Windows Event Viewer phishing scam remains active

Establish trust first then follow directions over the phone

Windows Event Viewer (eventvwr): many error messages may be used to mislead people

Windows Event Viewer (eventvwr): many error messages may be used to mislead people

What do you get when you combine malware, IP telephony and an offshore call centre? A new breed of brazen phishing scam designed to target unwary Windows users.

Many computer users are still being swindled by elaborate fake emails from scammers pretending to be their online banking service but new, more personal, attacks now require people to screen phone calls as well.

2011: update Microsoft at a loss over Event Viewer scam

The scam involves a random telephone call made to an Australian number from an offshore call centre.

A computer is used to do predictive dialing and connect the call, which is characterised by a delay of a few seconds before the other person answers.

The caller then claims to be a representative of a software company and requests the recipient to run a program to fix 'bugs' in the operating system.

While the use of voice technology to facilitate a social engineering scam is not new (VoIP and PABX software can be set up to 'sound like' another organisation), this level of sophistication involving a human at the other end of the line only came to prominence in Australia this year.

A Sydney-based marketing professional, who requested anonymity, reported to Computerworld one attempt that occurred last week.

“I received an interesting telephone call received at 4pm on Saturday,” she said.

“It was a dodgy call to my home telephone that sounded like it was from India. The woman caller, Sam, claimed to be a representative from Microsoft, calling as she knew I had a Microsoft operating system (funny that) on my PC.”

After 'playing with her' on the phone for about seven minutes, Sam asked the person to run scripts on the PC and wanted to talk through a process to see if there were any 'bugs' in the computer.

If any were found a 'technician' was apparently going to fix them.

“After a convoluted way around things she asked me to start Windows’ Run and enter the command 'eventvwr' [Windows’ Event Viewer] in the run box. I didn't and I tried to get her to explain the next steps and asked her if she wanted my IP address, she said no and was again prompting me to enter the text.”

Event Viewer maintains logs about program, security and system events on Windows and, according to Microsoft, can be used to view and manage the event logs, gather information about hardware and software problems, and monitor Windows security events.

Event Viewer system logs display prominent 'Error' icons, which often relate to trivial matters like the failure of a process to start, but could be used by a scammer to convince someone their computer needs 'fixing' by running a script.

Peter Wesley, director of IT security firm Rivendell Consulting, said similar issues arise when banks call to authenticate a customer from an unlisted number.

“It’s a problem for the user and compounded by blocked caller IDs,” Wesley said. “If you can’t call back on a recognised number don’t divulge any personal information.”

Wesley said people should always make sure they are in contact with a representative from a trusted number.

“It’s a question of how do you trust the other person on the phone? There are ways to contact Microsoft in a trusted way. If you ask the person calling you for a number to call back on then you have improved the situation to authenticate them over the phone.”

Wesley said calling someone yourself is a much better way of establishing trust.

“Users need to know who they are getting advice from,” he said. “When someone calls you from an unlisted number the trust is not there.”

As for the Sydney-based marketing professional, she didn’t fall for it and told the caller she was “on to her scam and that she was a bad lady!”.

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Edward Stream


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clint williams


i received a ph call from the phillipines this week informing me it was microsoft they hd me 4 5mins till they asked 4 my visa number i hung up they phoned bk 3x i got very abusive and hv not herd from them since,clint nz



Be careful about advising people to call back the scammer. The next level of sophistication is for the scammer to give you a premium telephone number. He/she can then earn money by keeping you on line.

The best advice is "don't talk to strangers" :-)



i too had this phone call and had a bit of sense not to trust the guy. i asked for some sort of verification and he was willing to give me a number which i could ring him back on but after looking up the commands he was telling me i was having none of it. i asked him to remove my number from the system and hung up on him!



I've now had 3 phone calls all the same, two women and one man. Claiming to be from WinPCtech and when challenged gave me this number (02)80062085 and the website



The same phishy call from overseas (on behalf of Microsoft!), he gave me "toll free" number (02)80062085 to call them back to fix my "infected Windows PC".



I got 2 phone calls in the one day and my wife got one later in the evening.
The second time I "played" with them for about 20 minutes. My wife did the same later in the evening (independent of knowing I had also been called).



Hi folks, they just phoned me claiming to be Microsoft, calling from Oxford, and that they had diagnosed that my 'puter had a problem . . ..
I pretended to fiddle about as the guy suggested and told him "eventvwr" wouldn't work. I suppose I was literally laughing out loud as I asked for his phone number and address. He got his "senior technician" who wouldn't play and eventually became abusive, getting worse as I teased him about being a very poor phisherman. Even his "abuse" was pretty poor.
The phone number didn't exist and the address was an estate agents in Oxford.



I just had a similar call from "winpctec" with the same call back number 02 80062085 asking me to look at the event viewer.....the number doesn't answer and winpctech doesn't seem to have a website. hmmmmm....



I just got a call from what sounded like an Indian lady - delay before call was connected.I am in Australia. She said she was from "Windows" wanted me to type "eventvwr" into the run box. I was suspicious by then and asked her to send me an identifying e-mail for her company which she said was called "Support for PCs". She said she would within ten minutes, but no e-mail. I can't tell from the comments above what she was up to. What is the scam?



I've had 2 similar calls in the last week (foreign accents) stating that it has been reported that I have - unknown to me - a bug in my computer. I hung up.



Same thing happened to me today.

I asked him to call back in an hour while I researched on the net. This is the only Australian site I've found that talks about this particular scam.

Can't wait to see if they call back now.



I too just received a phone call and didn't know whether it was for real. I started to do what he said but kept questioning how he got my number and they also got my last name wrong. In the end I asked for a phone number to ring back on which was 02 80035397. I tried ringing and it did ring but noone answered. Glad I looked at this website to know it prob was a fake!!!!



I received a call on Saturday 28/8/10 from an Indian sounding woman who said that they (PC Doctors in Melbourne) were working for Windows and a malware bug in my system would affect my hard drive and my computer would become useless.

She asked me to access event viewer from My computer and confirmed that the error and warning messages were in fact the "bug" she was talking about.

She put me through to a technician who asked me to log in to logmein123. As soon as the tech asked me to do this I became even more suspicious. I told them that I would not allow them access to my whole computer when I don't know who they are and have no proof of who they are.

They gave me a phone number (03) 8807-0958 and a name (Steven Lee employee id 456132). I told them I would call them back on this number.

I called the number to verify and the same Indian voice was on the message and I did not ask for Steven as it is all too fishy.

I then googled windows scams and this sit came up.

Thank goodness for this. Please widely advertise this scam as many people would freak (like I nearly did) and do what they are asked to do.



I just had this type of phone call 15 minutes ago. When I read your article, I realised it was very similar to the described scenario. I really wasn't aware of any phishing/scam at the start as I get quite a bit of indian-voiced callers in regards to all sorts of things that they're trying to sell me. I followed the indian speaker's instructions to event viewer into application and system to see all these errors/warnings. Until he said something about a free scan of my pc from a Microsoft technician that I was wondering what he wanted to sell me. I asked him a few questions about the purpose of the call, if it was trying to get me to subscribe to something but he related his answer back to emails and junk on my pc. He didn't answer my question. I decided to end the conversation. I did a search on the internet which came across to this article, where I now realise the severity of the call.



I just recieved this call at 3pm this afternoon, I was very wary about what the wanted from me. The callers were from India. At first I wasnt interested at all but I was assured that they were from Windows and had been informed that I had several errors and my computer would crash any time within the next 24 hours....After running the scans, I was transferred to the supervisor as my problem was extreme. They went on to explain that I would be able to purchase livetime suport for around $500 or for 5 years for around $400. I told them i dont have any money, they pertended to put me on hold and see if a deal could be made. I explined that i dont have any money to pay for this so i would be getting it. They couldnt get off the phone fast enough... I found out that what they are trying to sell is free on microsft web site, however as my computer is new it isnt preloaded onto my computer, but free to install from

Be carefull out there!!!

Tyler Perkins


Hi, thanks for the info. I typed eventvwr into run, as the person instructed, then I ended the call and closed the appliaction. My question is, can "they" access my pc because I accessed event viewer or am I safe? Sorry, I don't know that much about this sort of thing. In hindsight I should of been more careful but my pc had been giving me problems and windows has asked to send error messages to Microsoft when an application has failed. Thanks for your time. Cheers



We have received 3 calls from a company saying they are calling from Microsoft, they refused to give a phone number and gave the website of: were trying to get us to type "eventvwr" which we refused to each time, what does this command do??



I just happened on this discussion. A central theme seems to be not giving out any information to people who call in

I regularly get calls from Telstra attempting to churn me up to a new mobile phone plan. The second question asked, is my date of birth ? My response is allways , " I do not know who you are and my date of birth is something I do not give out to people who call me !"

I then ask for a number and name to call back and am usually told "this is an outbound call centre only" This is definitely Telstra and it persists. !!



First to alleviate all the worry that everyone had before typing eventvwr is not a problem it will not hurt anything at all actually. What they are doing is setting you up by sending you to a area that always displays error messages to fool you into believing that this is why they are calling. then they will either try and sell you something via credit card, send you to a website to download something, or ask to setup remote session with you so they can fix the "problem". The main purpose of this scam it get bank a credit card info.

Now i will agree that Virus software ins important allot of the apps these groups are using may not be released in the wild since they are using controlled distribution and Virus software may not pick them up. Privacy is your right but it is your job to protect it.



Reading through all this is similar to an experience I had. I got a call from "Microsoft" (sounded like someone from India!) - they had received a report that there were problems with my PC. For a moment I couldn't work out the problem - who said the PC wasn't working? It seemed fine to me. I insisted there was no problem, and I made no call to have the "problem" logged. I just went around in circles much to their frustration and hung up on them.



got that call today from a person with indian accent,telling me he was from "windows" and that my computer was attacked by a virus during a download.........i just said,stop right there,how do u know my name(he asked for me by my last name)how did u get this number and most of all how would u know that i use windows???he replied don't u have a computer?isaid yes id o,but my operating system is linux,again my name and number,how did you get it??next thing i heard was the crackling of him hanging up.



just keep in mind,microsoft would not call you for any reason whatsoever,unless u called them with a problem and and u get their answer!!



Report em. Do Not Call Register can trace the calls. Maybe they can be prosecuted. I tricked one into giving me the company name etc. They were calling from Adelaide and were routing the calls through an overseas number.



We run 2 computer repair stores and hear of customers being subjected to these calls on a daily basis. Some get as far as handing over credit card details to unknown persons to fix something they dont understand! I can never get over why anyone would tell some random person their credit card details!

They seem to somehow hit a suburb at a time... we noticed alot of customers in Beerwah getting hit.. and then a few weeks later it seemed that half of Maleny got hit.




Had a call from a guy who said he was from Windows yesterday advising they had been receiving errors from my computer and wanted to help fix the problem. Got me to type "eventvwr" into the run box and click on Window Log -> Applications and requested a scoll through and count how many Errors and Warning. I kept asking how did he get my details and why am I doing this. Ended up hanging up. Thanks Chris for confirming typing eventvwr is not a problem it will not hurt anything.



I received the same call from a Indian accented person(2) one Sat and one today claiming my computer will crash very soon, knew my name we fell for this and were scammed to the tune of $100 dollars. We are in USA Cal and my bank is now involved as this is trully a scam. They need to be stopped. He both said it :HAD TO BE FIXED or your computer will crash. We need to get this reported. Most of you are writing from other countries now here in America these scammers are now here. Who do we contact>



We live in country Australia and have been having calls from these goons for quite some time now. They have always sounded suspect to me, so we have always just told em to get lost and get an honest job. However, today I was in front of the computer when they called and had the time so I played along until I got something I could google -, and found this site as I was speaking to him on the phone. I read one of the posts out to him to which he had no reply. I then proceeded to tell him that it is just a log file they had me look at and was not a reflection of the current state of my PC. After that I proceeded to lecture him about honesty and the damage he was doing to his country's image. I had so much more to tell him but he hung up! How rude! ;)

I think it is in the interests of everyone to put their number on the 'Do not call register'. We are on it so the only calls we get are either from registered charities or are dodgy - its very easy to tell the difference under those circumstances. Also, unsolicited (but legitimate) tele-marketing is rude and invasive, if it weren't financially viable they wouldn't do it - so don't feed it!



I live in Melbourne, and have had about six of these calls.

Although I do own 2 separate PCs (one xp, one 7), every time they call I just tell them I own a Mac... they don't know what to say and usually hang up.



I live in Sydney and I just got this exact call and wanted to see who else has had the pleasure.

A young male (obviously) Indian voice advised me that my windows XP/Vista/Win 7, he wasn't quite sure which one I had, had been found to be downloading a virus and that he had all the answers to my problems.

There is only one problem with his information, I don't own a windows computer so when I advised him my house is running a Mac Server and has two MacBook Pros and and old G4. His story changed to now include Mac OSX. Funny that, I was under the impression Mac don't have Virus'.

I have had many calls like this over the last few months but never looked into it and I certainly never believed anything they said.
I am more interested in how to stop them, I have signed up for the Do-Not-Call list and that stopped alot of the hassling calls but every time I try to get a company name or some info out of them to report, they just hang up on me.



I live in Armidale (NSW) this evening I had one of these calls from a man who also sounded Indian.

Because my internet drops out when the phone is in use I cautiously followed what he said. After running 'eventvwr' they ask you to run 'prefetch' where I played dumb about recognising the file names, it is after that when they told me go to a web site where a 'windows certified technician' would access my computer and fix everything for me while I watched.

Naturally I did no such thing and they actually let me go without much fuss when I said I would get someone to fix it in person - if there was indeed a problem!

One thing that definitely flustered them was asking how they knew it was my computer sending error reports when there are several in the house belonging to several different people, especially when they didn't even know my name!



I live in Picola (VIC) and got one of these calls about 15 minutes ago.

It was an Indian woman claiming to represent Microsoft Support so I was was very suspicious from the start due to the foreign accent and dodgy connenction.

Decided to play along and, heck, almost believed her with the 'eventvwr' trick!

However once she told me to go onto the remote access '' site I almost laughed out loud. In the end I told her that she had got it wrong and I used a Mac, and hung up.

It is a bit scary though, this could be very convincing to more trusting or less 'tech savy' people people than myself...



Like the above posters, I also had the pleasure of speaking with the heavily-accented representatives of winpctech (four calls in the last week).

The final call was fun. I was polite, perhaps overly so. I made sure I sounded somewhat computer illiterate, if not a little clueless at times, and strung the representative along for around 20 minutes.

I ended the call when I got bored and the representative became highly aggressive, challenging me over my capabilities at keeping my computer safe. The representative's temper peaked when I explained that the conversation had been an 'elaborate ruse' to keep him on the line, with the intent of preventing him from defrauding others.

To anyone who reads this post, remember that this is a scam. Hang up, or string them along if there is nothing on tv.



I'm in Endland, i had a call saying my windows pc had a problem, i told them it sounded like a scam and that they wouldn't get anything from me and hung up on them. They then had the cheek to phone back saying they were from 'the international routing company' for Microsoft that my computer was infected- blah blah- and that it would "one fine day" crash unexpectedly. So i typed "eventvwr" looked at the errors and warnings. During the call i said several times that it sounded like a scam but they persisted and i played along. He asked me to look at an error - i did and the message was just something about a not enough memory for an application. He told me that 'clusters' would form in my computer and ruin it. I replied 'So what?' He hung up on me.

Always be suspicious of callers like this. They phone up, tell you that you have a problem AND GUESS WHAT?? THEY ARE OFFERING YOU A SOLUTION!!! It too good to be true.

Googled it straight after and found this thread. I'm glad to know that typing eventvwr does no harm in itself.



HI, Ashamed to admit it but I got conned! :( I stopped when they wanted details for money. Does this scam install malware/spyware which can get passwords and internet banking details from your computer still??
Help! If so what are the options (Use McAfee)
Thanks in advance.

