NBN Co selects contractors for mainland fibre roll out

Brunswick, Armidale, Minnamurra/Kiama, Townsville and Wilunga find out who will be deploying the NBN in their area

NBN Co has selected the contractors it wants to roll out the first fibre on the mainland to the initial five release sites of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

In a statement, NBN Co chief executive, Mike Quigley, also said homes and businesses in the first five sites would receive free connections to the fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network.

The first five sites and the construction contract winners are:

  • Minnamurra and Kiama Downs districts near Wollongong in NSW, Transfield Services
  • Wilunga in South Australia, ETSA Utilities
  • Armidale in NSW, Silcar
  • Townsville in Queensland, Ergon Energy
  • and in Brunswick in Victoria NBN Co is in negotiations with Telstra to use the telco’s infrastructure.

“The sites will have a mix of underground and aerial deployment determined by a combination of factors, including the availability of existing underground ducts or overhead power poles to access premises,” Quigley said in the statement.

Construction on the passive fibre network is expected to commence “in the second half of the calander year” and will be followed by the deployment of network equipment (from Alcatel-Lucent) and then integration with retail service providers.

In a statement to the ASX, Transfield Services managing director, Peter Goode, described the contract win as “an exciting opportunity to be part of what is set to be one of Australia’s most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken”.

The value of the contracts were not revealed.

Last week, NBN Co announced a further 19 mainland trial sites, in addition to the five existing trial sites on the Australian mainland, where construction will begin this month.

(View the maps of the mainland NBN sites.)

The five second release sites listed above will expand the coverage of the first sites to an additional 3000 residents in each of the areas, while the other 14 are completely new choices by NBN Co, which will each see 3000 homes connected.

The entire list of second release sites are:

  • Victoria: Bacchus Marsh, South Morang (Melbourne)
  • Queensland: Brisbane (inner north), Springfield Lakes, Toowoomba
  • NSW: Riverstone (western Sydney), Coffs Harbour
  • South Australia: – Modbury, Prospect
  • Western Australia: Victoria Park (Perth), Geraldton, Mandurah
  • Northern Territory: Casuarina
  • ACT: Gungahlin

This week Computerworld Australia revealed NBN Co could spend up to $1 billion on two KA band satellites to deliver NBN services to Australian households unable to access coverage via fibre or wireless.

The plan, announced at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia’s (CEDA) recent 2010 ICT Review conference in South Australia by NBN Co chief executive officer, Mike Quigley, will see two satellites launched to deliver around two per cent of the total capacity of the NBN.

It was also revealed the optical networking terminal (ONT) infrastructure provided by Alcatel-Lucent to NBN Co would be unique to Australia.

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Canberra Watcher


They'd best get a to work soon. Three years on, $300 million spent, only three test users connected.

At this rate they'll get 430 people connected before the $43Bn runs out!

If they can only be 25,000x better on expenditure and 1,500,000x better on schedule, they'll be back on target...




Three years on you say?

Umm the FTTP announcement was made 7 April 2009. About 15 months ago, NOT 3 years ago...


Maybe you'd better get your facts straight before your inevitable reply! Or you'll come off looking foolish...A G A I N.

Canberra Watcher


Kevin Rudd's Broadband policy was announced in March 2007.



Speaking of looking foolish...AGAIN.

Kevin Rudd's FTTN plan was announced prior, in fact prior to the election.

Presumably the governmnet hoped Telstra would cooperate being FTTN and make it easy.

They didn't, submitted a non-compliant bid and the FTTP NBN which is outlined above, which NBN Co is in charge of and which we are commenting about, was announced 7 April 2009.



3 & 4 It is not when it starts but when and if finished!
The only part that will be built, will be the pilot sites in Labor marginal seats prior to the election, or at least that is the plan.
The only problem is, NBN cannot find the contractors to cover all the pilot sites.

If the election goes against the government, NBN as we think we know it, will not be built!

You may moan and bitch, they just happen to be the facts!

D Newman


And yet again I will point out to you Raymond, that the trail sites are not all labour marginal sites, as I did several days ago when you where banging out your usual cut and paste polictical BS.

And next, all WA sites have more than one bidder at present, in fact Mandurah site has 4 chasing the contract, one of which is Telstra's local engineering crew, they are also chasing the central Perth one.

Now seeing as WA is very empty, I find it very hard to believe your statement Raymond, seeing as it has even Telstra throwing its hat to do engineering sub contracting, so afraid I,m going to have to call BS again, or at the very least polictical spin and drum banging.

Would be nice to see Telstra get the contract.



Newman, Telstra cannot build anything! they don't even build their own ISAM's

The news will catch up with you eventually, there are not enough contractors to build!

Your world only revolves around central Perth,get into the real one!

Are you prepared to put money on the election, are you prepared to say Abbott will build NBN!

Maybe the boat people can build central Perth for you, and you can crawl back under your rock!

D Newman


LOL nice try, but no cigar Raymond....I,m still calling BS to everything you ever utter, and your posting history stands 100% behind that, you have failed thus far to be accurate on anything and I see no reason or evidence to counter that view.

And you still owe me for the last bet about Telstra, so sure double or nothing, Abbott will not only fail in the elections, he will also fail to stop the NBN in or out of the PM,s office.

