Customer care the industry difference: Macquarie Telecom

Telco services provider stresses importance of customer care, opens new $5 million contact centre
Communications minister, Stephen Conroy, launches Macquarie Telecom's new call centre.

Communications minister, Stephen Conroy, launches Macquarie Telecom's new call centre.

Macquarie Telecom is looking to shift its attention away from competitive infrastructure and towards customer care, according to chief executive officer, David Tudehope.

The hosting and telco services provider this week opened a new $5 million call centre in Sydney, a move which bucks the outsourcing trend apparent in the telecommunications industry.

The 40-seat MacquarieHUB centre is expected to be in constant operation throughout the year for customers, with staff picked from "thousands of applicants" and trained in a 6-week intensive course. The move to a local centre was, according to the company, "because it learnt no other company in Australia or overseas could provide the level of service it aspires to".

"We have learnt that outsourced providers can’t look after our customers in the same way we can," Tudehope said in a statement.

"For too long the industry has focused on infrastructure as a differentiator. We recognise that in the future, the business with a focus on customer care will be the business that differentiates and succeeds. Decisions should no longer be made based on the ownership of services, but instead on the treatment customers receive with the delivery and support of services, and how well providers can help their customers’ business."

The opening of the new call centre comes three months after ISP AAPT announced its decision to offshore all centre operations to the Philippines, laying off 31 staff in Sydney and Brisbane as a cost-cutting measure.

Statistics from analyst firm Frost and Sullivan indicate the outsourcing market in the Asia Pacific is currently worth $14.4 billion, and is forecast to grow exponentially, reaching $20.8 billion by 2013. India and Philippines pose the greatest alternatives to on-shore contact centres, providing a combined market opportunity of $8.52 billion for global companies looking to shift current contact centres.

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