<insert novelty name here>


Well I'm just stunned that the first comment has been left posted when it's obviously an ADD. Shame shame moderator.
I kept the scammer on for at least 15 minutes and allowed him to take me through some of the process. My lack of "Red Erros" confused him no end - peraps cos I'd only just fresh installed the day before. Anyway, he hung up when I kept asking him "but who was it that gave you this information ?"

I'm going to try to keep him for an hour next time. Then tell him I'm using Linux



Just had the call as well, I could barely keep a straight face. I went through the rigmarole of opening the event viewer after I realised what he was trying to do. He got annoyed that I opened it through the Admin tools rather than the "Run Box"

I asked him "Where did you find out about the errors on my machine?"
He replied "They are all logged on an international router, so we can see you have a virus"
I asked "So you can see my errors? Can you confirm what they are then?"

He actually sounded p@ssed off because I was laughing so hard.

He even asked if I had noticed my computer slowing down over time. He seemed flumuxed when I said no.

Anyway, hope no one was actually caught out by this scam. I give them 9/10 for shear audacity.



Sadly me too!
I fell for thier pitch..unbelievably so, should have known better!!
Later having a think about the process they had taken me through, I checked out winpctech on the internet and found this and so many other compalints..why are they allowed to keep in business?..any one have any idease who i need to report them to..?
I am now totally focused on yring to get my cash back!!

nic taylor


Just recieved phone call from ? indian women claiming to be from Microsoft. Stating that my computer had a virus and was allowing access to/sending out all my personal information whenever I was online.
The lady gave me the name Online Repair World, as a reference, but i advised her that I was unhappy to discuss my computer with her and would look into it. Hence I found this site. Pleased I went with my gut feeling in this one.



Melbourne !
My mum received a call from a lady in the name of ROSE claiming firstly on Saturday that she is calling from Microsoft and that their computers have received errors from our computer and that is was about to crash , my mum asked if it was our computer or laptop and ROSE said the laptop, my mother went as far as typing in inf windows ,and eventwvr and all that and then rose transfered the call to another so called (rep ) to fix it , they asked for 75$ to get a technician to fix it by giving the credit card number , and mum got suspicous and told them to call back when i was home ( son) , i knew it was a scam right away , so i called telstra ( phone provider ) and told them to put a trace on our phone calls, they called again just before and the same indian girl ( ROSE) now claimed that she was from a windows pc center and that i should follow what she says and that our computer would crash if i didnt , i pretended to do so and claimed that my computer was actually running slow and i couldnt do what she said because i had work on their that i needed to save and didnt literally want my computer crash like she said.( LOL computer is actually very fast) therefore i asked her to call me back tomorrow night , looking forward to hearing from here because that way we can trace her number better and make sure less gullable people loose there money to these low lives.

Canberra Australia


Had a call from a guy who said he was from Windows today advising they had been receiving errors from my computer and wanted to help fix the problem. Got me to type "eventvwr" into the run box and click on Window Log -> Applications and requested a scoll through and count how many Errors and Warning. Didn't type anything just wrote it on a peice of paper. I asked him where he was from said Sydney but my phone showed overseas. Asked him who the Australian Prime Minister was unable to answer question. Asked him for Ph No. 0280035379. I told him i'm checking number and he hung up. Checked No. went to private resident.



Another website about this scam is:

Dont give these dodgy b*stards anything!!!!!



As an IT manager, I found the whole phone call hilarious! My wife was rolling around laughing her a$$ off! Some memorable quotes "now concentrate on the keyboard" "does it matter which finger I use?" "oh so CTRL stands for CONTROL?" "type PREFETCH? Is that p for Punjab, r for rendang, e for extortion, f for fake ..." "wow, I CAN see a lot of errors India" "is the Internet what I use to look at porn?"



Just got one of these calls, my grandfather had one a few weeks ago, both of us knew it was a scam pretty much straight away.

The guy (most likely Indian) said he was from "IT Support, Windows Operating System"

I followed along for a while, and told him our phone sometimes disconnects, so I would need his number ( (02 )80061238) to call him back if something went wrong.

I was going to follow right through to see where it led, but I got bored and he was hard to understand.

I accused the guy of trying to scam me, which of course he denied, though I expected a hang-up.

Where can we report this?



I received a call using the same scam from the tech department of "all windows operating systems"
Asked me to run event viewer and claimed they were reports of malicious software. Asked me to run "inf" which opend c:\windows\inf in explorer and claimed the files were malicious.



Just got the call (2nd time, first time my wife answered and told then to call back when I was around). I work in IT so I followed along to see what the scam was. As others have noted, they get you to open event viewer to see normal errors (that are not that critical) to scare you into doing something unwise. In my case they told me to go to a website ( and buy a support product. They are quite brazen. They list 4 products on the website and tell you to buy the most expensive. When I said I wanted to buy the cheaper product they said it was actually more expensive.
Don't know if there is much an Australian regulator can do, I will try to complain to the secure credit card collection site they were spoofing (



I fell for it! SO ANGRY.. got up to credit card details and i was like WTF? This is not right.. How can they get away with crap like that.. Indians aswell.. Im new to computer land, i feel so violated.. So the big question is, when i allowed themm to access the computer, is that jst a thing they play to everyone? or have they actually acesssed my computer? Should i be taking it to be looked at asap? Someone please help.. Jst for peace of mind.. Never will i allow anything like that to happen again..



You can report them to ScamWatch if you want, on the ACCC's web site. It's at . (ACCC = Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, a government department). You can also view other scams there and get pointers on how to avoid them. Cheers,



Had the call twice now.
the first they were the windows one and I had heard about this from a friend and was suspicious and asked why they were ringing, why wasn't my isp ringing and stating a had antivirus just updated etc.
then when she asked me to turn the computer on I said sorry I cant reach the computer from the phone. I have one of the old ones so cant carried it to where my computer is and she said well what can I do for you and hung up.

today got another one wasn't the same people but same scam she got right ot it turn on your computer and I said Why. then said they had recorded error messages from my computer. and then said it was with windows to which I said but how would that affect my computer I have a mac and she hung up. They didn't give me a number either time. But i did warn friends but her father was scammed he paid over $200 to them and they even checked the site and thought it was ligit.



Just had this call and became suspicious when a small one off fee was required to fix the problem. Told the superviser, Alexander, I would speak with me computer man first before making any payments. The claim was that the computer would be running very slow with all the virouses and malware on the computer. The ride I was on took me to eventvwr, prefetch spyware, inf malware and finally where the fee became neccessary. I requested his contact number which was 0880007868 (Sydney) Thanks to all the above posts I have been spared this scam!



HAHAHA I have been having missed calls from a private number almost every day for the past few months and when I manage to pick up the phone on one occasion they asked for a Mrs ****** (my partners surname)... funny that... I don't remember the wedding... I told them that there is no Mrs ****** the person hung up... the next time I decided to play :-) I had the idiot on the phone for 15 minutes, he told me that he was from technical support, I asked from what company... he said for your operating system and that I had viruses that could destroy all the computers in the house, I asked which operating system, he said it could be any Windows OS, XP, 2000, Vista, ME... I asked how he knew about the viruses; he said that the modem was telling him so... I told him I run a MAC (which I don’t) he said oh let me check... oh yes I see that, a MAC... I finally asked the person for a call back number they gave me 4395377915.... not possible at all too many digits! I then asked for the number again but didn't elude to the digit issue, he then told me 4344587574 I told him that he couldn't even give me the same number.... he freaked he told me that he would put his supervisor on the phone.... LOL he hung up!!!



oh and not to mention that I got him to confirm that the modem was a sunbeam and our internet provider is ICUP!!! got to love messing with these idiots.



Got the same call from (I guess) India. They gave me their web site ( I live in Sydney. And they actually knew my husbend's first name. But definitely were too stupid to make me believe them ;)



I got a call from yesterday afternoon. They told me to go to there website and that they were Microsoft accredited. They were quite convincing but i suspect just trying to sell their brand of antivirus product.



welp reading all of this makes me laugh, but yep got the call about an hour ago and gee they are persuasive. Indian accent - ostensibly from sydney Windows....., quite aggressive to this "internet" dummy - no I'm not. I did the eventwr and the temp virus and then when got to the 'technician' as soon as he said you have to pay...said go away this is a scam and I'll talk to my pc experts...hung up. And yes, googled and found this site. Be warned all. Can't be good for the Indian economy in the long-run, getting tainted fast



I will post a link to this page on my blog.

Thomas Lewis


Harry offered me with excellent tech help tips. I was facing a booting problem where my PC was taking a long time to boot. I was surprised with the way the problem was addressed without charging me anything. Thanks Harry and thanks OnlineRepairWorld.



got a call from some indian dude, claiming to be from microsoft tech support. I immediately knew this was a stupid scam, so I played along. The guy was trying to get me to type eventvwr by going 'e for echo, v for victor, e for echo, n for novermber and so on'. This was hilarious as I acted to be a computer illiterate and asked him to repeat like 15 times till the guy got fedup, I was like 'what ? do I type in victor ? it didn't work!'. Thx to these guys I had a fun 15 mins call before he gave up and hung up on me.



this is still happening as of december 20 2010, i recieved the call, i found it fishhy, and when i asked for a number to call them back, as i was very leary with all the scams and such that are out there, they hung up on me. Googled and found this page....thank god for some common sense, and a suspicious



This happened to my husband yesterday 21/12/2010 at about 12.30pm. Unfortunately he believed them and gave them our NZ Visa details. At 3.15am this morning 22/12 he suddenly realised what he had done and has rung and put a hold on our visa account. The firm was SECUREALLPC. He is normally very careful about what he does but got sucked in as we have actually been having problems. Will be very careful from now on.



Just got one of these calls just an hour ago. The 'script' being read at the beginning from an Indian guy was my first clue. I played along without turning the PC on and 'played the phish', so to speak. The guy got so frustrated with me, that he called in another Indian dude to try and get me to enter the commands. He kept asking 'What do you see?' and I said 'What am I supposed to see?'. They eventually hung on me. Even when repeatedly questioned, they wouldn't give me a company name. I rang and spoke with the police.

I have a lot of experience with PCs and MS software - probably the wrong person to try and trick with this nonsense....

Doug Young


If you PC guys keep telling them you have a Mac they will start to develop a scam for Mac users too, so please don't

(Macs are safe from viruses, but Mac users could still be tricked into installing a piece of malware through allowing external access by an untrusted party)

I have received several of these calls lately, the most recent asked me straight out "Are you running Windows"?

I actually played along on an earlier call (pretended to be dumb) and managed to record the call
They tried immediately to get me to do something with the windows key and when eventually they realised that I wasn't running windows they hung up

It's scary because a lot of people are going to get caught out and end up either giving over financial details or worse (ie giving permanent access to the scammers for the purpose of keylogging and identity theft as well as possible terrorist acts through adding your PC to a botnet)
If they are only scamming you for a few hundred $$$ you should probably count yourself lucky



I'm 17 and my younger brother answered the phone while i was in the shower. Both parents at work, i got out to hear him tell the caller "i'll put my brother on". So he handed me the phone, and it was an indian fella 'Ryan Williams' :P calling on behalf of microsoft to check if our computer had been "hacked" in a huge "hacking" scandal which had affected "18% of all microsoft computers". I listened to him for a bit, and hammered him with questions but he more or less avoided telling me anything. So by then i knew pretty well it was a scam, but just to be sure i kept going along with it.
He asked me something about if i was "authorised" to use the computer. "is it your computer" :P I said yes, its a family computer. I kept asking him questions, more or less asking him what i would be achieving by doing what he said... AND HE DOUBTED THAT IT WAS MY COMPUTERR!! haha (he didn't believe his "customer")
thats when i knew for sure it was a scam. but i played, to find out what he was actually trying to do.

basically, said to press windows + R, ( asked what that would do :P knowing very well from just opening the start menu and looking at the corresponding hotkey). Then told me to enter "eventvwr" in the "white box". Then press OK. i asked him to repeat himself several times before he spelt it out for me :P using a very scrambled ( and amusing ) phonetic alphabet.
I didn't press ok haha.

Asked him to repeat his name, and wrote it down, but figured it was fake after doing so. then asked him where he was calling from at the moment, as politely as any gentleman would. He repeated my question, then first informed me that he was calling from within my own town (i live in a country NSW town :P), then he was "not allowed to disclose any information about his "department" ". asked him what the name of his department was, laughing underbreath with my brother, who knew what was going on by now. and without answering he disconnected the line :D... sooooo............ hahaha
i rofled.

Pretty dangerous though. Was pretty lucky my younger brother handed the call over. He was convinced it was legit.

Scam is still active as of 10th Jan 1 pm



Same sort of stuff. An Indian named Shane with ID number called me. Same as above but company name was "Techoptimizer". As he spoke I browsed to this webpage. I told him that I found out it was a scam. He told not to worry about that and close the webpage. Ha. Yeah right!
His phone number was 02 8005 8034.



We have received 5 calls from these scammers, the last one yesterday. We are in New Zealand. I can't believe people fall for this stuff, its so obviously fake!
How have they got away with this for so long? Why haven't they been shut down - surely this is highly illegal?

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I'm glad it was useful to me. Thanks for your work. Ill be in touch

Melissa Robson


My mother received one of these phone calls a short time ago. She told them that she couldnt understand them, she was sick and they would have to call back later. Mum then rang me and I found this website. I have now forwarded this page to everyone i know so they are aware of this scam!

noel saunders


I got a call from an indian guy that said he was from microsoft and he asked did I have windows if so, he would check to see if my PC was working properly, he wanted me to do what he said and he could speed up the PC. I was warned once before to be careful as they tell you what to do and can scan your information via the phone. I don't really know if they can do this but I wasn't about to find out, so I politely told him to piss off. Now when we get calls from Indians we say hang on I will get the boss and hand the phone to our 4 year old to talk to. Now thats funny.






I have a question. I have had a number of thes calls over the past few months and did my research on this scam so I knew how to deal with them the first 8 times.
Over the past three days, I have had another 3 calls along the same lines. The first one I played along for a while then told them I run an iMac, the second time I just hung up and the third time I becamse quite abusive towards the geezer and got stuck into him for being a criminal and to p*ss off etc etc etc.

Surprisingly enough however, I was then infected by a w32Blaster virus which shut down my computer and did not allow me to open anything, not even to do a run in DOS.

Could these pricks have somehow infected me with this insidious virus????

I cant imagine they could as they wouldn't know anything about my computer would they, or how would they find my IP address?

Just a warning to all... don't become abusive to these cretins if you think they may infect you.. just hang up (over and over and over again)

Seriously, if anyone can let me know whether my virus would be possibly planted by these dickheads, can you let me know.




Got the same call from India......actually listened to the lady and ran event viewer and then as she was asking me to run something else googled event viwer scam and found this!.....Thanks to whoever put this up!



I had a similar call from someone claiming to be from microsoft.
I just told the guy I was opening a brothel and wanted his mum and sister to come work for me. He actually hung up on me!



Glad I found this thread, I work in IT and myself and my colleague have spent the last 3 hours with these guys on the phone. Playing along with them but managed to get their number so ring 0881216082 (turn off caller id though) and when they answer, tell them they have problems on their computers and you would like to fix them. They are calling back tomorrow to carry on the convo because for some reason my credit card was playing up hmmmmmm maybe it was the made up number I kept giving them. Scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis Leahy


Thank goodness ComputerWorld have given this issue some space and kept this article up judging by the comments it is turning up in search engines and people are becoming more aware. Be careful don’t take these people for granted they are very, very clever and very persistent one would presume it is out of desperation to make a living if you can understand this you will understand their motivation and that they are unlikely to stop unless systems are more effectively designed. Some of the less sophisticated are simply trying to solicit payments and are obvious but the more sophisticated attackers are trying to trick you into enabling your remote desktop or trick you into downloading malware from an infected website so they can access your computer and then gain access to your assets eg bank account, broad band, email and personal details for identity theft etc. There are some simple ways to protect against this. Ask your network owners if they can provide you with Armorlog Authentication this will prevent you from being tricked into revealing your network access details and if they do get access to your computer they will not get access to your network account if it is running the Armorlog Authentication. Always run antivirus and antimalware detection software. This will not always provide protection against the most up to date malware but it certainly significantly reduces your chances of falling victim. Buy your antivirus software from a local retail store to improve your chances of getting legitimate software there are an enormous number of scams on the internet selling fake antivirus software that is actually malware to give criminals access to your computer. The software I particularly like is from McAfee it provides a full suite of protection including monitoring of search engine links which is now the most common way peoples computers are being infected with Malware. Oh and if you have been duped don’t feel stupid these people are very sophisticated and they rely on your feeling foolish. Talk with people and let other people know what has happened by all means report it to the police and communications authorities and your internet service provider. The only dumb question is the one that didn’t get asked. Just one more thing if you have a silent number this is not going to protect you from the autodialing systems they use which can generate numbers randomly to dial. One way to fool them is to change the time it takes for your phone to ring they will drop out and move on to the next number, obviously another is to simply screen calls with an answering machine. There is no cost to them as they are generally using somebody’s hijacked VOIP dialling service just try to not let it be yours.



