Vic Oppposition calls for smart meter halt

Cites Auditor General report finding cost blow out in the millions of dollars

The Victorian Opposition is calling for a halt to the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project accusing the Government of bungling the roll out of smart meters in the state.

The Liberal-Nationals Coalition has cited the November 2009 Auditor-General’s report into the project which found the cost of the project had blown out from $800 million to $2.25 billion and had suffered delays, poor functionality and poor risk management.

As reported by Computerworld, the Towards a ‘smart grid’ — the roll-out of Advanced Metering Infrastructure report found the AMI project did not use the checks and balances that would ordinarily apply to a major investment directly funded by the state.

“Victorian families have to pay through the nose for the meters even if they don’t have them, then pay again through massive increases in peak charges when the meters are installed,” Victorian shadow minister for energy Michael O’Brien said in a statement.

“With the Auditor-General questioning whether consumers will get any benefit at all, the Brumby Government should put an immediate halt to the roll out until there has been a full and independent cost-benefit analysis of this bungled project.”

Commenting on the calls for a halt, Victorian energy and resources minister Peter Batchelor said in a statement that three major cost-benefit studies had already been conducted through the development of the AMI project and all have demonstrated benefits in rolling out the project.

"We want Victorians to be able to access the full potential of smart meters, so we will continue to work with consumers to ensure they are fully informed about the benefits of the new technology," he said.

“That’s why I have also announced the Essential Services Commission will do a separate review of smart meter consumer regulations in light of the new electricity pricing structures, to ensure vulnerable Victorians are not disadvantaged by the changes."

As reported by Computerworld, the review will seek to ensure “vulnerable” Victorians are not disadvantaged by the new pricing changes.

“We want to ensure that the smart meter roll-out and the transition to time-of-use tariffs are carefully and properly managed,” Batchelor said at the time.

“I am also writing to the Australian Energy Regulator on this and other matters and I will highlight my expectations that consumer groups and the wider public have the chance to be properly consulted and educated about any major changes to pricing."

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Can any of the politicians tell us why having a smart meter is a good thing. From what I've been reading there isn't that much of an advantage. It's more for power companies to justify charging higher rates.



Agree with comments by Jojo. How does the introduction of smart Meters benefit the consumer?

I have probably missed something in the understanding of the concept, but why is a different tariff to be changed for peak useage times. Why does it cost more to produce at one time than any other? Public transport doesn't charge more for travelling at peak times, likewise using the 'phone.

In use, who is to monitor what will be the alleged expensive peak times?

Old Bob


Hmmm, Peter Batchelor again. Isnt he the one that kicked off Myki? Now it looks like he has moved on to create a bigger disaster. These disasters are all funded by the Victorian Suckers err, sorry, the Victorian Public. The real reason for these meters is so they can charge more at peak use times so that they dont have to build more generators. Its called Demand Management and we, the consumers, cop it in the neck two ways: insufficient power available for peak times and a greatly increased cost. I like Mr Batchelor's comments that he has "expectations that consumer groups and the wider public have the chance to be properly consulted and educated about any major changes to pricing." Ha ha ha ha ha. LOL and ROFL Just wait until these price rises + normal CPI rises + CPRS price rises all kick in.



These meters will just tell us what we already know. We use a most of our power when we get home, especially if it's hot. It will not change behaviour.



This is not at all smart for the consumer but it's smart for the back office. Previously everything was manually handled now
Automated. No benefit for consumer.

bill Collier


Why should those residents who install solar-power to generate their own energy , have to have a smart meter.

If they install solar or wind power for themselves --they are the generator and do not require a meter. There will be an input and output meter on the grid system.

can someonr tell me the answer.



yeah- wtf is this scam? I personally dont want this thing radiating my head every minute while i sleep. This wireless technology is not safe. So we all have a mobile phone type transmitter working day and night in out homes, transmitting to a repeater antenna on our powerpoles or lightposts in our streets.

I quote the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency "There is no clear evidence in the existing scientific literature that the use of mobile telephones poses a long-term public health hazard (although the possibility of a small risk cannot be ruled out)."




