RTA picks mobile speed camera locations

Six white Ford Territory cars will be deployed in any of 151 possible locations from Monday 19 July

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will begin deploying six mobile speed cameras in any of 151 possible locations from Monday, 19 July.

Former State roads and transport minister, David Campbell, first announced the reintroduction of mobile speed cameras in March, as part of a $170 million road safety campaign. NSW budget papers for the 2010/2011 financial year estimated driving fines would rise by up to $137 million.

The new digital speed cameras will be deployed across any six of the locations shortlisted by the RTA, which were chosen based on previous NSW Police Force criteria for mobile speed camera enforcement, as well as the number of crashes at the site during the 2006-2008 period.

The locations cover key areas on Sydney wider metropolitan roads, including the Hume Highway, Pacific Highway and Parramatta Road, but could be deployed in areas where as little as three vehicle crashes took place during the two year period. Further mobile speed camera locations may be added to the existing list once the RTA has completed compiling crash data for 2009.

The cameras are believed to operate in unmanned white Ford Territory cars, and will be capable of catching up to six cars a second for speeding. The cameras will be bi-directional and capable of snapping speeding cars in up to six lanes, or three lanes in each way. They will use an infra-red flash, so drivers will not be made aware of being caught until they receive a notice.

A one-month grace period applies from the beginning of deployment, during which motorists caught speeding by a mobile speed camera receive a warning but no infringement.

The cameras are operated by ASX-listed Redflex Holdings (ASX:RDF), which holds key speed and red light camera deployments across the world, including a 25-location, $7 million red light camera deployment in Victoria announced in October last year.

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What a lot of garbage! they will not slow those break the traffic rules. All drivers at some time exceed the speed limit from time to time for a short distance due to need to overtake a slower vehicle ie. semi-trailer or a slow caravan or an moment of lack of attention to speedometer and also on a downhill run your vehicle may over-run the nominated speed without using your brakes. This is only a new method to raise more revenue and use a private company to do the "DIRTY" work for you. It would be benificial to put more Police vehicles on the road to catch those who blatenly brake the rules rather than be a revenue raiser.



Yes, Bill, and it seems we're damned if we do and damned if we don't by this corrupt excuse for a state government.

When the police operate mobile radar units, they are said to be given a quota which they have to fill to gain promotion. It's all unofficial, so the hierarchy routinely officially deny that it happens.

Now the bounty hunters will presumably get a cut of the fines they impose, so despite the pollies going yada-yada about black spots, it's likely that the bounty hunters will set up on the safest roads where sensible drivers may let their speed rise briefly over the limit.






Absolutely inmoral!!! And who said that this is a Democracy?



Yup, another revenue raiser. Don't teach the population how to drive safely, teach us all how to drive by "Staring at our dashboard" so we don't speed 1km over the limit. Speeding doesn't kill, lack of safety kills.

Mobile phone use and texting while driving is a much more dangerous activity...but wait...can't raise revenue off that can we?




I give it 2 months and a car load of young guys will blow up the moblie speed car after going past it lol Hope the guy in it doesnt stay sitting in it

Bill Payer


What a crock of ****.
Nothing at all to do with safety it's 100% revenue raising for a bunch of pigs that have sent a state broke.
Someone exceeding the limit by 4kph is nowhere near as dangerous as some idiot dodging in and out of traffic and revenue cameras will not catch them.
They should take a walk around a car park and look at the number of unregistered cars, which are more likely driven by unlicenced drivers!



**** off goverment



We need more Police on the road, not cars catching mainly good drivers. Yes they might luck into snapping a real idiot. But we need to get the idiots off the road. those that drive too slow, cause moving road blocks, use mobile phones, swerve all over the road, drive unregistered cars, drive unlicensed. but NO lets pick on the normal people who make an honest mistake and go 4ks too fast for a few seconds. After all how else will the govt pay for their long lunches and travel.



It's big business these road cameras. The keyword there is 'business' not safety.

I'm more concerned about the drivers that drive dangerously, and don't speed. And trucks too, that tailgate you never leave a safety margin between their truck and your car. You get hit by one of these and your life will be over - and they don't have to be speeding for you to get killed. (and the truck driver will just get a 2-3 year jail term for killing you the way our justice system is working at the moment!)

'Safety First!' This should be the motto - not 'Speed Kills'!




Craig FulloQuestions


Just a thought...

