Primus, Internode and iiNet to offer NBN Tasmania services

NBN Tasmania "on track" for July switch on following launch of Mornington Stage 1 Proof-of-Concept Test Centre

Primus, Internode and iiNet have committed to deliver services over the Tasmanian leg of the NBN when the network goes live in July.

NBN Tasmania chairman, Doug Campbell, said the three companies had already tested the integration of their services with the NBN Tasmanian network, allowing them to determine what services could be offered over the NBN.

“As the NBN is an open-access wholesale network we will provide access to the network, and its connected customers, to any qualified retail service provider,” Campbell said in a statement. “We look forward to welcoming other [retail service providers] as agreements are put in place.”

The announcement follows the launch of the Mornington Stage 1 Proof-of-Concept Test Centre in the state, which allows retail service providers to test their proposed NBN-based services in a live network environment.

iiNet's CEO Michael Malone has also said that it may be weeks until official pricing for the NBN is announced.

“We don’t know much yet – the pricing we have put out provisionally is the same as that we offer over our Opticomm estates. It is provisional now as we are still working with NBN Co on how the services get delivered,” he said.

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Ray Bundy


Reading this i can't see what all the hype is about ..We still will be getting a second rate service compared to other countrys ..Service is still limited DATA AMOUNT G/ price only happens in Australia A Telsta invention..And the price is still far far to high..people who want to stream TV or Movies will use up their mega data allowance well before their month is up..THIS IS NOT MOVING FORWARD senator Conroy



So what would you suggest Mr. Bundy?

Rather than doing something pro-active, we sit back and endure more wonderful Telstra inventions like the one you mentioned, while enjoying our 1990's comms and watching the rest of the (third) world pass us (further) by?

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