she say my computer will crash down if i dont listen to her...
i recieve this call alot of times... as she asked me to run "eventvwr"

then when i saided you had called alot of times asking me to run eventvwr she hunged up...

crystal Talbot


i have had these people calling me for months now and every time i tell them there is nothing wrong with my computer. it wasnt until tonight when i really got angry. in this week alone i have had 4 phone calls from them. tonight though (23/3/12) i hung up on this guy, he then rang me straight back and told me he wouldnt ring me again but then went on to say that he would be coming to my home and doing vulgar things with me.



The scam has matured and now it directs you to certificate manager and a Microsoft certificate that has expired in 2002. They tell how your computer needs a new certificate otherwise it will shut down and the certificate will cost you...



these people are calling USA and AUSTRAILIA overseas. THey get mad at me who would follow demands from a unknown stranger and idk who they work for, who they are, or why they insist on taking my money but im becoming suspicious. these people call my phone at least 3 times a day. i told the guy i dont have time for this and he said " are you so dumb our product has vaule unlike other countries". i told him to not call back but he said " im gonna call back @ 6:00 today" he hung up. are these people a scam? they call all the time. what do they do for a living.



Would someone tell me what is happening here, and what can be done about it? I got a call from 000-000-0000. It rang just maybe three times ... but when i picked up nobody answered but there was some wierd typing and beeping noises like somebody was sending a fax to my phone... wtf is took 5 minutes for sombody to answer. it was a indian accented woman she then said nobody cares and hung up... what kinda CRAP IS THAT. where is this witch calling from india what buissness does she have to call me. and thats one odd number to be calling from im gonna look it up.



This exact same thing is happening to me. It is the most annoying thing ever.
They've called me 6 times, and leave a voicemail every time, saying that this is my "last chance".
Then they call again.



I kept getting calls from them and decided to have some fun with them:



Kept them on the phone 75 minutes the other night after weeks of daily calls. At first I politely (Canadian, after all) thanked them and told them I would call my geek. Then I told them there was a mistake, but thanks for calling again. Was bored the other day, so let them talk. Asked enough questions to get two different accented men yelling at me! I asked first, did they want to sell me something. They said 'no' for 65 of those 75 minutes!
What a horrible life they lead that this is their job.



Man keeps calling said I have won $340,000.00.

I need to send a cashiers check for $250.00 then they will send me the money. I keep telling him to stop calling I am not interested but he continues to call.

Told me to GO F**K my self today…..this need to stop

He calls starting at 7 am, this started 2/1/12. He has called on 2/1. 2/7. 2/10. 2/11. 2/14. daily Calls from the following numbers:

876-448-8415, 876-859-1769, 876-289-8802,876-447-7802 ,875-846-4415 they say its from jamaica and if you call them back it hell raises your phone bill and they might get thier cut.

the last call came in at 2:52 pm today 4/6/12. I have reported this to the do not call list. They also call from blocked phone numbers. This needs to stop, can you help?






Got the same call and looked it up to find they are running their SCAM out of Jamaica, sad day and age and hope these people are found and punished with a life of prison. I had already seen a show on TV showing these parasites where they went to the house they were making calls from. Of course such is the case with most parasites, they turned into the cowards they are when confronted face to face and ran like a bunch of low-life cocroaches back under the rocks.



Got the same call and looked it up to find they are running their SCAM out of Jamaica, sad day and age and hope these people are found and punished with a life of prison. I had already seen a show on TV showing these parasites where they went to the house they were making calls from. Of course such is the case with most parasites, they turned into the cowards they are when confronted face to face and ran like a bunch of low-life cocroaches back under the rocks.



i received these calls last year and forwarded a recording to accc scam watch.

these morons called the wrong number to scam . i'm a self employed network engineer lol




I got the call about a half hour ago! I wasn't about to let the man from Colorado (i.e. India) do anything with my PC (particularly given that I primarily use my Mac) so I asked him questions incessantly. If any other company had such terrible customer service, I would be appalled - he got pushier and pushier and wouldn't answer most of my questions.

Anyhow, I googled "eventvwr" and ended up at this webpage. I then informed him that I knew it was a scam and he hung up on me promptly.

I then called my mom, who generally has troubles with computers, and told her what happened. She said she'd received a similar call a few days prior and hung up almost immediately. I guess she's even savvier than I am sometimes!