Dear fellow WINDOWS users.After a sustained campaign spread over months we have managed to locate the originators of one of these "EVENTVWR"campaigns from India.
This firm has a registered Front Office in Miami,Florida,U.s.A as FINMAESTROS LLC with specific call-back numbers for US,UK,IRELAND,AUSTRALIA,NEWZEALAND on their website.Their Modus Operandi is very SIMPLE.Hire a few needy youngsters fluent in English,pay between $100 to $300 per month with incentives for performance.. BINGO..The Jackpot is theirs.
The name of the Company operating 1)

is M/s Shine Solutions P Ltd, No.10 Shyamananda Road,
Contact No-033 24549679.
Some of their Senior Employees have the following Cellphone Nos-

+91 9681612762.
+91 9007452651.
+91 9874312622.
+91 9903113539.
+91 9883618027.
+91 9007365702.
+91 9331649249.
+91 9007565706.
+91 9038613837.
+91 7278555346.

Any Victim of Breach Of Trust having GENUINE grievances now knows what to do.
Please forward this Post to as many people you can.
Investigations are on to locate many more such Fly-By-Night operators having NOTHING to do with Microsoft WINDOWS but are just trying to CASH IN on your fear of losing Precious Data.
All The Best...



HOW do you people fall for it?!?! seriously!



Hope Scotland Yard is upto something in hunting these crooks down



i was called by one of these people and was convinced for a while....i went to the site they said to go to and downloaded some supportme program they then asked for details and i hung up and deleted the program...question is, was downloading the program enough to give away any details?????? please someone answer

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Good blog post. I like your point of view and i want to thank you for interesting and helpful information. Thank you!



I too was called by these people. The Indian lady claimed to be in Melbourne but I could tell from the phone line that wasn't the case. Because I had been experiencing problems with my computer I thought it may have been legitimate. She gave me a phone number 1300 784 895 which I called from my mobile while I was talking to her; someone did answer so I proceeded, BIG MISTAKE! I went ahead and purchased a $161 package which was supposed to get rid of the bugs and speed up my computer. THANK GOODNESS I noticed there was an option to pay with PayPal instead of a credit card. The following morning after checking this site about what a scam it was, I contacted PayPal, lodged a dispute, within 24 hours the money had been refunded. THANK YOU PAYPAL, and THANK YOU for this site.

Greg Kogan


I too got about three of these calls in one day. The first time i played along and when i asked questions he muttered answers to me in his indian accent in a incoherent way thinking i would just accept that as a response. He claimed he was calling from some windows security department and my computer had maliscious software downloaded. I told him id never received any calls like this before, why now? He had no answer except to repeat the line "sir, your computer has infected files and they must be fixed" By the third call i told him to f**k off and stop calling me and i will report them. I haven't heard from them since.
I have a new landline phone account from Dodo, i haven't given the number to anyone except my mum. When i signed up to Dodo i was harassed by the same indian every second day trying to get me to sign up to their internet and mobile phone plans as well. I suspect the scum at Dodo have gladly passed my number onto their curry eating call centre friends. My advice... don't go with Dodo! How these call centres are allowed to contact Australian homes to pull scams is beyond me.



I received a call today and being totally computer illiterate and gullible by nature let them con me up to the bank details which I refused to give them. I did however tell them my computer id number which I realise now was a mistake.I hestitated with the first conman and said I didn't think I should be giving him my id number so he put me through to his supervisor who reassured me that it was ok. After speaking to this 'nice' man I agreed to tell him the number. I don't have personal details on my computer such as banking etc. but am now wondering after reading some posts, can they steal my identity? Would they be reading what I am writing now? Told you I am computer illiterate. For those who understand the workings of computers please don't bag us who don't. I feel foolish and let down.



I am in Australia, and have had several of these calls. I asked them a barrage of questions like what is their name, how do they know if I have problems etc etc and they seemed to get overwhelmed and hung up on me, until another one rings a week later. I go through the same thing again, this time unable to keep my voice down and they hang up. They ring again.. I rattle off I don't have any problems, my pc is not slow and I have all the security needed for a clean pc. Could never get their name and address though, as I asked over and over like a broken record evertime they opened their mouths..what is your name?? No..tell me your name. so then they would hang up again. I had one more call today, this time I got his "name" was Sebastian" from windows services in Melbourne. I asked him to send me the information on a company letterhead explaining exactly what my problem was and detailed instructions how to fix it. He did not have time to send a letter, although I remember I have had "bad Problems" for months! I told him I could not take the phone into the pc so he would have to tell me and I would write it down, which I di. It was ti type in the eventvwr. So. I "googled and got" my answer here .
Gosh they are pric*s, those people.



I live in Coffs Harbour and received a call tonight - just glad my teenager doesnt have a credit card - was a good chance to open up conversation with her regarding scammers - which is sadly, the world we live in.



I'm in the uk and had one of these phone calls from a Indian claiming he was from Microsoft help and support. I strung him along for about 15 mins ( knowing he was trying to sell me something) then I got bored and told him to bugger off. He rang several times insisting I had a incurable virus which my antivirus would not detect. Bull crap event viewer displays common errors with services and is nothing to worry about.
This scam seems to be old but it is still happening as of 1st February 2011 and is obviously catching people out. These fraudlent firms must be put out of business.



Same thing happened here.
We woke up pretty quickly and put an end to it by hanging up.
Why cant this thing be made public on the news media.
How many people have actually been caught unawares and have fallen for this very illegal trap?



Wow. I just got the same call. I must say as im using this laptop for my university assignments I freaked when they said it was about to crash. Thank god I know a bit about computers! They got me to open up Windows Viewer, but as I started reading all the errors, i realised that they mostly related to programs not starting or the internet disconnecting on my computer. I told them that I had anti-virus programs but they said they dont count.... then what are they for! The idiots. I said i would like to take it to my own computer tech. They spent about 10 min trying to get me to go thourgh with their own FREE tech. Its horrible though how many people would believe a scam like that! All those errors are very convincing if you dont know about computer processes! Shame on all those people who participate in a scam like this!!! BEWARE!!



"29 andrew
Thu 28/10/2010 - 15:18
I live in Melbourne, and have had about six of these calls.
Although I do own 2 separate PCs (one xp, one 7), every time they call I just tell them I own a Mac... they don't know what to say and usually hang up"

Great advice, I'll do that next time.



I am amazed there is not more info about this scam. I only found this article after typing "eventvwr".

Indian woman called 'Sam Wilson' (I wonder if it's the same woman described in the main article) 03 9016 4261 and advised me I had a problem with my computer. I didn't believe her and told I'd call her back...which I haven't, or won't.



You need to cut those people some slack, they are just trying to help us with our computers and earn an honest dollar.



Indian woman called, originally suggested she was from Windows operating system and that my computer had a virus, then finally told me she worked for a company "Care N Solutions". googled the company name + "SCAM" and found this article. She would not tell me how she got my details or her name website had an australian contact number. Gave it a call. Gentlemen suggested they where running a phone campaign, but refused to tell me how they got my details.
All sounds very suspect. Never give info to any unsolicited calls. Will report this to fair trading.



this scam is still active as i just got off the phone to an indian man called jack dawson... unfortunately they sound so legit i let them us a remote desktop link but stopped when they took me to their website to pay for their services.. i jst said no and that i will have to speak to my partner.. how can i tell if they still have access to my computer??
is there anyway to see if they are still accessing my computer and seeing my bank acc details etc?
i feel so stupid



just to let all you antipodeans know that the same scam has now hit the shores of england, having just spent a hilarious 27 mins trying to understand an indian gentleman claiming all of the above. when i asked which of my computers was infected he was stumped and seemed shocked that i only had 5 logs in my event viewer on the pc running at the time, he did get one of my operating systems correct, but not the one i was using at the time. in the end he got more and more abusive as i got more polite , and stupid with him, to the point he gave up and hung up on me. he also didnt know where in london he was calling from at first. it put a smile on my face and has brightend my evening up no end. i only hope more people are made aware of this scam, and soon



I live in Australia I have just had a call from an Indian lady who said I was having trouble with windows and that my computer was running slowly. She not only knew my name but also my address which is a worry, as I wonder how she found that out. I realized straight away that it was a scam as my computer has been fine and it is running quite quickly. I also knew that Windows never phone anyone, if you have trouble you get in touch with them! . I told her that my computer was running quickly and she hung up immediately. My husband is more worried about her knowing details about me as people do take one's identification. I am so pleased to have found this website and to find that others have had the same problem



God damn got email from a mate with this site attached. Sent as a precaution. Sorry for any1 scammed by these creeps. What is the world coming to? AAAARRGHHHH!!!!



I am on the NO CALL REGISTER yet I have had several DOZEN phone call from these people, for a while they were from "technical support" and I just kept hanging up or leaving my phone off the hook. Now they are from "pc 24x7 support" in california - and they want to remove "junk and malicious virus's" from my computer by connecting remotely and it will only cost me $179... i kept them talking for almost an hour last night before they caught on that i was playing with them and they got angry and hung up on me. But they even wanted to know things like why I didn't own a brand new computer and how much I bought my "second hand" one for - I asked what bearing that would have on the situation - and he had no response... AND whilst playing i told them that what they had asked me to type in had sent my computer into a frenzied spaz attack but he could not explain that - which i questioned as he was technically from technical support -he was no good at providing technical assistance, nor was he any good at getting any money out of me - do these phone calls cost me any money and can they get into my computer by me having the line open for so long????
also she gave me last night a massive long code that she reckons was my computers ID and that if I typed that into a particular website it would show me how she knew about the bugs in my computer... luckily i didn't cos i have since found out this website enables remote access - and god knows what they would have done if they got in!!!



Hi. I have just had this call from “Microsoft” around 2:30pm on a Saturday afternoon. I was directed at the event log and told that each of those entries were the result of a virus downloaded from the Internet. After playing with them for some time, I ended up telling the lady that she was telling me incorrect information and was trying to scare me into buying something and should stop making these calls. After repeating this several times she eventually hung up.

This was preceded by a call earlier in the day from “The Department of Fair Trading” letting me know that I had been successful in claiming back $3,000+ dollars in bank fees and how did I want it paid? I did ask for a cheque to be sent and when they asked for contact information I suggested that they should already have it. They then hung up.

Be careful out there and let others (connected parents) know of these sorts of scams.

Sydney Australia



Scam still going on. Phone call Saturday 3pm. During the few second delay to an Indian woman's voice I could hear kids in the background. Although identifying my surname correctly the title was wrong so this made me suspicious.

Had the same spiel and when asked to start up my computer I said I was busy and asked for her phone number so I could get a technician friend to call her back and fix my computer.

She told me it would cost me $200 - $300 for a technician and she could save me that money. My reply was he owed me a favour and it would cost nothing so please give me her number to call back. She hung up.

Thought I would google "Windows OS scam" and found this site.

Newcastle Australia



They are also calling us in Canada now. Same eventvwr trick. Being an IT tech, I played along for a while until he tried to get me to go to to download some tools.

I kept him online for while by stating my computer needed to be re-booted because the Internet was not working :) Not sure when he hung up.



Just received a call with the eventvwr and requests. I hadn't heard of the scam but knew enough to turn off my internet connection and hang up on the guy--wish I'd known so I could use up his phone time!



Had a phone call slightly over an hour ago, similar experiences which you all have described! Didn't fall it. And I must say that person on the phone did sound really pushy and aggressive which pissed me off! They sure did sound really convincing especially when they have got all your personal details SPOT ON! That was really scary... The boiling question is, where the bloody hell they have got my personal contact details!



Like everyone else I to had a call from these Indian accented persons I twigged they where scammers. I said I could not understand what she was talking about she put me on to another person who was the tech expert and he got irate when I acted dumb. Pretended that I could not understand the accent, he then wanted to pass me on to another person. I then hung up.



Hi All,
As a computer tech in Byron Bay I've had two clients called by these guys in the past week, using this eventvwr scam. One called me straightaway when the (Indian) callers asked him to log in to (remote desktop).

The second fellow (in his 80's) was run through the whole course, sadly paying for 'online support'. They got him to download ammyyadmin.exe (remote dekstop) and also some other 'community connection programs (conduit and so forth). Claimed they were from and got him to purchase one of their remote support "products". Day after he thought differently and called me to check his machine. Lady from India even called him whilst I was checking his machine. She hung up rather quickly! Other than the remote access and community conduit I've not found any malware. This time.

I've got him to change all passwords, disable internet banking, change his bank details. He aleady cancelled the credit card transaction. (Other please note sound advice about using PayPal as per earlier post. Much easier to cancel transaction.)

Really great computerworld is supporting this information. I'm quite surprised this has not made bigger impact in the press!



Give them the number to crime stoppers and tell them to speak to your boss as he owns the computer



I just got a call from this scammer - running the same script, i.e. getting me to run EventVwr - I pretended to run it and they pointed out to me that I can see the errors in red and yellow. They claimed I have many malicious files in my PC. Next, they instructed me to run a web-based applications on the site I continue to 'play' along with em, they asked me to get an ID from the Ammyy apps so that they can remotely access my PC. I gave those silly buggers a fictitious number and of course they struggled to get connected, as I was doing all this I Google for Eventvwr and got on to this site. I told them there are scammers and insisted that they give me their identity when they hung up. The voices are heavy Indian accent woman. They claim to have called Melbourne.
Preceding this incident, I have been receiving several calls with no answer on the phone when I picked them up after 2-3 rings - it looks like they are using automated telephony system to go through a list and if no answer in 2-3 rings, their logic is that the person is not at his desk and the PC probably not on and he or she will not be willing to play to their script. I wonder if the AFP cybercrime division can do something to trace and arrest these pests.



For any scams provide the information to

or you can contact them on 1300 795 995


whois search


and stumbled on a inform on in which there is all the software that I needed



I just had one of these calls a few minutes ago.
I was greeted by an Indian guy named "Chris Harris" (yeah right!)

He said he was from "Secure All PC's" and when I accused him of being part of a scam, he said their address is 217 Miller Road, North Sydney 2060 and he game me a number to call him back on 0257188083

I called back out of curiosity and was greeted by an automated message coming from an Indian Lady's voice of the same company. I was then transferred to one of their representatives. When they answered, they didn't say anything and either did I. I was waiting to see if it was "Chris" but I hung up after about 15 seconds.



I just had a call from a man with an Indian accent asking me to do everything as outlined in this article. He claimed he was calling from a company called CONSULT PC in North Sydney (funny how on my caller ID it showed as OVERSEAS). He was certain he was calling from North Sydney Australia with a Post code of 2000. I allowed him to go through his scripted instructions while I quickly googled 'Event Viewer Scam' to find this page. I advised him of the scam information - his claim for the call was that our computers were generating error messages which were being received by their servers in the USA and that he would be able to increase the speed of our computers. Funnily enough he disconnected the call.



