Brisbane flood shuts down AAPT data centre

Other data centres and telcos prepare for worst

AAPT has confirmed it is the latest telco to close its Queensland data centre following floods.

A notice distributed to customers on Wednesday states that due to the flooding of the Brisbane region, AAPT will power down the equipment at the 167 Eagle St, Brisbane site as a safety requirement.

“We are currently investigating the issue and will provide further information once it becomes available,” said the statement.

The action follows electricity supplier Energex’s decision to cut power to the Brisbane CBD. It could affect up to 100,000 homes and businesses, but the utility stated the scale of the operation prevented it from notifying individual businesses before they lose power.

Energex doesn't know how long the blackouts will last and has advised restoration times will depend on how quickly the floodwaters fall and how badly equipment has been damaged.

An advisory notice sent out to Pipe Networks customers on Wednesday indicated the two CBD-based data centres, housed in Creek St, Brisbane, could be affected.

The data centres house critical government data used in coordinating a State Emergency Service response to the flood and will likely be the last building in its immediate area to have its power cut by Energex.

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John B


What, nobody has heard of generators to keep network essentials up and running? Can't be bothered arranging them? Don't really care about customers? All of the above?



Snap, I used to be a client a few years back... I can think of at least 3 or 4 times where they didnt have the provisions to power the equipment during an unscheduled power failure...



@ 1 John B are you serious! and we place the generators where? do you really think generators keep networks up!

Think John Boy!

Tsunami Australia


John, I do believe that they were in short terms told to pull the plug and NOT run the gensets for ....... SAFETY reasons. Nothing like 3phase power going underwater to create an issue for people.



Well, I am with AAPT and had no hiccup with any services utilised extensively over the flood period.



As stated in this article that customers were notified - I had not been notified of this .. I have been on the phone with AAPT since last friday and everyday to date regarding no internet access.

They tell me to do this and do that and at the end when nothing works they tell me that i need to wait for a techician to come out due to the floods causing the problems.

I wish they could just give you some sort of idea of how much longer i am without internet as it is getting very frustrating.



The Powertel guys running AAPT these days main focus is cost cutting, rather than providing a good service or selling a quality product.
If you rely on 99.99% availability for your telco services you would be advised to go to one of the more professional operators, rather than the sinking ship that is AAPT.



@ 7 Micky you are a frigin moron! Powertell is no longer owned by AAPT! fancy having to rely on a 99.99% moron like you!



Gee another .01 and he will be a complete moron like you Raymond...!

By the way, it's...PowerTel (what do you think that might stand for, brainiac?)... not Powertell... DER!

Remember my prophesy - "after me humiliating you and showing everyone your true colours, they (like me), will only come here in future, to take the p*ss out of you Raymond.."!

You 100% moron, me 100% prophet!



It's Level 8/ 123 Eagle St (Riverside centre), not 167 Eagle St. Get it right!!!
Lucky AAPT moved most of their core network out of 123 Eagle and into 100 Wickhame St...otherwise all of you AAPT customers would of been completely screwwwwwed :)

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