As soon as they say that they are from "Microsoft..."
Just say "Sorry not interested, bye"

Also couldn't microsoft add a message to the top of the event viewer that says "This is not a Virus log"



Just had an indian gentleman on trying to get my stepdaughter to do all this-forttunately I was at home and when I took over the call and asked what it was all about he seemed to freeze-told him if there was anything wrong with our computers then he should contact our service provider and as soon as I mentioned BT he was lost for words and hung up-the number was withheld



I received one such call today (24 Apr) about 1pm. The conversation was started off by an Indian girl and the call would be transfered to a few other indian men claiming to be technical personnels. They 1st did the Eventviewer routine and then directed me this website ( and told me to download and install the remote access application. Using this application, which grant them access to my PC, they did the Eventviewer routine again, this time through remote access, to impress upon me that there is a serious problem with my PC. Then they directed me to this website ( and told me to buy the most expensive service on offer. Fortunately, I did not reveal any credit card details as I already had a suspicion from the start.



i just say please wait like 3 minutes put the phone down and read a book or something i have no idea how long they hang around but its their phone bill.

another scam


had a phone call from a windows research centre in Melbourne about my computer & virus. we don't have a computer and live in remote NSW. i told them i would ring them back and the number they gave me was 03 90169730.



I have had a girl named Lisa call me twice. She says she is from "Computer Technology Company" and wants to talk about my Microsoft computer. I asked for the companies phone number and she said she didn't know. They have called me twice even thought I am on the Do Not Call register. They don't seem to have a website.



I got a similar call last night in the US. Caller ID said call was from NJ. On pressing the female caller, she claimed she was in AZ but couldn't give me a city. She passed me on to her supervisor because I couldn't seem to click the right areas after I opened "eventvwr.". Supervisor agreed that they were located in Utah when I asked him. Supervisor finally hung up after 28 minutes when I confided in him I was enjoying myself.



A female with a thick Indian accent, who called herself "Jill Cassidy" just called from "eventvwr". After not quite following her instructions, i kept her on the line as long as i could by telling her that error messanges kept comming up with things like "page not found" ect... Finally i asked where she was calling from and she said the UK. Oh, i replied, i'll be in the UK in about two weeks "Jill". Really, she said, where exactly are you going to be? she asked. London, I answered. Oh wow! you're kidding! oh wow! that's where i am!, she said. Would you care to join me for coffee or lunch?, i asked. Sure that would be great, she replied. How old are you? i asked. 25 she replied. Excellent! you sound very pretty and i would also like to take you shopping if you like, i said. That would be great, she said. Are you from India? she asked. Yes, I replied. What part. she asked. New Dehli, I replied. Where are you from? i asked. I'm from India too, she said. After this went on for a while she said she had to go since she was at work, then she gave me her direct phone number which is 1-855-847-3555 and to ask for ext: NBT 3130. She then said, i have your number. Can i call you tonight? she asked. Sure! i replied, and i'm looking forward to meeting you "Jill" good bye. ( I called her back at the number she gave me and surprisingly, it is in fact correct! )

If you get a call from these people, and you have the time, try to play them for as long as possible. Flirt with them. Pretend to start a romance. Invite them to vist your country and pay all of their expences. Offer them a lavish lifestyle. Better yet, get their personal info by offering to send them money via Western Union, ect...... Try to turn the tables on them and take it as far as you can while keeping your distance. Then stomp on them like a lit cigarette.



Just Kidding!!!!!Please Don't Do That.....But I really am Indian.....;)

Darryl Minerds


The eventvwr Indian scam is alive and at full steam, I have been receiving up to 10 phone calls a day at work, on a work phone number, what can I do to stop this as it is so non-productive



Just got the same call from Indian speaking person saying she was from Windows Upgrading System. Call was from 999-910-0221 and after suspiscions of a scam, i asked if I could call them back later. They gave me the following call back number 647-288-3898. I am in the province of Quebec, Canada.