Honestly I can't believe people are getting caught by such an obvious con



I had a call from this lot on Friday. I am at home recovering from an operation and on medication - I hope that's why I believed them. But we also just bought a new computer and upgraded our internet so we were set up to be conned. I have had to have our computer reconfigured and cancel all internet banking (well, maybe they can take over paying my mortgage!). Computer savvy people will identify them immediately. I am not stupid, but what they said was believeable and they took me to a well constructed website. What is more alarming in Australia there is nobody to report it to. I called the police and was referred to the ACCC, which has nothing to do with India. The police told me that many people are being conned and only realise it when $30k or $40 k goes missing from their account. They said report it to Microsoft who are working with the Indian police. The Australian police as usual are doing nothing to protect citizens. So rather than being smug about not getting caught by them, the computer geek community should be lobbying Microsoft and the Australian authorities to publicise this to people who are not so aware and keep publicising it until these scumbags are caught. I emphasise that the only reason we later idenfied the scam was through an internet search, but many people like myself work in other areas and rely on others for technology. The victims will be vulnerable people and in my opinion Microsoft has an absolute responsibility to advise purchasers of their product to beware of this scam. I also believe that the Australian Government through its Police has an absolute responsibility to do something.



+1. Sounded sus from word go, Indian guy saying 'mate' in every sentece.. 'how are you mate?" etc. He said he was from Microsoft Tech dep't, the usual, then asked "what version of Windows are you running?". I told him if he was from Microsoft he should be able to tell me, he responded with "there are many versions of Windows etc...." I played along anyway, while he was trying to spell out "eventvwr" with whatever words he could find, I googled "eventvwr scam" and found out for certain it was dodgy. I told him that I'd googled it and found out it was a scam and he tried to hold on to the call but I hung up. He tried calling back but I hung up on him again. He was calling from phone number 0280910006. I wish I had played on a little longer, it was amusing while it lasted but is very unfortunate that those not as computer savvy and very concerned about viruses/trojans can fall for this. Agree with Margo's post, can't believe this hasn't been publicised and there should be a better facility for reporting scams such as this.



Heard the phone ring, but my son answered. Said it was for him. He was typing on the computer, but it was just a bunch of letters. Was asking questions like what is event viewer. what must i do to stop it etc etc. Had me going and getting me all worried as you can expect. Anyway, after about ten minutes the person on the other side hung up when my son said there is no windows icon, just Safari. Later told me that they have been calling everyday for the last week and that he was having fun with them. bloomin scammers. My wife also confirmed this.
can no one stop them. What can i do to stop them calling?

Mr Sceptical


I have just had a very interesting conversation with a very nice and informative gentleman who told me that his name was Justin, I managed to get him to tell me that he was from Wales, in his very strong Indian accent, he proceeded to talk me through running event viewer on my pc, I did this while preparing dinner and doing the washing up. It took some time because I was keen to try to talk welsh to him, It is after all St Davids day, I misunderstood the letters he tried to tell me and told him that I couldn't open eventv'u'r, eventually , when I decided that my welsh was not good enough and that we should try in English I told him, as I marinated the chicken breasts, that it was working.... you probably all know what follows, but I managed to string this out by insisting upon counting all of the errors and warnings! 'Oh Dear Me!, Oh Gosh, How frightening! I was exclaim, 'please help me! I didnt realise that my computer was in such a bad way, are people stealing my information? am I being attacked?'... chicken in the fridge, now to prepare the salad...upon being asked to return to the, as he referred to it, 'little run box' and go to, I was losing patience and dinner was all prepared and I need to do some scale practise...and can hardly do that with Mr Justin from Microsoft in wales on the phone, I told Mr Justin, that as I have a temporary problem with my broadband service that he will need to call back in a day or two, but that I 'really do appreciate his help'... I managed to string him out for a good 40 minutes, I intend to video/record, somehow, his return call. Of course I will make him go through the whole rigmarole yet again, knowing that while he is dealing with me, he cant be calling other people who, god forbid, may actually believe a word Mr Justin from Microsoft tells them.... so what shall I be preparing for dinner when he calls back? I am thinking, roast with full trimmings! ;) Dont let these tossers in! waste their time if you can afford to and NEVER allow them access to your PC!



I just got scammed, and am so annoyed with myself. I got taken through the remote login via logmein and then they were wanting money and I said no and they hung up but now I am worried about what they may have had access to on my pc. I have run my virus scan, uninstalled logmein but am not sure what else I should do. Or what else they can do having had access to my pc. I hope they ring back so I can give them what for.

robert wright


I had the same call today from someone named Carl. He told me the same crap about infected files on my lap top. Immediately I became suspicious because I know my computer is not infected, I have AVG, Malewarebytes pro and CCleaner. I asked him how he got my number and he said from some worldwide router info thing. I kept questioning this man and he hung up. I contacted my ISP (optus) and they said it sounds like a scam, and gave me the site. I instead rang the ACCC who immediately told me its a scam to allow third partys to access your computer. Now I see I just had a missed call from the same number again (the number is 001197600), God I hope they call back.

jan de groot


I'm from The Netherlands and I just got "the call"



I recieved this call tonight. I knew instantly it was dodgy. I posted a comment on Facebook to alert family & friends. I rang my mum straight away as she is older & not overly computer literate so thought she may have fallen for it. She was smart, she said her number is on the do not call register & not to call her again. I was on the phone only a couple of minutes & am not sure if it was a coincedence but shortly after getting off accessing computer for their requests.....I got a Trojan. My anti-virus picked it straight up. My sister in law came to see if she could use my computer as my mother in law was in process of going through the whole process with them on the phone. I went to mother in laws. She hung up when they asked for credit card or bank details, they had already got her to install remote access. Thankfully she hadn't deleted this off her computer as they were ringing her back the next day for alternate payment options. Before removing all traces I could find of them in her computer I took every detail I could find. Am now reporting this to SCAMwatch. Hopefully this will get them caught & stop others from getting conned. I also conducted a thorough search of her computer & found 4 more items that didn't appear to be there for also deleted these. As I said I've taken plenty of details off their remote access & will forward it on. I have anti-viruses now scanning all computers connected to both of our modems.



I had one of those calls supposedly from M$ and had the prick on the phone for like 30 mins and when he told me to open event viewer I opened the OSX "Process Viewer" (got a Hackintosh) and detailed him that "it was all green". He was stunned. Then I told him to call me at a certain phone number (which happens to be the M$ hq's phone number) and sat down to watch two large organized crime families (M$ and the scammers) kill off each other.

Ann Jones


Had the same phone call today, this must be my 5th at least. previously the Indian woman has hung up on me when I have informed her that I dont use windows. Today i played along until i got the eventvwr. I then told her that the call was been recorded and that the Fraud Police would like a word with her. She hung up pretty smart!!



Had this happen to me only last night. I received the call at about 8.30pm (which automatically made me angry).
I had some fun with the so-and-so's though: after 25 minutes of nothing they were telling me to do working, I finally came clean and told them the version of Windows I was using was Windows OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard.
"Edward", my new Indian phone friend, said a very bad word.



Received my first call this morning. I'm near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hard to understand due to the accent at first. I was not phased about the 'big PC problem' they presented as I work in the industry. I have multiple computers in our home all running fine and well protected. I asked pointed questions like exactly why they were calling and got very vague answers, and they did not give me specifics or provide external web references. Claimed they were not out to sell me a product. They just wanted me to enter the "eventvwr" command. I was then transferred to another person with better language skills. More probing questions from me and discovered they had all my address information correct down to the postal code. They gave me the Techoptimizer company name. I had had enough, gave them an ear-full about telephone solicitation and the Canadian do-not-call list (like that would make a difference), and then hung up.

The non-technical users out there are the targets. Please do not give these people any information.



Yes, someone just tried to scam me as well. A dead giveaway is the pause and echo signalling an overseas call, and then they always ask for Mrs. X, and since my mother didn't change her name when she got married, but remained Ms. Y, you immediately know they don't know us at all.

Otherwise I waited until she transferred me to the "technician superviser" and told him I was dubious and was going to hang up now, goodbye!

Pfft. As if Windows collects data about errors on your computer!



Just got a call with delay and an asian man from "Windows" advising me that I had malicious software and he would help me remove it.
I asked him to ring me back on a different number, which he did, but when I checked 1471 his number had been withheld.

He did ring on my mobile number and asked me to type eventvwr.............. at which point I challenged him about the authenticity of his call. He offered to continue gave me his address to contact as 404 4th Floor Alberni House Regent Street. After thanking him for his advice and not proceding he eventually agreed to ring off.



hi folks

i am not sure if any of the previous comments come from the uk



and please report all calls to your telephone service provider and if you are in the uk OFCOM the tele comunications regulator

lets hope between us all we can bring these SCUM to justice



just got a call from these people as well but funny thing is they have tried to call about 20 times before she acctually decided to talk to us ,knew it was dodgy decided to give her the run around and told her i was on to her and said better luck next time, she said thanks LOL scum..



My parents (Australia) had a similar call tonight. Caller said he was from Gruppen Technologie or related to it; had parents enter eventvwr and look for errors etc. They had to look up which has an Oz number on the website, but I'm not sure whether this was to sign up for support or whatever. There were also attempts to get them to enter login and password details for the PC.

Sounds like the call centre was Indian, "Peter J" was the name given, he persisted for almost 20 minutes and became abusive when parents tried to terminate the call.

These guys give scum a bad name!



it would appear this is happening in all parts of the world

PLEASE PLEASE wherever you are report these calls to the relevant telecom regulators





I just got a call from an Indian and he was really persistent in getting me to press windows + r.. luckily my brother handed the phone to me, because he was just pressing windows and was going to proceed to r and I realized something was wrong.

I talked to him then asked him what happens after I did what he wanted me to do. He said there would be "hidden files" (yeah right) like some sort of virus and it would magically appear after I did what I was told. I then asked him what I was supposed to do after the files popped up..and he went on to repeat the instructions which was a pretty big giveaway.

Just posted something to warn my friends on facebook.
Spread the word so less people will fall for it!



I'm in Australia and I got a phone call last week from them and then today as well. At first the lady said she was from Microsoft and then I asked her again and then she said "Online Repair World" either way this is a know scam, do not ever go to the web site they ask you to go to - they will install a key stroke logger on your machine. Say good bye to your credit card details then.



I would like to know why Paypal is supporting these scammers like carensolutions? Will Paypal support anybody who will open an account with them and do any sort of fraudulent business? Isn't there a law to control this menace?

Merill Waugh


The Australian government must ensure that its citizens are protected from scammers like They cannot play their dirty tricks in their home country, that is, India for fear of legal steps. Paypal should be controlled to withdraw support from these scammers.



I played along with this and was directed to by this bunch. It was interesting looking up the scam via Google while I was on the phone - also, referencing the Start Menu etc. when I'm running a Mac.

My phone died before I got to find out what was being sold.

They tried calling back numerous times over the afternoon.

We are seen as targets for these people. It boggles my mind that this is a legitimate business model elsewhere in the world - ie. harass and fleece unsuspecting people. Where are the ethics of the call centre operators - or are they too poor to care?

Diana McCormick


Carensolutions is one such scam company which takes advantage of gullible people to sell useless contracts in league with Paypal posing as miceosoft authorised service centre for remote computer support...

Meryl Symonds


Firstly, your phone number should be registered with the DNC (Do Not Call) registry of your phone company. Scammers don't call these numbers for fear of legal steps. If you receive a call in spite of that, report the caller number to your phone company.
Secondly, report their website to Paypal as a phishing/scam website. Go to to do this.
Thirdly, tell them to make the offer by mail.
Last but not the least, ALWAYS chargeback thru' Paypal or your credit card company to careNsolutions or similar scammers.

Alex Smith


This JUST happened to me. Well, they tried, but I told the caller to ingest excrement.

I AM on the Do Not Call Registry, though.

Krys Webster


I just received one of these calls - gave me his/her name Sam Lee phone no 03 57188257 told me he was from microsoft - but gave me a website for - I figured he was selling something or scamming me when he sent me to a site to download a program - I told him I would have to check it out before I did anything, as I wasn't comfortable downloading anything without first checking into it.. got his details and said I would call once I looked into it. - the investigation led me to this site, and glad that I trusted my instincts...



I have now had 5 or more phone calls from these people with an Indian accent stating that Ihave multipul viruses. They Prompted me to press the windows flag and "r" button and then put in eventvwr which of course I didn't I typed in into google and it cam up with event phishing scam. When he asked me what had come up on the computer and I read out it was and event phishing scam he quickly hung up on me. I now hope I don't get them calling me again.. as I will play along keep them talking rack up there phone bill and then tell them that I know about there scam then hang up on them...



Just had this call to my home number.
Indian-sounding lady told me that they had remotely detected a virus on my computer and could help me fix it.
She directed me to type eventvwr into the run box and as she spelled out the letters I typed them into Google instead, with this site being one of the first that came up.

I asked for some details about her company. Couldn't really understand what she said, but it came across as some computer tech group.

She asked me what I saw on my screen and I said with complete horror....
"Oh my goodness, look at this. It's dreadful, there are these people who ring up and try to scam unsuspecting computer users. This is just horrible. Can you help me fix it?".

"I'm sorry sir, what do you see on your screen?"

"Yes, I see it, I see it all so clearly. This is just too terrible for words. All those poor people being scammed!".

"Sorry, what do you see sir?"

And on I went for a while until she realised I was taking the mickey and asked me to shut down my computer - and then she hung up.



Just had the "lady" on the phone for about 20 mins claiming she firstly was from Microsoft then back tracking to "Online Repair World" calling on MS's behalf.

I had a bad feeling right away and went along trying to get some verification from her; my name, address, serial # of laptop etc.
She wouldn't do anything other than assure me that i had a massive virus problem and my computer could crash at any moment (qeue sinister music!)

By this time I had looked up her company, saw it was a scam and started having real fun with her. She just kept asking if I "wanted to save my computer or not?" and if I "didn't trust her to trust my computer". Rude b!#(%!

When I finally told her I had run Norton 360 to check for viruses, found none, then googled her company and found it was a scam she called me a liar.

I suggested that this was not good customer relations and told her to get some further training in that area before suggesting she persue a career at McDonalds!

She hung up.

Perhaps she doesn't get god old Aussie Sarcasm!

Thank you; come again.



Got the call yesterday "Anna" was looking for my mother but I took the call. She told me all about my computer problems. I am skeptical at the best of times so started questioning. When she said to turn on my computer with no Internet connection. I ended up politely saying "Im going to hang up because Im going to laugh at how silly this is. She claimed to be from Global Computer Services. I have a Melbourne based number she gave me. Had her on phone for 30 minutes.



I seem to be getting these calls every second day. I am now having a little fun with them. With the last one I used my best indian accent. Every time he used my name I would answer with "hello good morning" This went on for about 10 minutes. He started getting louder and louder.d When I was sure I had his undivided attention I did the old blow the whistle in the phone trick. Stangely he hung up. Hope the ear has recovered Ravi.



I just received the same call. I immediately didn't trust it, tried to extract information from them, why they called, who they were and how they got my number, and played with them. A second guy came to the phone, then a third, with better command of English. The background noise was like a call ecnter. He gave me a bogus firm name, and a non-existent web address. Then I said I was going to keep them on the line, to get as much information from them as possible, then he hung up ... I looked for eventvwr and found this forum.



Received the same phone call at 4:34 on May 6/11 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. First a female, who then passed me to a male who apparently had better negotiating tactics. Hmmm... memories of a timeshare experience. Caller id was unavailable and like other posters, stated they were calling to let me know that my computer had viruses. Their company was called quickresolve. After actually typing in the "eventvwr" as requested, I hesitated and googled it and found it was a scam. Then I told them it was a scam and hung up. They had said they were calling all Microsoft users but wanted to know what operating system I had. That was the first clue that this seemed fishy.



Well it looks like this thing/scam is still going and by the looking at all the posts, it could be around for awhile?