As I understand under the Australian Constitution the Government makes the laws, the judges decide on the penalties within the guidelines set by the government and the police enforce them. This separation is intentional as the party making the laws should never be the ones enforcing them, let alone benefiting from the proceeds.

Now we have the RTA who are setting the penalties, benefiting from the revenue and have also now made their own police force through a subcontractor???

How long before we have the brown shirts appearing...

This is wrong! Too much power is going to guys who are simply there to make sure we have working roads, traffic lights and trained users. How they have been allowed to create their own private police force is beyond me...



Welcome to the new soviet union. Big brother would be proud.

Here is a government that will tax users of all products including roads on the premise of subsidising the benefit of the greater public, yet that transfer of benefit is never realised.

I even had an American friend looking to move to Australia recently unitll she realised what was eventuating here was in her own words, "a fascist state".

We have lost the right of freedom in the name of political grab that does not serve the people,(which is the raison d'etre of politics), but instead fills the party coffers for internal benefits just like the Kremlin did. Welcome to the new iron curtin.

bill s


the government continually tell us that speed cameras and radar devices are placed in school zones in order to protect our children and to reduce speed in these areas. these new mobile cameras are also to be used in school zones. why then are these devices always located at the end of school zones thereby allowing if not actually inviting the danger to our children to be occur...

David F


As Matt says (comment 13) The unilateral decisions being made by government bureaucracies like the RTA shows that they are no longer public servants but rather public parasites. They have forgotten they are there for the public and not the public there for them to Milk. They don’t even try to hide their money grab, and why should they, successive governments have so insulated them they can do as they please with impunity. Further more the constant changing of limits and long standing limits is tapping into the conditioned responses of the driving public, especially the older driving public who are the most conditioned and have the most income. It will eventuate that only massive civil disobedience will stop the Sheriff of Nottingham form overtaxing and then squandering public money on himself. We need a Robin Hood to take on the hoods



It was my understanding according to media reports, that the RTA were going to post on their website, the daily locations of these mobile units. I have searched their website and have been unable to find any reference to this.
Anyone out there know the URL where this information is supposed to be kept?



so are these mobile speeding camera's in the police cars aswell....

John White


This state government is out of control, Labour is finished, and this is the final straw. It's a grab campaign, take every last penny from society, to line their own pockets. What ever happened to enjoying a Sydney weekend get-away? I am so tired of driving defensively, consistantly looking out for speed/red light/safety/bus lane/varible cameras, together with all the bullsh*t road rules in place. I believe it's more dangerous now than ever before, fuelling road rage, frustration and stress. This government must go, a bunch of revenue raising penny pinching criminals! A world going mad, and society is to blame!



Honestly, the government and not even, whats the go with RTA? Road traffic accident.. this is a joke, if anything, its more dangeorus for our roads its them. If a confident driver is now hesitant by the fear of these money wasting cameras.. in the case even of over taking a slow driver who is more likely to cause an accidnet.. even getting tailgated by a semi trailer truck trust me it happens as a P2 driver espeically..think about it.. we obey and have control of all our speed as all types of drivers, as much as the people who cause accidents are texting.. or distracted by something rather than alert on the cars and people around you.. it doesnt take a genuis to know when to stop. It is just simply getting to LAZY for words, they rely on all these electronical devices to do their jobs for them.. as they are laughing in this money making scheme.. DO YOUR JOBS!!, why don't the government actually do SOME history research when electronics were not even around.. and see the road safety.. people will just keep doing it if you say NO! you cant do this or that.. or bring forth stupid ideas..

Dale Kelly


please read this, RED LIGHT SAFETY CAMERAS IN NSW are faulty and are getting vehicles by the minute at some locations. They are getting motorists who are obeying the speed limit by 5km an hour, not only is this the most dangerous way of the government raising money but it really has gone beyond the joke. The Australian Government is rapidly going down hill after the year 2000 ! high immigration = high house prices = Australian born familys on the streets............its only going downhill from now, SPEAK UP PEOPLE BEFORE WE/OUR KIDS END UP LIKE THE MIDDLE EAST, TOUGHEN UP THE IMMIGRATION POLICY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Australia was never designed for the population we are getting on the buses, trains ferrys and streets..look after her!!!