Colm in Limerick, Ireland here. Got a call from an Indian call centre lady today which then put me in touch with another Indian technical support guy called 'Harry Brown'. I asked them both where did they get my landline number as I only registered my mobile for the pc when I bought it. They said they can only ring landline numbers. (?) They also took my credit card details when I opted for a 6 month 'silver' plan. The card declined. :) They did however ask me to download this .exe file whereby they 'remote desktop' controlled my computer to show me who the company was, and who they were a partner of, etc. All for show I guess but I was stupid to even allow THAT to happen. They're ringing me back next friday but I'll tell them where to go. Their main concern was that anytime I logged onto the internet - the event log application error box would show up flashing on their screen. They claim that I myself was notified each time it came up on my computer but that I ignored it. So that is why they then decided to personally contact me today. The lady was also very good at making it sound like my computer was about to explode anytime and that it was my fault entirely. She asked me how many event log errors were there. I said just over 120. She then said 'oh my God... oh no...' Afterwards, I googled 'repairing event log errors' and I fixed it myself. Computer is running just fine so just be aware of these guys and say No!. Thanks.



I have stupidly been a victim of this. Is there anything I can do about this now that I've become a victim of this? I am so pissed off about falling into this trap. I had no idea that something like this was happening. This really pisses me off that people can't work for a living and make their own honest living that they need to scam people out of money. I'm a single mom and I was having a lot of issues with my computer and I thought I was protecting myself. . . . I have no idea who to trust anymore.



Hey LD. I gave them an old card number as my head was telling me no big time but I still stupidly let them have remote access to my computer - never again! Is there any way you can check with your credit card company and block those in question from debiting your card again? I'm not one for financial advice but if you're still having problems with your computer - then go to this webpage and download the '100% Freeware' version of Glary Utilities (top product on page). I use this every day for maintaining my computer and it does a good job. When you have it downloaded and installed - click on the '1-Click Maintenance' tab, making sure all 6 boxes are checked, then click 'scan for issues' , wait until it's finished scanning - then click on 'repair' and you're good to go. Best of luck.

Bear in mind - no one has the right to access your computer unless it's in for repair in a computer store or if you're doing something illegal - then the cops have a right to check there. :) Anyone else - no friggin' way!



I just got the second call of this scam here in San Jose, California. I suspected it was a scam since the guy told me my computer was sending out problems to the Internet from my Windows machine. (I use Apple.) So I kept him on the phone to figure out how the scam worked while I also did a Google search on the strings he was asking me to type.

When he asked me to read what was on my screen, I read the post of someone describing the details of the scam. He wanted to assure me it was no scam.

I kept him on the line telling him that I could not understand his poor English. He got mad at that eventually and asked if I knew other languages like maybe Spanish. I rattled off some Spanish and asked him to tell me what I said. He claimed he knew, but was under no obligation to tell me.

This went on for a half hour. I finally told him that my system was a Mac. He acted furious that I let him think I had a Windows computer.

At that point I just started mocking everything he said. After a while he gave up on me and hung up.

I had the last laugh this time.

Now I think I will implement unidentified call blocking.



lol.. I got a call like this.. being an IT consultant and a bit of a smart arse, I went along with it for a while, then when told to put the command in... said 'it's coming up with bash: eventvwr: command not found, what do I do now?'... they didn't know what to say after that and promptly hung up...

someone needs to do something about these calls, I've had clients suckered by this crap, being rather annoyed that they have to pay again to get something that they paid for removed from their computers.

Jason Duffy


Whilst I empathise with those that have been scammed - my question to many of the people that have posted so far is: what on earth has this got to do with Microsoft?

John Taylor


Hi all, I have to make a comment here. It would be nice to know which telco company everybody is with and maybe connect the dots. Well my story is this my uncle got a call from Telstra saying that his computer is infected with malware. My uncle got all of the Tech's info name included. He rang Telstra's number which was on his bill and they confirmed it was one of their Tech's (unfortunately as usual a call centre in India) he let this Tech in on his computer (and followed his instructions to unlock the system which took a long time :-)) to do a remote desktop fix. My uncle rang me to say what had happened and I said I dont care who it is you never let anyone in regardless. As it turned out this Tech wanted money for doing work and to charge him to install Internet Security on his P.C to say it didnt have one. Which it did by the way as I had set up his system and had it locked down and Bit Defender installed. As this story goes I'm thinking more to an inside job from Telstra bottom line with this case. I have been with optus internet for 7 years and no such calls for me.



The article above is quite wrong to say that these "telemarketers weren't impersonating Microsoft employees or claiming to be from the company".