I'm from Wellington, New Zealand and received a call this evening (around 8.45pm) from a male chap who had a 'indian' accent who went by the name of 'Peter Jackson' who works for a computer company who fix computers worldwide for known faults and wanted to check the operating system on my computer as there were known viruses 'out there' and he wanted to help prevent them from being on my computer... I was suspect from the start and asked for his name again, who he worked for, where is his company located and what did he want again?... He advised he is Peter Jackson, works for 24x7PCHELP based in Auckland (NZ) and again advised about the operating system check - I pleasantly advised "Peter": 'that I seriously believe this is a rubbish phone call, my PC is 12 years old and has not been used for the last 6 years so I'm not too fussed about it, I don't know how you (he) got my number, I can only presume by some random process and I am now going to hang up - so thanks for the call and goodbye!!'

A short, to the point conversation about this - hopefully this is the end of it (but probably won't).

OH and to 'Peter' from the so called company "24x7pchelp"..... YOU IDIOT next time come up with a more original name to use than using a well known NZ Directors name (doh!!)



It is actually Telstra giving our sacred personal details away without regard for our safety. We installed a **brand new line** a few months ago. ***NO ONE*** has been given this number since installation... the ONLY CALLS I RECEIVE on fortnightly basis are the "Microsoft" calls... how in this earth some Indian / Bangladeshi dude knows our surnames if NO ONE, not even family members have this number? and the calls started a few days after installation... I just got another one and in fact i had a bit of a chat to the idiot that called me!!... i wonder how many people get robbed of they hard earned money thanks to the irresponsible actions of third parties.



I just received a call from a Tech at World PC Tech on behalf of Microsoft claiming my pc had problems. I asked him how they would know that and he said they received updated information from an Internet Router daily. I told him I hadn't used my PC for a few days so that was totally incorrect that they would know my computer would have a problem. I asked for the supervisor who could not speak english any better than the 1st guy. It sounded like they were calling from a call centre. I asked for a telephone number which is 03 9008 4298 and that I would contact Microsoft and if there was a problem I would ring them back. Called Microsoft and of course it is a scam. I called the number back and told the guy on the telephone in no uncertain terms to NEVER ring me again. He said ok I was off the list but when I asked him how he knew my number, as I hadn't given it to him, he hung up. I have talked to the ACCC here in Australia and they said all the numbers with 9008xxxx are actually SKYPE numbers and are diverted to the overseas call centres. This must be very scary for older people who don't know a lot about computers and believe idiots who say they are from Microsoft.



I have just had my 8th call in as many weeks, all start off saying similar things and all have an Indian type of accent.

This evening I spoke with a lady from Support For Your PC. I 'played' stupid saying I was very worried but I am not sure which of my 4 PC's is the infected one. She replied by saying all of them! She handed me to her Supervisor, Victor Smith (who had an Indian accent), he said that the infected PC is the oldest one, I asked can he confirm which one and when it was purchased as I needed help with knowing how I can tell which is the older one (I have a 6 year old PC (Windows XP), 2 x 3 year old PC's (Vista) and a 3 week old PC).

He rambled on to say how I needed to protect my PC and that I have to do this, I quizzed him about who says I have to do anything! He went on to say that they offer a service, so I asked him how much. The caller listed of a number of 'services' I could purchase protecting all 4 PC's for life - BARGAIN!

After a bit more 'playing' I then said how do I know that they are not scamming me, Victor kindly gave me his phone number (612 830 75229) and a website address: even his Payrol ID (XK0499/099). He then insisted that I pressed the Windows key and pressed the letter R to Run some checks. He asked me to key in eventvwr and click OK. I hesitated and said that I was still not sure who he was, he confidently told me that he gave me his details to confirm who he was, I said him giving me information does not confirm anything and that I needed time to check them out. He promptly told me that it was his lunch time (7:30pm Melbourne, Australia time) and hung up.

I then did a Google search on the commands he gave me and found this - my instincts were correct, it is a scam.

Keep safe!



OMG!!! I went through the EXACT situation as above this evening but his name was Nicholas Morris, I questioned this because he had a strong Indian accent and when I confronted him with this he immediately told me his mother is an American.... My gut feeling was that all this was not right but he kept on hitting me with the fact that that my computer can crash at any time and that they can offer support and that they are Microsoft certified (that's what kept me on the phone for 45 minutes) thinking that they were legit.

I actually allowed him to get into my computer and see the 'Event Log' (which is actually nothing to worry about) but he kept on saying how serious this can be to your computer. I was starting to believe him but when he guided me to the subscription page to sign up for $160.00 I was very reluctant.
He started getting upset and pushing me to give him my Credit Card number and insisted on telling me that it was secure because if you don't give the 3 digits behind the card, they cannot charge anything ..... that is a lie!!! I refused to. At the end I got upset with him because I wanted to get more information from my friend who was a computer engineer (he was not happy about that), he kept on pushing and I kept on refusing to give my card. He tried to give installments but I still refused.
At the end, he could not fight anymore and told me he'd be calling me tomorrow...... I WILL TELL HIM WHAT I THINK.... IT'S A SCAM AND I WILL REPORT THEM!!!!

Please DO NOT GIVE IN to them, they appear to know their stuff so BEWARE!!!!



Just got the same call from an Indian-voiced chap who worked in "Punchbowl" as part of the Windows Support program (or something). He asked me to open event viewer, showed me all the "terrible" red errors - "Oh My God, Sir, Oh My God, this is terrible!" As I got more and more suspicious, I asked him how the weather was in Punchbowl - he said it was wonderful (it was freezing in Sydney) and how he got to work. I asked how he got my details and he told me about "My Operating System provider" doing an error audit and that I was a privileged user or something. When I asked him what system I was running he said XP - I said no, he then said, "Oh, yes, it's Vista" - I said no, he eventually guessed 7, then told me my security warranty had expired as I had owned the computer more than a year - I said No, then he said from 6-12 months, I said No, he said more than 3 months - YES! When he said he was going to fix the problems remotely, I told him I was not going to open Remote Viewer - he hung up immediately without another word.
Is there any way the phone companies can trace the last number?



Just got a call from "Windows Operating System" telling me my pc was sending him a lot of virus & bugs. I asked for his phone # to call back. He gave one. He kept trying to get me to let him help me fix my computer. He said "your pc"..I said I am a bit confused..I have a Mac...he hung up on me.



I wish someone was smart enough to use a digital recorder to phone freak these people so that we could have audio evidence to laugh at as a centrepiece of amusement. I haven't had the phone calls but being in the IT Industry I feel it is my duty to kill off these muppets.
The ironic thing is that the scammers still need to comply to market economics to sell a scam. Would you buy tech support for $1,000 or $75? That's where they could likely convince someone. Sorry to all who were scammed.



In early March, I (in New Orleans) got a call from "Microsoft Technical Support" -- yes, a guy with a heavy India accent in a call center -- that my PC is spreading viruses and that I should go to a web site and install remote control software so that they could "fix it".

Toyed with him for a few minutes, then told him to sod off and hung up.



I received a similar call this week from an indian sounding woman. My daughter first answered the phone and I am no sure exactly what she was told, before she handed the phone over to me. She handed me the phone, saying, "She says we are downloading malicious malware and viruses on our windows pc, I told her we run all macs."
I am guessing this scammer thought we sounded naive enough, so she attempted to explain the situation to me. I just acted too clueless, asking her how would they get this information, how would they be seeing this if I am running only macs? She said she works with Microsoft Engineering and they know I am always downloading malicious malware. She mentioned something about us having to stop this! I guess she got frustrated when I couldn't understand why Microsoft Engineering would be involved with my computers, when I have only working macs. She hung up on me. I guess I was just too uncooperative? ; ) Or maybe she didn't know who "Mac" is? I didn't mention that I run Parallels.....
Call was received three days ago, in Indiana, USA



Folks Remember this, large companies never ring people up, they use e-mail, it costs nothing.



Tried to scam me today. I played along and kept typing eventvwr incorrectly. As I use a Mac I had to pretend to type. My favourite was asking him where the 'no space' key was as I couldnt find it. Kudos to the chap as he kept trying until I got bored and explained to him that he was wasting his time. If I had more time I would have kept him busy for hours.



I have also had a phone call, trying to instil panic about malicious downloads onto my computer. The information had been given to the caller by 'windows'. I was asked to turn on the computer so that he could access it remotely. I did try to query my additional security on my computer, but was ignored. Having been burnt by cold callers in the past, I asked for more info about who he was.............. eventually I was allowed to feel free to check up on the company, tel2030516246x735 (america). I said that I'd do that & call back. So I googled the name & it 'looks' legit, but still felt wary 'til I came upon this forum. So glad I did! (I also checked the security on my computer & did a comprehensive scan.) Birmingham UK.



I was called by a person claiming to be from Microsoft. They told me that I had malicious software on my computer and they would help me with it. I knew it was a scam right away as I use Linux and so I played along with the conversation. I asked him where he was calling from and he said Sydney. So I asked him what time it was in Sydney and he kept changing the topic and eventually said that he did not have a watch or a clock. He asked me to turn my computer on and run eventvwr. I played along without actually doing anything. After about 15-20 minutes he told me to stop wasting hist time and told me to f*** off. I asked him why he was swearing at me and he then hung up on me. I guess the scammers don't like to be beaten at their own game.



This seems so wide spread at the moment. This scam has happened to my parents, my brother and my cousin who are scattered around Australia all over the last couple of months. It's worth letting your family and friends know that this is going on!



This scam still active in Sydney



Scam is still active. After refusing to enter the requested code, I was put onto a supervisor named Adam who provided me with a Sydney phone number "800 37 475"...



You have to be the most gullible person in the world to be tricked by scams like this, Windows would never ever ever ever in a million years make phone calls to fix issues, its way too inefficient with the number of Windows users out there. They would use the means of Windows Update, online, and so would any other companies who have produced any software what so ever.

If anyone rings you about a program on your computer at any time you can write it off as a scam no matter what the program, period.

The scams people come up with these days are so poor, I'm surprised people educated enough to use a computer could ever fall for them...



Scam still alive and persisting. They hung up on me when I refused to let them fix the problem, they threatened me with loosing my microsoft license. My response was Oh well, that will fix the problem then won't it - as I won't be able to use my computer.

Feel sorry for people that have been tricked, surely this can be stopped - I mean look at this website. Comments have been added since August 2009. Who is policing this and charging these frauds?



Just received a phone call, same scenario, could hear in the background that it was a calling centre. I would love to know how they knew my last name, when it's private number. As soon as I hear a delay and foreign voice, my response is to terminate call.

Don't be fooled people!



guys, I received call today, and unfortunately I was not at home. My brother attended the call. He is not a technical guy and I am assuming he did certain things the lady asked her to do. I am worried now, what could possibly go wrong. Is it worth me reinstalling my OS or scanning PC with anti spyrware should do it all? I have Microsoft Security Essentials protecting my PC.

Please help.

Andrew Davis


I just had a call from an Indian guy who claimed to be from Microsoft. They told me my computer had been error reports to their servers and that they could fix it. I have more than one computer in the house (1 mac and 1 pc - although I didn't let him know it was just one pc). He then said that it didn't matter which computer it was if it shared the same internet connection.
He asked me to type in eventvwr into the run dialogue box at which point a googled it instead. I told him I didn't believe him and told him it was a scam and hung up. If anyone ever contacts you and asks you to do this - hang up.

Ave Williams


Guess what, yes, just had a Indian woman call me tonight, was on to her straight away, time to give her the run around. It went on for about 20 minutes until she called me a liar and hanged up. Sounds like this scam is all around the world as I live in New Zealand.
It will and has caught a lot of people out so warn as many people and friends as you can about this scam.



I had a call today aswell, they asked me to open the eventvwr, so I looked up 'eventvwr', and the first search result was this page, found out it was a scam so I repetitly asked 'Sandra' if she was a 'sick cuz', just for fun.



I had 2 calls today. Both callers were Asian and in a call centre as I could hear them in the background, also there was a delay at the start of the call as others have experienced. The first call I just hung up on and the second call I asked a few questions. The guy said he was from Microsoft and he was ringing to help me run a program which would get rid of some bugs and that this was happening worldwide. He asked me to type 'eventwr' into the run box and I said I would speak to my computer guy and ask him about it. I then asked him for his name and he said "I'm not telling you" I said if he was genuine he would provide details but he said I wasn't prepared to do what he was asking and he wouldn't divulge his identity - how arrogant are these people!! Before I hung up I told him that they could remove my number from their records as I was on to the fact that this was a scam. I said they shouldn't be preying on innocent people and the guy said "Why don't you get lost" to which I replied "No, you get lost a@#*hole!" Get a whistle and keep it beside the phone and if these morons ring you and ask you to enter 'eventvwr' give a good blast down the phone.



I had a call today from an indian sounding guy...very hard to understand him, but he said he was from department of ??? (couldnt understand him for the life of me after 3 attempts!) he said something about microsoft, windows, viruses and my computer being corrupt and me being a windows customer...ummm i dont have windows....he hung up on me as soon as i told him that! lol



We also just received one of these calls, my partner knew it was scam straight away so just kept them talking asking them lots of questions. The caller was Indian, said her name was Racheal Cee, she said she was from a company from Support PC who worked for microsoft and that our computer was sending them virus messages. The phone number she gave for call back was a mobile number. After about 15 minutes my partner told her he was going to put her on to the IT expert in our house and handed the phone over to our three year old son who just loves having a chat on the phone.....



I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!



I feel so stupid , completely fell for it. I did as asked even did the login123 and allowed remote. When I saw him going for my files and my kapersky sent me a warning, knew I had been had. Cut then off and deleted their icon from my computer. My husband will not let me do internet banking. Know better than this but have been having some issues with my computer . The foreign Indian accent should have been a dead giveaway. Thank- God I did not discloce any creit card info.



I got scammed by today, too. Sounded so legitimate. Said my Antivirus had expired and my trial Vista software had expired and my computer would crash in 5 hours. Showed me a list of about 300 error messages supposedly on my computer. I expressed surprise, but was taken in and fell for it and paid for $200 for a once-only software upgrade and $100 for Antivirus and gave them remote control access to my computer to work on it for 1 hr. My husband came home, got suspicious and we tried to call the Florida number - it didn't work. I interrupted the remote control work and removed permission. we called the 1-877 number at 24x7 and enumerated the lies they had told me. Turns out my Norton was still fine for 60 days and we had purchased the Vista CDs with the computer (no trail version). They said, "Sorry, you've already paid for it." I said "Forget it. I purchased based on lies, so this is fraud. You taped the conversation and MasterCard will listen to it if they investigate and I have proof the things you told me were a lie. Don't process that payment, or you'll be investigated for fraud." So far they haven't done anything, but I"m concerned what they will do with the credit card info I inputted on the 24x7 site. This is a scam, folks. Take their name and number and hang up and then do your research and see that you shouldn't call them back. They are very convincing that they are "legitimate Vista software providers" and and also play on the fear thay your computer is going to crash within hours.



This scam is alive and well and now reaching Singapore.

Took a call from a woman with a thick Indian accent, saying that my computer would crash, sending hundreds of erros messages and all my data would be lost very soon.

For the life of me, found it nearly impossible to understand what she was saying which I thought odd from a mega company like Microsoft. Anyway, killed the call when she couldn't tell me anything about her company.

Flash forward to a week later, and what sounded like an Eastern European accent called Brad Williams (?) calling from Melbourne. We messed around for aminute before I asked him "what the weather was like in Melbourne?" and he hung up.

Honestly, if he can't tell me what the weather is how does he think he will fix my computer?

Now weknow it's a scam we will tell anyone who will listen.



I live in Melbourne, AUstralia.
I had a guy with an Indian accent call me from "windows" today. I laughed at him and told him 'don't you mean microsoft', he insisted windows, rather than microsoft, which I thought was interesting.
I played along because I was interested in seeing what he would ask for.
However, I was weary of him recording my voice, just in case he decided to use my voice and claim to be me. So i used an accent and asked him to keep repeating himself. I saw no harm in going to 'eventvwr' service, which he asked me to do.
Instead of going to eventvwr, at first, I googled eventvwr and I saw the Phishing scam.
I really wanted to waste his time and see how he was conning people. I realised he was using the random harmless errors that the PC generates to make him look like he knew what was wrong with my PC. But i had no errors, I made them up just to see what he would make me do next. I asked to call him back due to the loud background noise. He hesistated to give me any details and asked me if there was a problem 3 or 4 times but eventually gave in to me because I insisted that I had to call back due to the loud noise levels.

