Commonwealth Bank NetBank down

Online banking portal innaccessible since early this morning, affecting "at most up to five per cent" of customers.

The message some Netbank customers got this morning.

The message some Netbank customers got this morning.

The Commonwealth Bank has confirmed that it is experiencing issues with its NetBank site resulting in the online banking portal being inaccessible to some users.

Others reported wiped account balances as a result of the glitch.

“The Commonwealth Bank has identified the cause of the late running overnight file and is currently in the process of finalising its processing into customer accounts,” a bank the spokesperson told Computerworld Australia.

“As stated earlier, the file primarily related to business customer accounts, but in processing the file we identified a small number of retail customers who are also affected.”

According to the spokesperson “at most”, up to 5 per cent of accounts have been affected by the outage.

“We expect that the processing of the file may cause some minor, short-term disruption to CommBiz and NetBank customers as we update balances in affected accounts.

“The Commonwealth Bank again apologises to those customers who are experiencing difficulties. We are working on this as a matter of priority and will have the matter rectified this morning.”

One customer contacting Computerworld Australia said the site had been inaccessible to them since 6am this morning.

At time of posting, the site was still inaccessible.

The spokesperson did not comment directly on what, if any, remedial action the bank would carry out for its customers.

As reported, the NAB has received a number of compensation claims following its recent IT debacle.

It is also expected Commwonealth Bank CIO, Michael Harte, and likely other members of his team will take a hit in their collective pay packets as a result of the outage. The bank's senior IT team has up to 40 per cent of its "at risk" pay tied to customer service and the performance of customer-facing IT.

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Jim Blundell


I couldn't access CBA Netbank online for some hours around and after midnight. There was no meaningful explanation.



I was one of the affected 5%, worse still I wasted half hour making 2 calls told, sorry, we know.. why not post tproblem on netbank sign in page? CBA, the answer is easy.. think like a (disadvantaged ) customer, and get the scheduled maintenance work back up on time too, recent experience not good.. I accept mistakes happen, but if you know,tell us..



Maybe its the work of a hacker in the wikileakes



et tu brut?



The CBA has encouraged people to use Netbank but I am sure that when customers were not able to pay their accounts on time the bank will NOT HONOR THEIR LATE FEES, I have had problems with my credit card and home loan accounts - a loyal customer for 40 years! This is the end I am transferring my accounts to another provider- and will be encouragiojg others to do the same! Yeah have a whinge!!!!



A late running overnight file? Then why is it I could log in at 6:30am but not after work at 4:30pm? Hopeless. Even just a short note on the login page would be nice.

hungry student


What is this? i don't like to carry cash around, now i can't feed myself tonight, what is this!!



I just tried xmas shopping down the local centre n my card has declined due to insufficient funds! $700 gone!! And now netbank has stopped working. I last loggedin at 4pm to check my pay went in before i left for shopping, and in that short time my account was cleared. I cant get through on the phone! its B/S

Hungry Family


I have a family of 6 to feed!! no petrol, no food, nothing!! Hubby and I r eating 2 minute noodles and kids are eating a small pie each! We are a struggling, working class family who lives pay to pay!! I can't wait to get rid of Commonwealth Bank!!

M Drinkwater


23 Feb, 1.58 pm - I am having netbank problems - is it across the network or restricted to me?



Yes I cant get on to Net Bank either! bullocks!!



It is now 2.40pm in Mt Martha and we still cannot get any information on NetBank. What is happening? In this day and age it really is unacceptable.



Working now :)



Down again today, there was a scheduled maintanence due to finish at 5am this morning, it is 3:15pm and it is still down..



This must be the worse bank to access or log on to your account. When you click Net bank logon it doesn't allow you to enter your no. and password anywhere. So frustrating may need to change my bank - just because of this. Other normal banks, when you click 'Login' thats exactly what happens, you enter your details and bingo up comes everything you need.

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