New locations revealed in Tasmanian NBN rollout

Seven new locations across Tasmania will be connected to the NBN under the next rollout

The second stage of the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout in Tasmania has been announced with the addition of seven locations across the state. The locations include Sorell, Deloraine, George Town, St Helens, Triabunna, Kingston Beach and South Hobart. These will add to existing locations Smithton, Scottsdale and Midway Point.

The second stage of the Tasmanian leg of the NBN also includes the completion of optic fibre transmission links on Tasmania’s east coast to Kingston and to a new industrial hub being developed at Westbury.

In an address to the National Press Club, Tasmanian premier David Bartlett claimed the Federal Government's investment in telecommunications reform had already brought cheaper broadband to Tasmania.

“Already, before the NBN becomes a reality, we have seen the wholesale broadband price drop massively just by introducing wholesale competition on island and across Bass Strait,” he said.

Commenting on the second stage of the rollout, Digital Tasmania spokesperson Andrew Connor, said the Federal Government needed to reveal more detail on its NBN plans and consumer prices.

"It would be good to see what people are going to get out of it and what prices they're going to be paying," he said. “There is urgency to show that there’s at least more plans underway, but whether that turns into an actual roll-out and activated services by [the] middle or end of next year, we’ll have to see."

The Tasmanian NBN rollout was officially announced in July. Work officially commenced on the first stage last month.

The NBN is already having an effect on the Tasmanian economy, with Macquarie Telecom announcing its decision to invest in a new IP VPN data network in Tasmania was enabled by the NBN and regulatory certainty around wholesale and retail competition.

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hello, i was hoping some time frame would be given with respect to an functional broadband service in St Helens.



and the same for sorell. and how far out into rural areas it will go to.

Garry Maynard


We live at Howden in Tasmania which is a small suburb between Kingston and Margate. We have been advised that parts of Howden are in a 'black spot' and where available has a limited number of ports. We cannot get ADSL and rely on a 'wireless' system and pay through the nose for a totally unsatisfactory service. When is it likely that the suburb of Howden will be fully covered to receive a satisfactory internet service ?

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