He gave me the following details:
Name: KEVIN (lol)
Phone: (02)080035397 (obviously I didnt call him)
Employee ID: 109768 (lol)

I figured that they were all lies, but wanted to see what else he would do.

I asked to speak to his boss,
Asked him what do u want from me now that you know I have errors.

He said he could help me if I gave him my credit card details and pay once for long lasting help!
I asked him how many people he conned and entered into a swearing competition with him.




I just got a call a little while ago, i got his name and number as well!

Sam Watson

My mother picked it up, and for a little while i thought it was true as well!



Mollymook NSW Australia
I have just had the usual call, windows/microsoft technician telling me my computer was bugged. I told him that i couldn't use it at the moment because it had a bug and could I ring him back when it was fixed, he gave me a name Anthony Jones( complete with Indian accent) phone 61291916554.
I can't find this Number at any reverse telephone number systems
Can anyone help yes 61 is Australia and 2 is NSW

Marc Mateo


Looks like they're invading NZ now. Got as far as opening up the run command box and when i said "oh you just wanted me to open the run box why didn't you just say so in the first place?" they hung up. If you want to have a bit of fun with them you may have to play dum :)



This happened to me too..same story. they eaven gave me a sydney number (0280035397) to conferm when they told me they were based in sydney...i didnt call just played with tham i eaven made her so angry she skreamed in some indian language...haha



Why don't people learn rule # 1

***If a call is unexpected and is from a stranger just hang up ***

This works well for

1. potential social engineering based scams such as described above; and

2. for all those charity calls which normally have to give way 90% of what you pay to the company doing the phoning.



Got one today, dont remember his name but he said he was from microsoft, he gave me a number as proof but when i asked what suburb in melbourne he was calling from he said it wasnt important, i said if youre going to give me the address then youd think youd also tell me the suburb, he get really defensive and the 'supervisor' got on the phone telling me that i had made him cry! hahah

he then went on to abuse me and we exchanged words, he then said he was going to bomb me or something ridiculous, was hilarious though!



I got a phone call from an indian woman. at first I thought they had phoned the wrong number because she waited a few moments before speaking. Then she said that she was from microsoft and she had to fix a bug on the computer. She told me to open the run program and type in something like "eventvwr". But I told her that I had no bugs or viruses but she just wouldn't give up. she kept saying, "open run program and type in..." Then I asked where she was from, no reply. Then i hung up



Was told to type PREFETCH into my run box. Knew this was a scam and kept the chic going for awhile. She eventually got her supervisor and he tried explaining what to do. Kept him going for awhile until he asked what was on my screen. I replied "This call is being traced". The guy started cursing me, calling me a mother f--ker. I laughed so hard into the phone. He kept cursing. Best bit of fun I have had with a scam caller ever.



Received a call this evening from Indian accented scammer from supposedly Melbourne. Saying they were ringing from P C Doctor Computer maintenance. Played along as had already heard of this scam. Told to go to Computer Management then System tools then event viewer then application where there are several red error messages and warning messages, which are completing normal I believe. After of lot of " you have serious problem with your computer etc. "I was told to go to this web site which I did not at the time go to but appears to be a login web site of some kind.
They got a bit cranky cause I could not log into it, and I said I would check with my own computer IT fellow and they said you must be rich lady paying for this when we can do it, radi radi ra, I end up hanging up after a few not very nice words to them. Obviously these scammers are not giving up they are sadly praying on vunerable people.



Hi just had the call midday UK.

Very insistent that I had a windows computer even after saying I normally used Linux. Then he said I must be dual booting.

With some time on my hands ( England cricket at lunch) I humoured him to learn a little about the scam. Booted up the Virtual machine with winXP then usual click on start look for manage as an option and then onto the supervisor.

Search the eventvwr could only find a warning triangle for winXP not yet registered which stopped after the date I registered. Much consternation from the Indian, further 'Phishing' in the security area only found a vmnet warning which I told him was irrelevant. Exasperation rising he then tried to get me to link to his engineers to sort it all out. Then I hit him with the body blow it wasn't connected to the internet and he still countered I needed virus protection and eventually became abusive. Only managed to string him on for 17 minutes but great laugh all the same. Bonus I found out I could tidy up the vmnet error so no triagles at all now.



Hello from east Tennessee, USA! This caller actually called my son on his central Texas (USA) cell phone (he just moved here and has not changed his number yet....).... sorry for the long intro, but this is why this call was so funny to me that I had to check this out. I just got my computer, brand new, out of the box on May 1st, and it works great..... so when the indian-sounding "gent" called my son saying my computer was sending error messages to windows (not microsoft)...I asked him how he possibly could find me by calling my son's number, since my son has nothing to do with my computer, unless his use of facebook gave "windows" his number.... he decided to not talk to me anymore.....Ha ha ha. :) Although, after reading multiple stories about keeping them on the phone for a long time just for fun, I wish I would have done the same, but we were at the pool.



Just received this call tonight in NSW, Australia. I told him if they had my details like he said that they could feel free to send me an email and then we could talk. He said, "your computer will be hacked very soon by us" and I hung up.



Yep, just had two more attempts at them calling me after I put the phone down on them. Telling me the computer had been downloading files for three weeks and error messages were going back to windows operating system support in Wellington, NZ. He told me his girlfriend had just left him too.
He couldn't tell me which computer was the problem or that we are not using windows operating systems on a Mac.
What a desperate job these people have

Billy bunter


Im in the uk and have just been called by this lot ,they said my computer would crash in 2 hours if i didnt let them help me using remote help and they could do this at a nice cheap price . I hung up after a bit ,but just wondered is there a way of clearing up the event viewer as this is how i found this site .



Help! OK I was stupid and did run eventvwr before I realized this guy was a jerk and it was a scam. I did not download the other program and hung up. Do I need to do something about the eventvwr I ran?



3.30pm on the 1st of July. Scam still going in Ballarat (near Melbourne). 5 calls, one after the other from the "John". Gave me the number 02080145555. Had the same scam call 2 days ago. Happy phising :)



Thanks for reassurring me that no harm would come just by typing in the event viewer. Thye then wanted me to type in a free program and then a technical assistant or bot would go into my computer to fix the problem. They needed a code; I refused to give it to them....they then hung up. Being this was the third time they called; i thought i would look it up....glad I did. I also liked the advice; if we have a problem we will call! How did they know my computer ID number though?



I just received this call at my mum's house and she had been in contact with Telstra recently due to some technical issues, I thought they were from Telstra and i did the whole eventvwr thing n wasnt really payin attention as i was in a hurry and thought they were from Telstra n wanted to fix mum's computer. They then took me to a site and proceeded to try and gain remote access, when I finally started paying attention and didnt see any Telstra names anywhere so i abruptly said Where r u from? Then said I don't know u! and swiftly hung up, disconnected n switched my computer off. I am in trouble with him being able to gain access again now?



just had a call from a "lady", no name given, claiming to be from windows. She could/would not tell me what was wrong with my computer when I questioned her. I hung up on her. Sady, I am sure my husband fell for them in November 2010, and actually paid for a product called E Scan using a credit card. We were only charged the 1 time, (approx $200.00)for 2 yrs virus protection, which is still being run on a daily basis. This particular credit card was compromised on MARCH 2011, $ ANZ stopped credit on this card. I will now be looking for a new anti virus program, Wish I had found this website last year. Thanks
I am in Wagga Wagga, NSW



I've had the call 4 times over the last month (New Zealand), always during tea-time. I played with them the first couple of times but the novelty wore off. The fact is that they will likely find it quite easy to scam people who are trusting and I'm really annoyed. We should be able to trust each other.

Our governments seem to be ineffective in getting India's government to be effective - perhaps we should simply apply consumer pressure and boycott companies who use Indian call centres.

I read the article in about the Indian Call Centre training. For some of the employees, phishing was their favourite sort of job.



Never give your credit card details out over the phone NEVER.Its pretty basic stuff.Unless you are purchasing something from a reputable source and you have contacted them,otherwise why would you??

These people rely on people who will give out their credit card details over the phone to someone they dont know and they do not understand what is going on,yet they still give out personal details??? How hard is it for someone to get your ph number and last name, easy.

All people who have free money can just please contact me, that way at least your money will stay in Australia, i promise :) I will also only try and buy locally made products.




I just got a call from PCTech at 10:30 tonight, seems Microsoft hired them to help with calling their customers about a malware they/we are all downloading. Ya because Microsoft cares so much about little old me. I just hung up on the still Indean sounding guy, he tried to call me back 3 times but I just hung up without even saying hello.
Just wanted to let people know how far this has gone. I live in Quebec Canada..
I just don't understand how this is still going on, years later and still exactly the same. Can't even imagine how much money they have scammed, I think I am in the wrong business..

John Knee


They called me tonight and i did open my event log. I then became suspicious and shut off my internet and hung up. I was wondering i did not click on anything on the event log and i did not go to the website he asked me to go to. My question is this?. Just by opening the event log could i be compromised? Thanks in advance.

Ar Kay


Even funnier when they call and you don't actually have a windows based computer in the house. I kept asking what part of the window do i write in to put the eventviewer and he didn't catch on that I was pretending to write on my kitchen window. Even asked if it was a matter of concern that my neighbours might be watching me write on the window. As expected, the operator got very abusive but at least I had the pleasure of wasting his time

Glenn McNabb


Got a call from "systemproassist" - sus from the start - bad line - asked me to run eventvwr - I asked how they knew I have malware - no real answer - asked where are we headed - no real answer - asked for their phone number - they gave it 0390159416 - googled that number and found it was Grip Global at Lvl 36 525 Collins St Melbourne Vic Aust - googled that found it to be appartments. Googled systemproassist and they have a web site that has a remote desktop option - really really sus now. I rang the number using voip and a guy answered with HELLO - not a company-type answer. I asked to speak to Edward (indian accent!!) and was advised he would call be back - the guy was really brief as if the phone call was costing him money - probably was as they were using a local Melbourne number to no-doubt bounce oversease to some Bombay-type dive of a location- hang up on them rather than spend 2 hours of wasted time. Less than human



Funny, but true story about I called their 1-877-523-2355 number to complain that one of their technicians had called me claiming to be an authorized Microsoft Service representative, and I had just discovered that I had been lied to. NOTE: Microsoft agents will NEVER call customers unless the customer asks them to call or fills in a support with phone case. Contact Microsoft Fraud Line at 1-800-785-3448 to report them. The very nice young man who answered assured me that none of their representatives would claim that. I insisted one had and gave him the technicians name and time of call. Again he insisted that they never claim to be authorized Microsoft service providers. Then I heard shouting in the background. The young man excused himself for a minute and as I listened, I clearly heard an older man with an Indian accent yelling, “If a customer asks if we are authorized Microsoft software providers, you say YES! YOU SAY YES!” When the young man returned on the phone, I said, “I see they are teaching you to lie.” He was at a loss for words. A minute later, he said he needed to go, but would call me back in 15 minutes. He never did. When I called back one hour later to reconnect with him, I was unable to, and unfortunately I hadn’t gotten his name. I suspect he was probably an innocent computer science grad who had no idea what kind of company he’s gotten in to.



I received a interesting phone this afternoon for a company claiming to be "Computer Global Solutions". They tried to con me to change some of my Internet settings on systems preferences (MAC).

They claimed that i have been downloading from unsafe websites and that i need to change some security settings. Evidently, some part of this is true... i have been downloading off website such as 'mediafire'. How do they know this? Could someone answer this please?



they called me in (I live in Canada) 5 minutes ago, indian voice and want me to enter in a run box of the computer "eventvwr" and I dind't I told then that they are a scam and shut down the phone!
I also asked him some info, he said his name was " Victor" and also can contact him at 19055811797 windows service center in Toronto. I didn't believe anything and then they still calling and I just dont answer the phone!



Just got the same call. I kept him talking for 10 minutes, just to annoy him - then hung upin boredom.




Now they have come to Denmark as well :(

Just got a call from "systemproassist" and it all sounded ok until they want me to fill out a form incl. my creditcard details.
They even said that they will not claim any money the first two weeks, then I could see if the service was good in those two weeks and then pay - that made me really suspesius.
When I asked where they were, they start telling me "Denmark" then I asked for a person that could speak Danish but then they was suddenly based in Australia.
I asked why both persons I spoke to had Indian accent but they claimed they was born and raised in Australia, by Australian parents.
I've been to Australia and have friends who are from Australia - the accent didn't match



I just had a call from this lot. I played along for a bit. Ran eventvwr. Apparently the red cautions were error messages my computer was sending out and the yellow warnings were the messages back from their computer. Kinda lame explanation, but whatever. I'm sure it probably works for them. After that, they wanted me to run which is where I got off the ride. Seems that is a remote desktop application which will give them access to your pc so they can install whatever they want on your computer.

I told them my antivirus was blocking the program, so I was transferred to their "superwizor". I dropped the whole dumb technophobe act and gave him a piece of my mind. Told him I thought what he was doing was despicable, among other things lol. It may not have made a difference to him, but it sure made me feel better :)

If you're going to play along, don't go to - that'd be bad.



Had the exact same call just minutes ago, all I said was i'm sorry I don't have a computer, she said not even a laptop I said no (haha) but she did say sorry to trouble you maam



Had this call 20 minutes ago from an Indian sounding man, using the same event viewer scam as proof of a virus. He directed me to and when the site wouldnt load said it was because of the virus that was infecting my pc he then took me to which he said was the Australian headqaurters of his company.
Heard three or four people in the background, one female. When he finally got to the costs he said a one off lifetime payment of $209.
I told him im a struggling student and couldn't afford it till next week.He then said i could pay it off in installments. I told him i would no be able to pay for it till next Monday. He wilted and said that he was willing to give it to me for whatever I had in my bank account as one off student special!
Really dodgy but great english.



I have had this call around 5-6 times the last couple of months, I knew straight away it was a scam. It seems to happen after I download from torrents. Anyway now when they call I just say sorry I think you may have the wrong number as I don't own a computer and they hang up straight away.



Got this scam tonight. Lots of rubbish then tried to get me to open

I was not game to open it ... so maybe they wanted me to open 2 or 3 sites before I hit the nasty one ...

If you want Telstra to black list a website .. that would be a good start.



I just had a similar call from a person with an Indian accent too. I kept telling him I could not understand his accent and to please speak slower. He guided me through the "Start>Computer>Manage" process to find the event viewer. I did not install anything. I kept asking him for his company name. He said, "Microsoft Security Solutions" or something like that. I kept asking him is this was a sales call which he denied. I also asked him how he found my phone number. He said through my computer's IP address. My cell is not tied to my IP address. Thank God my pay as you go cell phone ran out of minutes before he completed his mission.
This took place in Nampa, Idaho, USA. Unbelievable!



here is a another mumber 0280061892 they go by the names harold patterson david they will get court my brother is a australian fedralpolice offcer high up to they are no to them



Just got off the line with "Zack Larin" from "ITech Planet" ... at least, their call centre in Mumbai. When I asked for a callback number, he gave me 205-588-8841. Same scam - wanted to review my event logs. He was brave enough to press on even after I said I was an IT professional ... apparently he didn't realize that an IT professional is never going to run something recommended by a random caller.....



even a properly functioning system will have errors and most of them are trivial..i was very surprised they didn't bother to ask the error event 'id' when they called me. "LOOK AT ALL THEM ERRORS..OWH MY GOODNESS!!!!"'s a tip..clear the logs!!!



If you want to hear what they sound like in action, I got an opportunity to record it just the other day when they called. I also had some fun with them until they figured out what I was doing.

