Australia falls behind Mongolia, global average on Internet speed

Australians download at an average speed of 6.28Mbps, according to data extracted from the popular tool

Australian Internet speeds are below average and behind the likes of Mongolia and Liechtenstein, according to Ookla's new Net Index tool.

Australians have an average Internet download speed of 6.28 megabits per second (Mbps), behind the global average of 7.67Mbps. South Korea boasts the highest speeds, at 34.14Mbps, while Sudan suffers with an average of 0.34Mbps, according to Net Index.

Average upload speeds in Australia were 900Kbps in the last 30 days, compared to a global average of 2.1Mbps. Lebanon was bottom of the pile, at 90Kbps, while South Koreans uploaded at an average of 18.04Mbps.

The statistics were gathered over the last 30 days from Ookla's popular Internet speed measurement tests, and, and made public for the first time since their launch in 2007.

While the statistics are certainly more up to date than those released by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) or locally by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), they impinge on a wide user base of all Internet connection types testing their speeds through As a result, they are seen as biased and self-selecting by some in the industry

The ABS, which defines broadband as any connection greater than 256Kbps, found in December 2009 that Australia still had 941,000 residential and business dial-up connections of a total 9.1 million Internet subscribers. Since the statistics do not distinguish between dial-up and broadband connections, it is difficult to determine how many of each type of connection took part in the speed tests.

Internet service provider iPrimus' chief executive officer, Ravi Bhatia, claimed similar averages when talking about the limitations of ADSL2+, currently the most prevalent type of broadband connection in Australia. Bhatai said that, in real-world circumstances, ADSL2+ subscribers could expect an average downstream speed of six to seven megabits per second, and an average upload speed of 384Kbps.

(Learn more about Australia's Internet speeds have changed in our NBN argument 101 series)

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Australia falls behind Mongolia, global average on Internet speed...

But apparently that's good enough for those NBN nay-sayers!

But then we all know these selfish people either have a "personal financial or political interest" in keeping us behind Mongolia.

D Newman


That is rather embarressing in so many ways, I could be a Yak farmer and get better inernet connection....
So a country that has to burn horse poop to stay warm, gets better conection, just wow, I mean really wow.
How the heck did they afford that is there more money in horse poop then I realised, is this going to be the next boom after the failure of Emu farming.



Mongolia has minerals. Tonnes of them. It's more like Western Australia than Liechtenstein, but Ulaan Bator has more in common with Kalgoorlie than Perth. What the Mongolians got right is they ploughed their mineral money back into the country. Mining super tax anyone?



Boys! boys! boys! please cease and desist, from giving me such good material, at least the cow and horse poop burning great country of Mongolia got something built!

You may just be interested to know that they also have less than 200 k's of fibre!

And Newman! are you that Postal Worker I am aware of?

And as a point of interest, dear genious Emu's just happen to be native to this great Labor Party led land of australia.

I guess the one thing we don't need is educated Idiots! I am willing to wage$ thousands you two will not be educated by the glorious NBN! not by this Govnmt, and not in the next 5-8 years.

Any takers!

D Newman


Well I live in WA, I got fibre to MY door before the end of this year, and postal worker, OH PLEASE Raymond you can fish better than that, I work for an ISP in Perth, nothing gloious just a small cog, quite unlike your massve company you run in LA LA land Raymond......

SO yes I will take your bet as I will be as of November, bless the large array project...

And the Emu farming comment is about the fad in WA that went very bad, and at no point did I say emu's were from anywhere else, so learn to read, now that after much ribbing you managed to type less like a moron, you are making progress, I could get a decent debate out of you yet.



Newman...or as Jerry would say..Hello Newman!
I type according to the pitch of the boat,my skipper has gone behind Hamilton.

Newman, seeing you work for an ISP in Perth, I had better be a bit more kind as I have several ISP's from WA.

I knew what you meant about Emu's, you are about as funny as a burning orphanage!

Perhaps you are best left alone now I understand your staus in life!

You must hate being under Liberal rule over there!

Newman, one can only debate, if one has an open mind, and cansee both sides!

You are biased and ignorant of facts, then again the nearest capital city is Singapore, you are indeed a long way from many things in life dear boy!



What polish, tolerance and persuasive commenting/debating skills you possess, Raymond [sic]!

I can see how you would be a successful businessman with such a demeanour [sic]. Lol...

For example you so professionally and statesman-like say - “You’re a moron, get a hair cut and get a job, imbecile”! Wow, that’s so profound, intelligent and most relevant to the NBN debate...NOT, Raymond!

So, after reading your latest irrational bigoted, biased and now racist, FOS ramblings, you are proof that intolerant idiocy, the kind civilised society and rational humans shun… didn’t die off 40 years ago, after all!

Nice work, keep 'em coming, you keep us all so amused...



RS, awake at last dear boy, got the Centrelink cheque today did we!
You see RS, you never practice on the good one's! always listen, and then play with the cards dealt, and in your case, I have all the unemployed Court Cards, the Ace of Morons,the Jack of Nothing, the Prince of Nothing, and the King of Fools.

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Well, that's a relief, RS, D Newman etc, the master of capitalism is going to bugger off out of here.

Saves us from pointing out that he is a useless troll, not that such a thought would cross our minds.

Meanwhile, back on topic and into more worthwhile subjects, we're still left behind Mongolia and Liechtenstein. Gotta love it how we lead the world because of folk like YKW.



Dangle the banana and the (Raymond) ape comes running, lol...

Simply not worth it eh Raymaond?

I've heard it all before from your twin TLS shareholder losers, when they were systematically dissected as you and your lies have been over the last few days. Only difference they lasted longer than you (bet you've heard that before, lol...)

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gordon frend


That's a pretty insulting comment, RS.

For the apes.



Gordon you are 100% correct...

My apologies to the apes.

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