Bunnings sell a smart meter fix for those who don't want one, its called a hammer. Very simple fix.



i my childern have voted labour not this time



There is a lot of electromagnetic energy that is being forced on people that is now traveling from all the smart meters to energy company automated office

this is more electromagnetic radiation pollution that the consumer is involuntary exposed to
Throughout our evolutionary history the environment was never exposed to so much man made electromagnet energy
Changing the evolutionary environment of aa species is harmful to that species
The public are not evn told the energy of the transmitters from smart meters ex poser levels
Its very difficult to say much in a post such as this
but i want to start a class action against the smart meters
Please write to me if interested
here is a small quote about burden of proof

French High Court ruling against telecom company

In February 2009 the telecom company Bouygues Telecom was ordered to take down a mobile phone mast due to uncertainty about its effect on health. Residents in the commune Charbonnières in the Rhône department had sued the company claiming adverse health effects from the radiation emitted by the 19 meter tall antenna.[74] The milestone ruling by the Versailles Court of Appeal reversed the burden of proof which is usual in such cases by emphasizing the extreme divergence between different countries in assessing safe limits for such radiation. The court stated that, "Considering that, while the reality of the risk remains hypothetical, it becomes clear from reading the contributions and scientific publications produced in debate and the divergent legislative positions taken in various countries, that uncertainty over the harmlessness of exposure to the waves emitted by relay antennas persists and can be considered serious and reasonable".[75]



I would like to make contact with people who like myself would be interested in having the transmitter part of the smart meter removed from near the house to as far away from the house as possible
i was think at very least i would want the transmitting aerial removed from the house to a pole on the front fence



Victorians to be microwaved with harmful microwave radiation
Billions of dollars to be spent on the installation of hazardous microwave transmitters outside of each meter box which will be transmitting on the dangerous microwave frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum......................The harmful microwave radiation frequency never existed on earth before because any cosmic detrimental microwave radiation does not reach living things on earth it is screen out by the atmosphere
i agree with the above post..............changing the evolutionary electromagnetic environment of a species is detrimental to that species.
Children will be the guinea pigs who will be involuntary exposed to a life time of man made artificial deadly radiation
I will sign up for class action to reverse the burden of proof

Susan Bradley


Has no one realized that we are SUPPOSED to be living in a 'democracy'? Since when does a 'government' who is supposed to 'govern' have the right to push something on anyone without a choice? Come onto your property install something that is a complete SCAM then bill you for it? We rent, WE have to pay, if we leave here and move elsewhere and another one is installed.. whether we want one or not... we have to pay ... AGAIN! Wake up people, it's happening in the UK and Ireland too. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER at it's best. Oh, and they're spraying aluminum in the sky and poinsoning the water with fluoride. Do your own research on this. Realise this next time you vote, they are ALL THE SAME! Out for themselves. Greedy mafia criminals all of them. No one ought to be told to buy something that IS designed to kill them! Cancer and sickness is BIG BUSINESS folks! Good post oreal68... WAKE UP AUSTRALIA! We ought to be marching in Canberra by now! This is disgusting!!!! Let's stop being complacent!!!!

legal boundaries ?


hey all, whats the law and penalties if you 'accidentally' damage this stuff ? There is a difference between access to 'read' something like a meter usage indicator -and an active transmission device broadcasting (and also recieving data to control and tax your usage being the plan) on your property.
If you own the land does the authority involved have to ask your permission or is now legal for any government or private company to install and set up monitoring and transmission equipment on your land legally ?
How is it powered as well (ie for gas or water meters).
Also i read bozo brumby wants to use the NBN to connect it all.
Stasi Net checking and collectingyour meters, voice and data to deliver the eco tax bill (yep thats what he said).
So desperate for excuses to force the NBN on us and remove any other choice.
Our billls are already way over the top due to that fool Samuels and the failure of the ACCC to do its job. With this nonsense bllions more wasted and we have to pay for it all.

Russ Oz


Here's a thought: As we will (all??) be on the NBN how hard would it be to connect the "Stupid Meters" to THAT----when it eventuates. Alternatively what's wrong with multiplexing the signal
on the cabling back to a "local" and out of harms way ---
(street or suburb level) receiver and transmitted, sent on broad-band or dare I suggest read from there!!



wake up australia just another way of controlling areas which use too much power can now be controlled through smart metres and computers. no meter readers , less jobs higher charges , and this is a good thing? this is only the start , water and gas will follow . time to act



We all need to research what comes our way in life and this is another ,for our familys and there offspring its up to us to protect and educate. Multi national companys and controllers of this world always have hiden agenders the more we sleep the more contol they have we are not sheep or mushrooms we have rights Research & Educate Others
utube smart meters

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