Enjoy :)



I was scammed this afternnon and my new PC has actually stopped working altogether and I used my old PC and surprise surprise got a call this evening with the typical dofgy Indian call centre nonsense a argain 5 yr software package for only $599 a simple registration fee they even gave me a number 02 61004030. I have called the police see if we can nail these bastards!! no idea how to fix the new PC though what a pain in the ass. I was also told to report on scam watch dot gov au etc or cll 1300 795995



Got a call earlier today regarding this exact thing. He did indeed have an Indian accent and told me to do the exact things that this article describes. Of course I was suspicious, but to make sure I had him spell out "eventvwr", acting as if my English was rather poor while I searched the net for more information about the program. First word I see when I searched eventvwr on google was the word "Scam", and with a quick "farewell" I hung up.

When it comes to your computer, simply be suspicious. I read that people from microsoft does not contact you unless you have yourself contacted them previously. If you know nothing; do nothing.

Also, I seriously found the story to be extremely stupid. He didn't give any exact numbers, but that a large amount of windows computers have experienced serious bugs? I think I would have heard something about that on the news or whatever.



I just had a lovely chat with an Indian fellow named "Rod" about this issue. I had no idea my computer had so many errors so i googled this scam while talking to him. I just stayed on the line slowly complying with his directions (while not giving away any info) just to waste a bit of his time. I started mumbling my answers and he got angry and started yelling "I cannot understand you sir. Please speak more loudly!" and hung up when i told him to please moderate his tone.

Got a call 10 minutes later. It was the same chap. So i "followed" some directions. He wanted me to upgrade my software warranty for $109 but first i needed to connect my computer to a technician. I was directed to go to and enter the code 871413. I didn't comply but kept saying i did.

He got angry, yelled, asked if i was drunk etc... I calmly explained that i i was trying my best to understand. He eventually told me to stop wasting his time. Oh sweet irony.

The first call was about 10 mins, the second was over 15. I was proud to waste his time and encourage everyone to do this

Mark ACD


Hi Everyone,

I'm the lead Tech for Australian Computer Doctors Pty. Ltd, I've had a number of our clients whom have reported this event posted:

Recently we have trapped a call from IP : or Tucows who host the domain are looking into this and i hope to get a reply shortly. Please advise all friends and family that random calls to fix your PC is not normal (Microsoft would never do this).... and trusting your local IT person is always the best action. Remember that everyone of our computers has a unique address (, unless the person knows this..... they don't know your pc.

The Dr


I have had 4 calls this year, 2 in successive days. The 1st time I was unaware of the news of the scam but was able derail the caller who began by saying he was calling from "computer maintenance dept". I said I hadn't asked for assistance and interrogated him until he said "I am sorry" and hung up. The 2nd call as soon as his opening spiel was over I simply asked, "how do you know whether I own a computer or not?" He was flummoxed, and with each faltering remark I returned to the question until he ended the call. Yesterday it was a female caller. After her spiel I put the same question, "how do you know if I own a computer", to which she said they had 70 complaints from NSW and Vic about Windows errors. I then said, "you are calling from overseas". She said "no I am calling from North Sydney". I said, "No, you are calling from India, you are a liar and fraud. This is a scam and you are after money" I then played into the mouthpiece a Dr Who Cyberman saying "you will be deleted". Today, a male caller "E-technical dept". I immediately asked, "how do you know if I have a computer" and the line went dead.



Thanks for posting this article. I have had 4 calls in the past week. Today's was virtually intelligible - the caller was Indian, as per usual, but I could barely understand her. When I asked what company she was from, the response was something like " Internet support systems"
What threw me was her stating my address - it is about all I understood of the call - so this caller got to speak longer than most. When she asked me to turn on my computer so they could fix the problem - I finally put her out of her misery and said no thank you. Can't we stop this?



Just got a dodgy call from an dodgy poppadum Indian (male) , said his name was John Lee and claiming to be from Windows Support. I asked if he was from Microsoft, he said no, they sub-contract to them .. fixing their computor errors. He told me his (physical) address was 217 Miller St, North Sydney. I googled the address and thankfully came across "Phishing Scam". I said to him I would call back He gave his landline as PH: 8005-7201



Like all of us here, same experience several times over... I'm in Melbourne. But I wanted to mention to anyone who has been scammed, don't forget that your credit card basically comes with a protection for this sort of thing, all is not lost. Be sure to ring them up as soon as you can, detail the scam and your payment (date time etc) and then you can begin the process of "chargeback" or charge reversal. You will need to post or fax the form they will give you, and it will take possibly a few months, but its really quite easy to do - don't let the buggers just get away with it. Also, for good measure, cancel the card you used. That way it will not enable anyone to use those payment details again, it might put you out of a card for a week or so, but peace of mind is gold! Cheers all



I really liked the article, and the very cool blog



I also got a call from these people i typed INF into my run box and now my computer is being really slow and I dont know why, I ran and AVG scan but it says nothing is wrong with my computer! im really worried about this!



The calls are now coming in Canada. Just got called tonite. Indian folks again - Selina and Daniel John (nice indian name) with their superviosr's name "dave". OMG please come up with better scripts. Same old story: Windows Service Center calling from Melbourne, Aus. Asked for tel# and address got no office address as they are "GLOBAL" and the tel# 0388070905. Asked them how they know about "malicious files on my pc" and challenged them for my IP address. Obviously they didn't know ~ stoopid.



I got one of these idiots a good one. They keep calling me so I thought I'd have some fun with them. Forward to 7:50 if you get bored with the wind up!



Just had similar call, I asked the Indian woman, 'Are you trying to get remote access to my computer?' and she became very irate, saying, 'What would I gain looking at your computer?', Not, as you might expect, ' what is remote access?' or "Why would you ask that?' or indeed being confused at the accusation at all. Sad way to earn a living.



I get calls from them about 1-2 times a week now its insane. Obviously knew right from the start its a scam.. hope no one falls for this stuff. Just muck around with them and make them think your going through with it.



I had the same call this afternoon. Knowing full well it was a scam, I recorded it.
Played along as if I believed him and was following through on the actions - but instead typed "eventvwr" into google, and came up with this thread.
After a few minutes I laughed, and told him I was aware that this was a scam and that I was recording the call.
We talked for a bit more - then he asked me please not to do anything about this call - not to take this any further.
"Why?" I asked?
"Because I will lose my job then" he replied.
So they are using people in the Philipines, who are trying to hold onto their jobs - very sad.



Just had the third of these calls this week. My wife took the first two calls on Monday, I got the other today. Interestingly, todays caller spoke with an IRISH accent (the first two were Indian)

Jim Browning


I recorded exactly what happens if you let them access your computer on this YouTube video:

You may find it interesting.




Thank you everyone for your posts... Just got the same call in Montreal - Indian caller. This article helped me validate the scam. As he spoke I told him he had a very attractive voice and that I wished he was closer, much closer...



They called me and I called them out. The one supervisor Dave called me a F&$@ing cracker while attempting to get me to click on the download button on their phony website.



I'm an employee of arjun group of industries in a similar outbound call center.
I'm now disclosing all our company's secret out here because I'm feeling guilty to be part of a very big scam and don't want my country's name to tarnish. The MD of arjun group of industries is Mr. Ankit Jaiswal.
We are totally a scam and we have three processes namely The UK process where we are required to scam the nice people of the UK. The second is the US process where the same thing is done to the US people and last but not the least they recently introduced an austrailian process.
well the scamming first starts with a phone call from a british accented indian. he says " Hello I'm david (my alias name) am i speaking with ... (Your last name) then starts to tell that ur computer might have downloaded a very dangerous online infection that is very dangerous for ur computer and they came to know all about it after they saw ur IP address was blinking in their server system.
after a lot of talks they ask for money.

1. Those errors and warnings are nothing but page faults in the operating system. Windows just logs it down.
2. There is nothing as the open gateway of the internet from where these so called infections can come.
3. There is nothing as the International Server System. These gys buy your telephone number from various companies.
4. Your IP (Internet Protocol) address cannot blink coz its not something which can report anything. Its just the identification of ur computer in the network.

1. Hang Up the phone as soon as u hear any of rthose above said dialogues.
2. Never ever download anything or do anything they tell u to do so.
4. Do not ever give ur credit card details or fill any of the claimed Secured Banking Form from them. because if u come to this point then they would be able to see anything ur doing with the computers as ur computer is already connected.

please please do read it once and ask if u have any queries...

It really feels bad because of some lowlifes INDIA's name is tarnished in front of all.
I'm an INDIAN and I'm proud to be one..







I got a call from someone today claiming to be from dell, they tried to get me to do this same thing. They said their name was Robert, and they were from India, ya can't mistake their accent....Dome azz Fucr's need to get a life and a real job............



Had been awaiting this call and got one the other week.
I'm in IT and my wife was warned about this. Kept the caller going for 3 seperate calls, in total approx 1 hour all up (till we got bored).
The most memorable events was:
-when asked to go to website I went to youtube and played wiggles songs on phone. Left room and came back latter. The tenacious caller was still on the phone.I then proceeded to tell him off, "you said you'd fix my computer, and you send me to this music site, what is this crap?!?"
-gave my name as Seymour Butts. I thought this would have tipped them off that I was onto them, luckily they were clueless.
-Told them that the commands weren't working. Took them a while to realise that I was referring to a MAC.
-Might be a bit rude, but told them that I heard that the two best AV software available was the AG Spit or the Lux Swallows, then asked if they preferred to Spit or Swallow.

In the end I got bored and told them that I knew this was a scam and that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Brazingly enough, got a call from "Mac" the next day looking for Seymour and wanting to help fix my laptop.



Can anyone confirm posts 239 and 240?



Just got the call pretty much exactly the same LOL
Most of the time i was just going "...uh yeh, but what about it?"
then i heard the punch line. "Your software on your motherboard is expired." lolol what? "we'll send you some antivirus and scan for 100 dollars" Yeah alright man. no thanks.

Pretty funny.



i can confirm 239,240...check am from technical background..i know the total nonsence process...:-)

Quite an allegation. shows
Domain name:

Arjun Group of Industries

Registrant type:

Registrant’s address:
Balai Singhi Lane
Kolkata-700 009
700 009

Kiss my ....


Just had the same call from "Mike" (that was my first clue it was a scam...he was definitely East Indian - ya MIKE, thats really believable!) When he began with "No ma'am not to worry, I am the Sr. Technician for OTS, I am going to help you fix your computer ma'am". When I told him that I didn't trust him and would not be giving him any information off my computer, he told me to call back and verify him....Ya ok! I'll call a 877 number (that anyone can get) and verify you are "Mike the Sr Tech thats going to try and screw me". He then called me 3 more times and I finally told him that I gave the 1-877-697-9554 to the police and they will call him! Seriously, don't waste your time with these dishonest *@#%s! Unfortunately, they are making it hard to not hold it against East Indians!



After all i have read , iam reluctant t offer my email TO ANYONE. Having been called at least a dozen times. Almost scammed till they asked for CC details. How do we stop this ?



I have now had a total of SEVENTEEN calls from these people. They are remarkably persistent, if nothing else. It's a shame that they are destroying the good name of ALL Indian people. Now, if i hear any type of Indian accent, i simply hang up without acknowledging the caller. Sorry Indian people who are honestly just doing their daily job at a call-centre, but that's how it is. Your criminal scammers are ruining your countries reputation,... and i would honestly suggest your Government does something about it,.... before ALL trust in India, and Indian people, is terminally eroded world-wide. Then it will be too late for you all.

Jackson Dunlop


I also got this India woman calling and I could hardly understand her so she hung up and called back again (still could hardly understand her).

She told me she was from Windows, which I did not believe, then she was telling me to run eventvwr because of all the viruses and spam she new I had cuz she got the message from my computer.

I didn't believe anything she had to say and so while she told me to type that in, I typed it in to google to find this, which I'm happy about. I then told her that I'd found all about her call on the internet where she continued to tell me 'not the internet', 'type it into my computer'.

Glad to see information about crap like this happening.

Stephen from Australia


I had my experience yesterday. 2 phone calls from them. Called themselves "Techforhelp". I kept them going for over an hour, ended with me playing them Alan Jacksons latest hits, rudely "Shane" the Indian hung up on me. They haven't called me back, I don't know why?



i did and im stupid the number i got was 347-480-1148 they actually fixed my comp it works way better... i did the 3 yr thing paid 199.00 so idk now what my computer works great i dnt really care i lost the money but i dnt want them to be able to screw me outta my info like if i log into a private bank or something.... what do i do .... help plz... and do they listen to my calls now cuz they have my phone number???.... like i looked up this scam stuff and right as i did they called me mind u same dude as last time... idk how computer crap works do they have access to all my stuff now should i buy a new computer and change my home phone number???????



just got the same call; was transferred to "manager" who claimed to be Kelvin Jones of Support4urpc and gave me telephone numbers shown on their webpage ( This scammer phoned 8 times during the day, no messages, no caller ID information. Both the female who first spoke to me and Kelvin Jones had East Indian accents. I declined their assistance.



ye i get these guys calling all the time...

something you may or may not realise however, from my experience and the experience of my friends that have had the unpleasant dealing with these guys. only people that use some utility service that has moved their call centres off shore seem to be the ones called.

my guess is its probably information sharing between companies within the country of call origin.... for us the caller always seems indian.



Still happening in the UK. I hope no one ever allows anyone into their PC who they don't know. Ask them for the link to Microsoft's pages that tell them how to fix it yourself. That seems to be Microsoft's model of doing things so any valid Company would know this.



Just received call about my computer sending a report to their IT department that i was having trouble with my windows/software. At first i told them i did not have a computer, guy said that according to them i did. Scary but he knew my address also. I asked if I could call him back, gave me a number 02 80043434 & said this was not a scam & he knew there was scams happening but this was not one of them. I tried to call back with no luck. Then with-in 3 minutes another guy calls claiming to be a different name although strangely his voice was very simular to the first caller, saying I had been given the incorrect phone number the correct one being now 02 80034343...... beware of strangers that phone.



Holy S*&T Leanne, i had the exact same call today from the same guy, gave me the exact same phone number too. He was from "sydney", BULLS%^T!!!! I hung up on him and he tried calling me 4 more times.

Peter Thompson


Haha these guys call me every day, some times Microsoft sometimes other companies, me and my house mates now take turns messing with them. Best one so far open/or pretend to open eventlog then claim there are no errors and thus your computer must be fine, it really stumps them. For 4 uni students who work in pubs this has become our hi-light of the day.

Neil Macleod


It happened to me an hour ago in Belgium and thought I'd run a search on and came to this page. started with eventvwr. then asked me to run 'inf hacking' and then asked me to enter at this point I told him to send me an official Microsoft email with details of what I need to do. Did brick myself a little bit at the start and feel like a bit of a plonker for being on phone for 15 minutes but i just happened to have loads of errors and freezing going on lately on my computer.
Does anyone know if I click run 'inf hacking' anything will happen. I've got my anti-malware doing a scan at the minute just to be sure. Let me know. Cheers



it is happening in australia as well just tell 'em to pee off, then hang up!!



Hi Guys, Just got a call from Joycelyn... Same crap...... Contact number given is 02 61008129.....



What led me to writing here was i got a call myself and i did a bit of background research about 3hrs ago i got a call with an indian (apparently) telling me i had a computer in my house with windows which had a really bad infection that would take my bank details. This is what put me off straight away.

So i asked how do you know i have an infection and he kept changing the topic and said it is more important to do what i say. I said no and if you did managed to get this information which is impossible you would definetly have my gateway, ip address and ISP - internet service provider. He kept ignoring what i was saying and said somethingelse

So i gave in but knowing it was a scam and wanted to see what he was trying to do. I pretended to do what he said knowing what would happen.

He asked if i knew what these errors were in event viewer, and i do but i prented not to and he gave me the biggest pile of B******* id ever heard.

He said im sorry to tell you but you have been infected. Pretending to be gutted knowing that i wasn't.

