Internode MD smashes world record electric car distance

Hackett drives his Tesla Roadster 501km on a single charge

Internode managing director, Simon Hackett, has broken the world record distance for driving an electric car on a single charge.

Hackett and co-driver Emilis Prelgauskas drove a Tesla Roadster — owned by Hackett and the only one of its kind currently in Australia — 501 kilometres on a single charge.

Hackett and Prelgauskas set the record as part of the Global Green Challenge — an evolution of the World Solar Challenge designed to showcase the latest advances in hybrid, electric, solar, low emission, and alternative energy vehicles.

Hackett detailed the attempt on Internode’s blog.

In order to gain world record accreditation, the team sealed the electric charge port door before departure and were fully supervised during the drive from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to a distance marker on the Stuart Highway at a point 183km north of Coober Pedy in South Australia.

It’s only the fourth day of the 3000km journey from Darwin to Adelaide. The achievement smashes the world EV distance record by more than 110km — the previous world distance record for an electric vehicle was set in April by another Roadster.

The $160,000 Roadster is the world’s only fully electric production sports car, capable of 0-100km per hour in 3.9 seconds.

"We wanted to prove a point about the ability of EVs to drive truly large distances — and we have done so!” Hackett said in a statement. “This ends any contention that EVs aren't practical cars. They're more than that — they are the future of motoring."

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What's the point of electric vehicles when all they really are doing at the moment is running on coal?



If you want it to run on solar, just buy 100% solar power from your electricity provider under the Green Power program. You can do the same with wind power.



The point of electric cars is that they can draw power from non-carbon sources. Petrol engines can't practically use any other source than petrol. Maybe ethanol or lpg, but both of those are limited in supply and don't solve the emissions problem. Electricity can be sourced from wind or geothermal or wave or nuclear or whatever.



^ Exactly! Coal is cleaner, greener and far more cuddly than dirty old petrol. Besides, running a car on electricity enables far better conservation of momentum thanks to regenerative braking. In a regular car, the best you can hope for is to roll down a hill and coast over the next one.



Great ad for Internode but we need Tesla Motors in OZ. This will wake up the rest of Aussie motor industry!!



There are many articles that discuss the "long tail pipe", that is the power station being the tail pipe of the electric car. On average, consider coal (both black and brown), gas, solar wind and other types of power stations, the electric car produces significantly less emissions from its “long tail pipe”. It also allows us to tackle the emissions problem on mass at fewer locations. If I could order the Tesla Model S, their 5+2 seater sedan, in Australia I would. See



It's all part of it - once upon a time there would have been people asking what was the point of the petrol car when there were no filling stations. You've got to start somewhere.

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