I just got off a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft. He stated that he was calling from Microsoft headquarters at 1 Epping Rd North Ryde and offered Microsoft's ABN as some kind of proof. I asked him several times if he was from Microsoft and he said yes each time.

He called himself Harry MacLean, which considering his heavy Indian accent was more than somewhat dubious. He also knew my name.

He then attempted to induce me to allow him remote access to my PC via Needless to say I was not convinced and told him where to get off.

I would suggest that the only practical means of stopping such people would be to pressure sites like to cease accepting sessions from Indian IP addresses. If the Indian government complains, they know what they can do about it.



Just had the call :)

Told them I didn't understand what they were talking about and hung up on them. Quick Google search and everything becomes apparent.

First time anything like this has happened, both irritating and amusing.

Melisa Edwards


I just recieved this call as well. The man on the phone stated he was with Microsoft and that my system had malware or viruses and he was attempting to help me fix the problem due to them recieving a message from my system stating it has slowed down (it hasn't). I did a Google search and it clarified everything while they were still on the line. It was annoying and entertaining, but when he asked what happened when I entered the event viewer quickeys, I told him a message popped up that said "Get My Number Out Of Your Call List And Don't Call Me Ever Again"
He hung up pretty quickly and I got to share the laugh with my daughter.

Warren Hayes


Just got the call !!! A lady with a lovely Indian accent advised she was from Windows and had just received a message I was having issues with my internet connection. I asked her how she got the message if I was having issues... She said that was what she was trying to investigate.
I said "Can you call back after Australia's funniest home vidoes". She said she could fix the problem while my laptop was on my lap ... "eventvwr" was the password. Google said otherwise.
I'm not sure who was having a lend of who in the end ... but she hasn't called back yet.



There phone number is 02 80034288, claim to be from Surryhills in Sydney.



I just received a call on the Isle of Man. It was obviously a scam and I just tried to make the call to last as long as possible. I'm worried because they knew my full name, those bastards.



I just got off the phone with some Indian guy who informed me that my system had been sending a lot of error reports to Microsoft and that he was going to fix all my problems by giving me advice over the phone! This is the first time something like this has happened to me and I'd not heard of this scam until now. When he gave me the command to type in I Googled it and found this site amongst others. Even after I told him what I’d done he continued to try and convince me that he was legit. Their persistent little buggers if nothing else! Thanks to sites like this I was saved from being scammed.
Much Obliged

dave b


11.19am sat/23/june Just got off the phone to the scammer indian guy in a call centre telling me i had errors on my computer (rang alarm bells straight away)... i let him go through the procedure telling me what to click on laptop ect --then told him laptop had turned itself off .... so i googled and found this site ...then read what it said to him and he hung up!! LMAOOOO

its bad tho coz they will catch alot of old and young! people that know nothing about computers and will fall into their trap.

good luck with getting them shut down!!

Paul N


Got the call a few minutes ago. A Sub-continental woman was on the other end and said she was from the "software maintenance centre" and asked me if my computer was running slowly lately. So I decided to play along and see how far I get before she hangs up. I said yes, it has been getting a little slower. She then directed me to turn on my computer. She then told me to look down at the bottom left of my keyboard and press the "Windows" key. I said I don't have a windows key, I have a Mac.

She then put me on hold and called her "manager". A few moments later, a tersly-speaking Sub-continental man asked me to look at my keyboard and press the "Windows" key. I said I have a Mac with Windows on it. He asked me in a puzzled voice how it is possible to have Windows on a Mac. I advised him that I used Bootcamp and run Windows on my Mac. He asked "How can you... are you joking with me? Please look for the key with the windows icon on it". I said there's no Windows key on my Mac, at which point he hung up.

This is intersting as I had already read this article at the time it was published. A few days ago I watched an ABC doco "Dumb Drunk and Racist", which chronicles the experiences of a couple of Indians who have never travelled to Australia, to see for themselves if we are really what they think. One of those Indians is a call-centre operator. Some audio clips of Australians who hurled racist abuse at the operator were shown. At one stage, I felt very slightly sympathetic to the operator's treatment. However, after tonight's call, those Indian callers deserved every bit of the Aussie's treatment. If anything, some solace can be found in the fact that the mere first hearing of an Indian's voice could elicit this much seething hatred has unwittingly saved them the despair of handing over their computer's keys to Indian criminals. These criminals are not helping improve their home country's image abroad. But that's their problem.



