Westpac confirms Net banking issues

Follows Commbank issues earlier this week

Westpac has confirmed it is the latest bank to experience issues with its online banking portal, with some customers unable to log in to the service early this morning.

“A number of our customers were unable to log in to Net banking today,” the spokesperson told Computerworld Australia. “The situation has been resolved.”

The bank is yet to calculate the number of customers affected by the issue, the spokesperson said.

“Our servers were running at about 80 per cent capacity so it was only a small percentage of our customers who were unable to log in,” the spokesperson said.

According to the spokesperson the online banking service was now operating as usual.

The bank’s Twitter account notes customers reporting issues with the service this afternoon and the bank stating problems with logging on were an “intermittent issue”.

The glitch comes just days after the Commonwealth Bank reported major issues with its online banking portal, NetBank, its EFTPOS services and ATMs.

The issue resulted in customers being unable to transfer funds, use EFTPOS or BPay. ATMs also discharged excessive amounts of cash, leading to the arrest and charging of two men.

In January the National Australia Bank (NAB) also reported issues with its online banking portal, directing customers to use its phone banking system as an alternative.

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My westpac online signing has had repetitive issues for the past 2 months. It tells me I have to change my password every time i log in (well this just started 8 weeks ago roughly), despite selecting the correct chracters- it's not me forgetting as I had started writing them down everytime now (to see if it was me or the site). I have to call up Westpac everytime, to change my password. It is annoying as hell. Explaining this to them is even more frustrating as they deny it's the site but me.

There is no problems with my computer (I have tested my sign in on other computers incase it was- it's not). I called up technical support and they can't help me. What the hell is this crap? I will have to chagne banks very soon.

Funny thing is, sometimes the password will work, then it will suddenly tell me to change it the next day when I try again. It directs me to a "reset your password" page to type in my account ID with my date of birth, this does nothing, just tells me to call up westpac anyways to 'reset my password'. And yes I have been entering the correct ID as well. I've tried everything.

What the hell is this.

Plus sometimes it will only allow 6 characters into the password box (the dots that come up), other times more. My password is longer then six characters, and when it does allow me to log in, all dots for each character come up on the screen. When it only allows me to enter 6, that's when I have to call up westpac AGAIN to 'reset my password' for the millionth time!

Why allow longer then a 6 chracter password, then switch and change the length allowed in the password box randomly. Westpac need new technicians as well as customer technical support that actually cares and does something.

From a Pissed of Westpac Online Customer

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