And I would prefer 'Boat People' as you put it, to build me anything over your fictious company, because at least they are real.



@#’s 6 and 8, correct D. Newman.

Raymond came here previously and made rash claims, which have since been proven 100% incorrect! But instead of simply being man enough to just admit he was wrong, he’s now desperately compelled to return to add 5 new, magic words (if- as we know it) to his already disproved claim, OMG… grow up!

For the record A G A I N, Raymond clearly said - “THE NBN WILL NEVER BE BUILT” period! It’s cut and dried, WILL NEVER BE BUILT!

In fact he said things like, get it through your space vacant heads, THE NBN WILL NEVER BE BUILT and THE NBN WILL NEVER BE BUILT, imbeciles. Gee, talk about role reversals eh? Because…

Although obviously (as we all know) the NBN is not completed yet and won’t be for many years, only weeks after his stupid, incorrect claim, the NBN already has clientele, LOL…!

So now come the magic words - the NBN will never be built, “IF” …the Coalition wins.


The NBN will never be built, “AS WE KNOW IT”… blah, blah, blah.


Funny he should mention comments #’s 1 & 3 though! Going by the typical baseless, FUD, I thought #1 and #3 were actually him!

Canberra Watcher


The view I expressed in #1 is clearly not a rational view of what the next ten years holds.

The polyanna view that "everything is going well, and we are all about to be bathed in the warm glow of telemedicine delivered over cheap and plentiful broadband" is also not a rational view of the next ten years.

PS: Since when did the policy-delivery clock get restarted by a technology change? If they use different fibre connectors do they get to restart the clock again?



Thank you for admitting to your obvious irrationality...Canberra Watcher.

Unfortunately however, again displayed in #10. Oh well, at least you are aware, that's the first step.

FYI - no one here has lauded hugs and kisses upon the NBN. What we have refuted is blind pessimism, baseless FUD and well, stupidity, coming from a few with questionable motives and/or absolutely no idea...

Canberra Watcher


I think You'll find that my numbers in post #1 are roughly correct. It all comes down to what you consider to be part of the broadband ititiative. eg, Is the Regional Broadband Blackspots program in or out?

How come the name-callers are the ones who think everyone else is irrational?



@#12... Umm I didn't say you were irrational, I agreed with you, after you admitted to being irrational.

Gees, I disagree with you and you argue and agree with you and you even argue, some people eh?

I guess it simply proves your irrationality? So it's unanimous! LOL...

Anyway - as you are another, who lingers, isn't man enough to accept he was wrong and just move on (gee, you could be confused with "someone else")!

Firstly, the topic above is about the current NBN/NBN Co. The "government", "former technologies" and "former policies" weren't even mentioned in this article.

So how far back to you want to go, to cover your incorrect comment? Back to Labor's FTTN policy? How about before the election? Better still, to be on the safe side, we'd better go back to their Telstra sale policies? That'll cover it, sigh...

Seriously we are talking about now, what is happening now and nothing else. OMG...

You even made it abundantly clear that you were commenting in relation to FTTP (and now even beat your chest about your "rough" figures, lol). You never referred to former policies/technologies (until corrected and lame excuse was needed, of course).

But you did mention the FTTP projected cost of $43b, remember? ... so please, enough squirming and silly manoeuvring.

Get over it, your FUD was found out. Learn from it and try to be at least minimally factual and honest in future!




D Newman, just following on from your calling BS to everything Raymond utters (I actually was thinking he was starting to have you bluffed, but I see not, so kudos).

I find it most humorous (and thought you would too) that when the going got tough, Ray disappeared and Legal Eagle (who works in Ray's office LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and looked like, sounded like, smelled like Ray, good thing we didn't tread in him, appeared from nowhere.

But now Ray has reappeared, Legal Eagle has, ummm... vanished, how curious, LOL...

Old Ray tells us, he's a fibre laying multi-billionaire.

However, he also tells us, there's no money in laying fibre now...even though we have a (up to) $43b (mostly) fibre NBN being constructed nationwide.

His latest gem... the government can't find enough fibre laying contractors???

So, the fibre laying multi-billionaire, says there's no money in it, BUT... the government hell bent and throwing money at the NBN contractors, can't find enough contractors, like him - because there's no money in it, LOL.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, some people are just so ****ed up in their own little egotistical world of make believe (but actually non-existent) self importance and narcissism...aren't they?



All things aside - Turnbull has it right in this article





Thanks for that info Chris... certainly a very interesting view from someone worth listening to.

Unlike those here with heads in sand who will ignore the "opposite" sides information (or even desperately try to discredit it for no rational reason) as a pro-NBN advocate... I will not - this is interesting reading for all.

Pity like Labor dumping Rudd the Libs were just as short-sighted and polls hungry.

As a consequence, we have lost perhpas the two most talented politicians on both side of politics...and left here in limbo!



as a telstra sub contractor, with fibre experience i thought this to be very interesting, whoever said their is no money in fibre hauling is partly right, he should have said there is no money hauling fibre for telstra as telstra continuously give us contractors pay cuts every year, i get less money now than i did
13 years ago, i hope NBN takes off so bad and i hope telstra do not win any of the contracts as they do not even construct there own network, who wants another link in the contracting chain which in turn gives us poor contractors (sub contractors and sub sub contractors) less money for highly skilled work.

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