Just got this call again. I tend to get it about once a month, and since I am always home (work from home), I always answer.

Depending on my mood for the day, I either entertain them for a while or just tell them flat out I know it's a scam. If I entertain them it usually ends with me saying I have linux or no internet. I once told them I had a security program that blocked remote access.

This time they didn't get me to type 'eventvwr', but made me run it throw a right click on the computer icon in the menu. Perhaps they are changing their MO to reduce the amount of people picking it up as a scam? Even after I told them I was in IT and knew the "errors" were not caused by a virus, they still tried to scam me for a few minutes. I get the feeling that the first callers do not know this is a scam, that they think they are actually providing a service, and they pass the call to a real scammer to finish it off, since I always get passed to a more senior person if I stay on the call.



I've got a few very entertaining recordings from tonight's scam calls to my house. Almost an hour's worth, total. My husband and I played them like a violin and kept them on the phone as long as we could. They mention "Microsoft" on multiple ocassions. They have multiple ways they use to gain access to your pc (with your help). This is ridiculous. I could definitely see older people falling for this. It's really sad. These people are real good at what they're doing. Anyway, I've got audio recordings of these people at work! REALLY good ones!



Just had another call from one of these guys and they definitely ARE claiming to represent Mocrosft support !



I had a call today from 818-818-007. I played along with the woman and then the supervisor once I told her that her English was too poor. I entually told him that he reached a police station. He did not care and insisted that the computer was send personal information. i advised that the Mr. Bradshaw he asked for was not an employee then he asked for a Maria. He eventually got tired of me once i asked for his personal information and credit card number he eventually hung up.



I got a call just 10 minutes ago from an overseas call centre saying they were a microsoft supporting partner. I was skeptical but thought rather than be completely dismissive to indulge the caller. They asked me to run event viewer to which I obliged and then they pointed out all the errors were due to 'online infection'

They then directed me to log in to
to which they gave me a four digit code.

At this point I refused to use their code to which the caller asked if he could transfer me to his 'supervisor' to which I agreed. The person I then talked to pretty much said 'online infection, log in with our code and our technician will access and fix the problems'

I asked her who she was calling from, to which she answered microsoft. I asked her if she could verify that she was calling from microsoft and if my computer was sending out all this bad data, could she perhaps send me an email (after all, they had supposedly linked my landline number to my PC)

She got quite pushy telling me to let the technicians access the machine. I explained that I have no idea whether she truly does/doesn't work for microsoft and that I wasn't going to allow a complete stranger to access my machine. I asked her if there was a website I could go to and she gave me the microsoft website.

She kept repeating that her company was one of microsofts supporting partners. Finally I asked 'which' supporting partner she was working for to which she replied, in essence, "F you and F your computer I hope it crashes, throw it out of the window"



Today at 12:53 PM I received a call from this odd number 119 1731 ID "Name Not Found" As soon as I answered I knew right away it was some sort of scam so I pretended to be an elderly lady LOL which I am 55 ;) but I mean very elderly and on a limited income. I was hard of hearing and had many photos of my great, great grandchildren on my computer that I was very concerned about losing since the "junk malicious online infection" as he called it had already infected my computer! I asked him again for the name of the infection and he replied, "I told you mam, it is the junk malicious online infection" I said, "Oh my, what will I do now?" So I proceeded to impersonate the elderly woman "the perfect victim and Daniel as he called himself was really loving this. He asked me if I was the only person who ever uses my computer and I said, of course because Andy was almost blind and I was the only one who knew how to use one. He said Good! Now look over to your left on your keyboard and look down until you see the key that says C-T-R-L. It took me awhile to locate it but when I did he told me to look at the one next to it, the windows key. I said "Windows Key?" I don't understand. " He said mam, do you see the 4 little flags in the circle on the key? Anyhoo he wanted me to hold down the Flag key while holding the r key at the same time. I did not do this of course but made out like I did. He said, Now tell me what you see on the computer mam! I said it was a blank screen...the whole while I was searching to see what would happen if I pressed both the flag and r keys at the same time... Anyway he said that the reason nothing was happening and blank screen was because it was too late, that the "junk malicious online infection" had already infected my computer worse that he had anticipated. So he proceeded to tell me to locate run and type in eventvwr. I looked it up real quick and found an image of what the screen would look like. I made it all the way of telling him I would have to use a Visa for the ONE TIME ONLY FEE. He was about to put me through to his technician when I accidently, LOL dropped my mouse, I kept telling him to hold on while I crawled along the floor looking everywhere for it, so he thought. Then I hurt my back and yelled for andy, who was really outside fixing his pickup truck, I made out like Andy was calling an ambulance and Dr. Jimmy. Oh the moans and groans, he was saying, It will be alright! Don’t hang up! It will be alright! Then I hung up. THEN they continued to call me even though I was en route to the Er. from "QUINNIPIAC UNIV" at 1-203-582-4096 and name not found at 119 1731 and 191731..All three are connected and they are committing identity theft after getting access to your computer and personal information. Do not give them any information, please.