Bill's mate


I, like the others here have had an absolute GUTFUL of the NSW state Govt's liberal 'autonomy' of the RTA. The RTA are a law unto themselves - they're dictatorial and a revenue raising arm of this State Govt. Mobile speed cameras, red light cameras, facial recognition etc. Where (and WHEN) will it stop? I'm SO SICK of paying more attention to my speedo than to the road & traffic conditions which is a danger in itself. But, it seems OK for some people to sit in the laughingly named 'fast lane' crawling along at 45kms in a 60km zone, blocking others and forcing other drivers to take risks they wouldn't normally take. They don't seem to get booked for not keeping to the left. Nor do the swines that sit at traffic lights and only switch on their indicators the second the lights go green.
Well, I URGE YOU ALL TO STOP PAYING FINES and elect to take the matter to court. I don't give a damn about exceeding a ludicrous 4 kmh limit (walking pace!!) anymore. I will NEVER pay the RTA another cent in fines - irrespective of consequences. Perhaps if everyone does the same, and clogs up the courts with these trivial 'laws' the State govt may get the message. Either that, or they'll privatise the RTA and float it on the stock exchange. (Now, that would be a savvy investment!). The RTA has NOTHING to do with road safety and EVERYTHING to do with revenue. I for one, am SICK to the back teeth of being ripped off by them at any and every opportunity.



NSW GOVT, RTA, POLICE, COUNCIL RANGES, PARKING OFFICERS, SPEED CAMERAS on power poles, in unmarked cars, behind rocks...trees...TOLL ROADS & FINES...
This state government is out of control,NSW Labour is finished.....ROLL ON MARCH 2011.....NSW leaders and all their above groonies laugh at us now....What ever happened to enjoying a Sydney weekend get-away? I am so tired of residing in this stressed penny grabbing state. Like mentioned I'm tired too of driving defensively, consistently looking out for speed/red light/safety/bus lane/varible cameras, together with all the endless punitive road rules in place. NSW State just uses their citizens now as ATM's...WELL THIS ATM IS OUT OF ORDER....PERMANATELY....



Every time I get on the road I want to sack the RTA. They are deaf, dumb and most certainly blind. Don't even bother to report a traffic light that has fallen off because it will never be replaced, traffic lights that are totally covered by overgrown branches at major intersections, faded street markings and the list is endless. Call them to report these problems and they have sent me from pillar to post like it is most definitely not their problem and even months after reporting the faults - nothing is done. I have given up. Our roads and signs are so bad and the only reason we get home safely is because we are ever vigilant. God help us. Over to you Minister of Roads - sack the RTA.



With over a decade of testing experience of speed cameras I believe that this is how they should work -
1. Lines marked on the road at 0.5 to 1m intervals
2. Video capture of vehicles with a camera of a known and accurate frame rate (these are usually very accurate) that is certified.
3. A bigger allowance for the driver over the speed limit - say 10% - to allow for visual alignment error of the extremes of the vehicle to lines on the road (item 1).
4. (optional) A digital speed display in the rear window (or front - depending which part of the car the camera is photograhing) of the car that shows THE SPEED THAT THE DRIVER SEES ON THEIR SPEEDO so that there will be no argument.

Funny, some speed cameras used to rely on comparisons to lines on the road with a pair timed image taken by the camera but some smartie told governments that new speed camera technology does not need this anymore..that is BULL. All speed measurement devices irrespective of the technology guarantee that they will measure to within +/- 2 km/h for 95% of incidents (normal bell-curve distribution). But what happens if you are in the unlucky 5% - YOU GET A TICKET. Now, if you play the video and see how far the car moves on the road by counting the number of lines in a certain number of frames then, if you have counted more than ten lines and ten frames then your max error can be 10% - SIMPLE! But, the added benefit (of video) is that you will be able tell if there is anything else in the frame that may have effected the speed measurement such as another vehicle. Sill images often will not give you this information.
Oh, and I almost forgot, most of the current speed camera systems have a video camera installed that is unused. Why... government legislation does not allow it at the moment.

Now, why haven't I built such a system and made millions of dollars? For the same reason - government legislation. But what do they do about it? They promise greater transparency, what ,by publishing camera sites in the newspaper when most people know where they are anyway. Anyway, the camera manufacturers need to go back to the drawing board and do what I propose. I can't afford to do it but they can.




@24 Michael, it's not just government legislation that is the problem, it's the avaricious political bastardry behind it.

You would no doubt be aware that some companies market their detection gear to governments largely on the basis of how much money it will rake in.

Then the spin doctors feed us the bullsh1t line that it's only being done to make the blackspots safer - this despite the fact that most revenue cameras seem to be located in safe conditions, where average speeds will tend to be higher, and of course camera income likewise.

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