Just had an Indian "Peter Grant" call me and try this scam with me I managed to keep him on the phone for about 30 minutes before he realised I was not actually doing anything he asked and he had no chance of getting a credit card. This scam is definitely still being played.


Report a *tiny* number of events and see how good their acting skills are!

GMB Elect


Yep I got the call tonight, I kept asking them to identify themselves and they could really tell me who they worked for, apart from we are the technical support group for windows and your computer is in trouble.
It was an overseas call centre, I was speaking to an asian lady.
I did not take the scam.. lucky, as I found this after



I received a phone call from an indian claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Division and that my computer is sending out a signal to say that everytime I log onto the Internet it is downloading Malware/Virus and that they could help me online to fix this problem....He then proceded to get me to open up the command pannel and type in 'eventvwr'..Thinking this was a bit sus, I googled it and found That it was a scam. I began to inform the little f**k that I was onto him so he started yelling at me. I managed to calm him down and said verry clearly, "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. Ani if you call me again, I will look for you, i will find you, and I WILL kill you... The phone went verry silent, then he hung up.



these people keep ringing me up ,i keep telling them i dont own a computer ,i am 89 yrs old and wouldnt know how to work one but they wont leave me alone one indian chap asked me how old i was and he said i had a nice voice for my age ,next time they ring i am going to press the smoke alarm to the phone,I even rang microsoft about these calls and i get a indian speaking lady on the phone which i couldnt trust she seemed that she wasnt aware of us having these people ringing us she offered to put me on to technician i refussed
I wonder why

Nameless PC


This scam is still active. I just got their call last night at 08.00pm
Any legit company wouldn't call at this hour. they don't even know my name. Since last year, i do receive the same phone call. I knew immediately that the caller is the same scammer. They are looking for the computer owner. Why computer owner? can't you mention a person name? then, they tell me my computer has downloaded a malicious software. huh? my anti virus always running and up-to-date. I got so pissed off. I kept asking who are you and what do you want? then i hang up.
note: the previous house owner were an elderly couple. I am guessing the scammer are trying to reach them.

Will changing the phone number help?



I have also got a call from Microtec Support and I have paid them an i have been getting excellent support from. not every company is a scam.



I frequently get calls like these in the UK ....... I just say I will just ask my son who works for Microsoft Tech division to speak to them ..... they usually hang up on me !

Harry Burg


Remore desktop scammer - Urpccare is the largest scam company operarting from kolkata(India) now a days. We are soon making portal against them. People who all are intersted and has been scam by them can come together so that we can stop them soon.
We have also contacted the indian goverment for the owner arrest.
Write an email to
Please remember the more support we will get the sooner we can catch hold the big scammer.



The calls are alive and well in the US too.

They have a script and forget about asking question.

They do not exhibit the ability to understand any question.

And goodness they are hard to underestand.

3 calls in 10 minutes, two hung up ons

Gary E Nelson


The Microsoft "reps" and now calling Sweden and they speak only English on the phone. Being an American Expat I was able to tell them to stop a brusque manner. However if they call again I will only speak Swedish. I will be brusque in that language also.



Received call today in US from same people, he was trying hard to keep his accent close to south american but the people talking in background gave up his location. The moment i asked about ip address sending them notifications, he put me on hold and hung up. Clearly governments are not able to fix this as it is going on since last 3 years and different continents so next time i will just let them connect to some junk pc with packet capture running so i can get their info and post details on some hacking community and hope they will take care of this idiots.

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