This is the interesting part though he said i can sell you a program for £600 which will be delivered within 1-2 days which will get rid of this infection and any others. I said i aint f****** paying for any of your programs. He became very angressive then and said "sir you will be at risk and a hacker could hack the heck out of of your computer but i can give you a link to a free program that you can download off the internet but it is not as good as the £600 program"

I then think what Microsoft representative speaks like that.
Anyway i go to this link to check it out but have avast internet security not allow anything come through the internet before hand. I then get to the website and get major warnings from avast saying the firewall has blocked incoming connections from this website. Before i could even close the website google chrome was terminated by avast.

Finally id had enough and just wanted to have a go at him. So i started by saying wouldn't an antivirus pick this up. He kept saying erm erm erm and eventually said the infection is so new it wont pick it up. He then asked which one i got and i said avast. He immediately said we have had reports of this not picking up the infection and told me to unistall it for now as it might interfere with the other program i istalled earlier.

I then replied of course its going to interfere with that program as its a f****** virus you t*at. Do you think i'm f****** stupid, i'm the king of England and your a Microsoft representative, Bulls**t.
Go do some fishing you dirty piece of scamming s*** Stop trying to steal my bank details/Rip me off you r*****, go get a job and a life you mouldy b******. Then i hung up.

I hope no one else gets court out by this/these a******(*)
By the way im from the UK so its not just in australia

Prachi Joshi


OMG.... I just got a call. I shut down my computer before anything happened, Hope they didnt peep into my computer details i am bit scared now. People we tend to fall pray pretty easily. Please take care people.
I live in australia. Its still active.



I had exactly the same call today. With one difference, instead of saying that I had a virus they said that they had detected that my computer had been hacked yesterday and that they needed me to give them access to my computer sothat they could connect it to the microsoft servers to stop the hack.

I spoke to 3 or 4 different people, and when the last one told me his name was Justin Bieber, I told him to F..k off, after which he blustered and threatened me with "just you wait and see what we do to you..."




Ahh I remember getting this phone call about a month ago. I felt like having a bit of fun with the poor bugger who called me apperantly called "Andrew" (Stereotypical name much?) So I told him that the police had pinpointed their "department of operation" and all employess or anyone that had anything affiliated with the scam would be seen in court and sued for fraudery by microsft. " Any idiot would figure that I was lying in exception to a certain group of people who are called telemarketers. "Andrew" suddenly got extremely abusive with me saying that "I will **** sue you you stupid ****". I told him the entire video was being recorded as did many others and would be used against him. He immediatley hung, leaving me with quite a delightful trollface.



Just had the delight of 20 minutes with a flustered young lady of Indian Origin, Same same as all of the above, Only I asked her for a phone number.....02032399544 apparently in the East end of London which I did a quick Google on. I told her I was doing the search, and she was adamant that I shouldnt use my browser as my PC was at risk. "How did you get my number ?" Again flustered oh windows has it ?? I would like to speak to your manager ? They are busy on another line.....but I wont go on till I have spoken to MUST open "Run" you computer is in danger. and so it went on, I do feel sorry for these folk who are scratching for a living by trying to scam people but it kept me amused for 20 minutes or so. Letting friends and family be aware of this scam. its clearly been going on a long time !



I can't count the number of calls I've had from these clowns, I work from home so sometimes I have a chat and hang up, sometimes not. Today I went thru the spiel, wrote down the command blah (u can tell I'm not real pc savvy) instead of entering it to investigate later and when he asked me what the computer said (?) I said "do you think I'm an idiot" to which he replied yes, I lost it a bit then (use your imagination) and hung up. So that brings me here.

Can I blow a whistle down the line the next time these goons call, and not get call back at 3am from some half deaf git seeking revenge?

This needs to stop, like a lot have said b4 me, it doesn't do the Indian people a lot of good.



still going i got the call in uk today . fortunately i am suspicious of everything . I know a lot of older people and one guy told me a few weeks ago he had paid for this support . He is really happy with it !!! says they fixed loads of things for him .... im not sure whether to upset him by telling him it is a scam or leave him happy and hope they dont get him again .



Funny thing, this is the second time that I've heard of someone saying that their computer works better after paying these scammers.
They have a person's credit card details and have installed spyware on the computer; I doubt that they are fixing the NON-EXISTENT issues that they are claiming people's computers have.
Or perhaps they are do gooders, randomly fixing people's computers for a reasonble fee (insert sarcastic tone where applicable)?
Probably more likely further proof of the placebo effect perhaps.



MikeB, when you blow the whistle yell at them for having blown the whistle at you. This will confuse them and make them think there is a fault on the line.
I used this excuse when I played them Wiggle music while I wentr for a walk -"What the hell is this? You told me to go to a website and all I get is music!!!! Is this some kind of joke?!?!?"

grace 1982


Hey, I upgraded my graphics dance-card and PSU today and still since Windows has been a lot slower - slower starting up and slower in general also. Conduct is better in games albeit, which is fitting as that's why I bought the graphics card.
The radiation on my in the event that is ON ALL OCCASIONS blinking and I can EVER hear the spot whirring sounds, both things that inured to to occasionally occur when opening a listing or roughly when the computer was opinion, but when I check up on my CPU convention it is not extraordinary at all (at 5% fittingly at the moment). My retention is also alone condign second to half full.
I cannot think what the problem is, I'm sure I've done something wrong - here are my specs:

Intel Core 2 Q9400
Asus P5Q-Pro
Radeon HD 6950
XFX 850w
Windows7 64-bit

My old specs were the same but with two HD 4850s and a Storm 900w PSU.

Baby Grace x



Best to ask the experts. These are generally Microsoft technicians but are very helpful:





Hello guys

An Indian guy has written the inside of these people. Each and every detail is there. Check it how they are operating such a big Scam and no one is doing anything about it.



I received a phone call from 1 Stop Computer Fix to the same end as reported before.
They have a website, an address in NSW, a phone nr in Melbourne, an emailaddress that bounces back
("Delivery to the following recipients failed." )
and when I called them them I was abused .



Just recieved this call at my work in Scotland. I do IT here so I was not in any way convinced by the guy's chat but kept them online as I was curious as to whether they were going to try and get me to divulge my bank details or install something on my computer or what. I tried to be as good a customer as possible, saying "so what do you want me to do?" but they were completely inept. The first guy made no sense at all, and the next guy (the "senior technician") didn't even know how to do the scam properly. He asked me to type eventvwr into search rather than run. This doesn't bring anything up. He interpreted the fact that eventvwr didn't appear in the search as proof that my computer was in serious danger. The line went dead twice and he phoned back both times. He was very pushy, but seemed to be unsure as to what he was pushing towards. Eventually I told him in no uncertain terms that he was wasting his time and he hasn't called back.

I hope that most of these scammers are of a similar callibre, as if that's the case then even the most it terrified of us should be able to sleep soundly :-)

Damon. Canada.


They are still trying to run the scam. i had a call last week from them, but i was in bed, and said i was not going to go down stairs and turn on my computer. so i got the call again today. when they told me to type in the eventvwr i said i did, and tried to play along for a while, mean while i googled eventvwr and found this and other ones stating this to be a scam. after keeping him on the line for about 15min. i told him i was reading about how this was a scam, and finally hung up on him. Indian sounding guy claiming to work for microsoft. Hope nobody falls for this stuff. and glad that Google leads me here so quickly.

Damon. Canada.


Just seen the date posted on here for my post is wrong. so thought i would give an accurate date so everyone knows how current this scam is still going. today is November 30th 2011.



Can't believe this scam is still ongoing, so over it! The first time they called mum answered but passed the phone over to me. At first I thought it was real, but halfway through I got suspicious and told them I can't get access to internet for whatever reason. The Indian guy was so eager he was getting angry, for sure he was thinking he had this one in the bag. Pftsh! So I just hung up, then he called back and dad just lashed out on him telling him don't call back.

I just got another call today here in Aus (05/12/11) . Told them I had a Mac. Guy was lost for words and hung up.



Hi all, I've had a couple of these calls, the first time I argued with the woman telling her she couldn't tell if I had an infected computer or not. The second time I thought I'd have some fun, so I listened to the woman trying to convince me I had an infection up to the moment I told her I didn't have a computer or laptop, she stuttered, ran out of words and put the phone down. I say have some fun with them. I am an computer technician and have dealt with these type of people quite a few times in the UK and now in NZ, it's fun to see how angry you can make them, try it, ask the woman what colour her underwear is, or ask her if she gives out on a first date, what her favourite position is, ask the guys the same questions, see what they do, it's gotta make them confused if nothing else and you get to have a bit of fun!, just DON'T do as they ask!!!!



I have been receiving many calls from an overseas call centre using VOIP asking to run command “Eventvwr” on my pc to show malware running and they would help me to correct it. As they called me, I asked for the number so I could call back to verify them. They gave out 18504541150 and the person I was speaking to cyrus Watson ms4403 (employer ID) . Not an aussie number,I have lodged a request for information from Telstra about blocking this number ID blocked. Thanks



I solved the problem of M$, virus and maleware infested operating system years ago. I installed Linux never a problem since:)



Yep, got that call today, but i had some sense not to give my credit card details to an unknown number. Im glad i didn't, i just saved $185 or I would of had to pay for a crap program. I thanks all of you left a comment as you all saved my behind! ;)



Dec.20/11...same as above...female a.k.a.NicoleDsuza from UK (manchester)...was virginia last time....sounded chinese (could have been indian...I am would i know?)said ph# was W4W17W902W74 ...Hung up when I insisted on supervisor....4th time in last few weeks...asked for me by name...interesting..knew my address...there is nothing connecting me with this address...use p.o on boat...I \m on Fed. Gov. do not call list (churches and charities xcepted.) phgoned them and they adsmitted they sell the data base to business parties as long as they are outside Canada...RIGHT!..



Re above, call all ame in around 18:15, and caller when quierried said whe was calling from "Bingo" which was part of windows...Scam line was as previous posts..



I get these calls so often that I have completely lost patience with them. I told the last caller 20 minutes ago to "- - - - off" , and he rang straight back to abuse me for abusing him. I told him: "What IS THIS? You want to hack my computer and get my bank account details and you expect ME to be polite!!" I base this on the fact that many months ago I just happened to have a clean install of Win XP on a virtual PC available when I got one of these calls. I played along as the caller used LogMeIn to access the virtual PC and install IOBit Advanced System Care on it. I thought that was the end of it, and forgot about it. A few weeks later I ran Belarc Advisor on this virtual PC and it reported a KEYLOGGER was installed.



Just recieved this call at my work in Scotland. I do IT here so I was not in any way convinced by the guy's chat but kept them online as I was



I am in the USA (California) and the Indian man found us tonight too. I played his game for a few minutes while googling eventvwr scam. I found this site and read some of the great posts, so was having fun with him asking him to spell eventvwr over and over again about 8 times. I said I was having PC problems because it was not working and for him to give me his phone number so that I could call him back, to which he responded, "this is not to scam you out". I laughed and hung up as that response made my day!

Non PC professionals be careful!



I had "the call" this morning- the ID showed it coming from the Czech republic! I live in Spain, so the caller had to call a Spanish number. Logically enough, I answered in Spanish, but he took no notice and spoke (pretty bad) English and apparently knew my name. I asked him where he was ringing from and he said "Australia"- I said it must be costing them a fortune, but he said "no, we have a special line". Hm. I asked him where he got my details from, and he said "Microsoft records". Hm again. So I told him to e-mail the information to me, since obviously they would have my address if they had my number. No e-mail (yet!). Hm hm hm.
A friend's mother keeps an old cassette recorder next to the phone and says "Hold on while I get my husband" and then plays jolly music for as long as necessary. By the time she gets back the caller has gone...



Thanks for spreading the news about this, Microsoft is a very established company and I don't think they will just give a call to somebody without any valid proof . I wonder if how many people gets deceived by this scammers. Never trust a stranger specially on the other line. This blog is very helpful to make us be aware of what harm they can bring to us.

Brian Hurst


I live in London Canada and we're not immune either. Had a call yesterday and played along with the guy for a while. Claimed I was late for a meeting then and asked him to call back tomorrow. I figure the more time he spends with me the less time he would have to play this on someone who might fall for it.

Brian Hurst


Unbelievable, he called back. I told him that I was on to him and he began to defend himself. Suddenly he was cut off. I suspect they have an administrator who monitors their calls and cut him off while he was still talking.

The number that appeared on call display was 19892204326



I can't believe this started and it's still going strong in 2012! They must be suckering people into it. I just had a call from the cheeky sods and instead of entering eventvwr into the run command box as requested, I googled it. Glad I did as this site was what came up, so I read the guy the article... suprisingly I was hung up on...



I just got the same call. I just told the guy his mother is a whore ,
he didnt like it much



theyre invading america! i trolled the indian so hard and even started to talk with an indian accent haha



Funny that!
I got a call from an indian call center from a private number asking me to run the 'eventvwr.exe' on my computer just today as my computer was downloading malicious content onto my computer. I definitly did not do it! I asked for their business name and the rep gave me one name and the supervisor gave me another which was very suspicious. I told them to call back later to go through it. I googled the info they asked me to do and can see now its a scam. You can't trust anyone anymore.



I just had a call from "sydney" australia Windows to let me know there was some dangerous activity on my computer and if I didnt do something about it my computer would crash. all I had to do was enter eventvwr under start run, but I asked for their number to confirm who I was dealing with and was given 0280050590 so before ringing I did an net search and came up with this site. Thank you!



my aunt received the call and followed his instructions.... he gained access to her computer. I don't know what he's done to her computer!!!!

What can she do??? about from be more knowledgeable about scams!



I have a fair bit of fun with these people. I lead them on for a good 20 mins if i have the time. Misunderstand instructions, play dumb, pretend they sent me to porn sites whilst they are telling me to go to thier remote access site.
I figure the more I give them the run around the less time they have to screw with more vulnerable people.
I usually finish with something along the lines of I work for the federal police and they hang up pretty fast.



here are two phone numbers they called me from if we all call them......................... BUG the HELL out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

213-333-3206 &

these numbers actually accept calls. LOL



Just got one of these calls, from an Indian lady (I'm in Canberra). Came up as a PRIVATE number and my normal rule is if there is a small delay on an incoming private number I just hang up. This one got the benefit of the doubt, just, but shouldn't have! Was told that I had all these errors that I didn't even know about and they are damaging my computer. Typed in Event Viewer and then she wanted to connect me to a remote computer, no way! I asked where she got my number from and she said the Microsoft Operating system database, bullsh!t! We have only got a new phone number recently that hardly anyone knows yet! I ended the call not long after that.....



Unreal!! Got a similar call to all the above. Asked me what system i am using, they are responding to a lot of problems with corrupted files on Windows. Asked me to check and when I couldn't see "start search" on my screen she said I must have many corrupted files. Then she transferred me to a Microsoft technician. Alarm bells rang when I was asked to type in "logmein" and I went no further as I had no idea who this person of Indian origin was. He said" so mam you don't wish to go any further" !! Very polite. So pleased to see these various versions of the same scam.



I've heard a lot of discussions about these new anti-online-piracy organizations as ACTA, SOPA, and PIPA. I'm just wondering, why does everyone think its so bad? I mean; its just to prevent people from doing something illegal and from being thieves. I also see a lot of exaggeration when it comes to the punishment. Rumors, saying that you can get 50 years of prison for sharing files, that is not true! Also, as far a i know, its only the person sharing the files who will get punished, not the streamer/downloader, even though that's illegal too and you could get punished for that as well.
Why does everyone think that its OK to steal on the internet, when they would never even think about stealing from a store? In theory is the same action being done.

Do you think its OK to steal from the internet?
Dont you feel sorry for the people who are loosing a lot of money from your stealing? (No, not just a little bit, A LOT!)



Sixth call in six months, yesterday. When I commented that they obviously didn't keep a record of who they called with their scam, the woman angrily retorted "This is not a scam!" - and then terminated the call.

greg o.


This is still around. Happened to me today around noon. Caller had an extremely strong mid-Eastern accent and had me go through the same 'type eventvwr into the box' routine. Had me count the red exclamation points and even the yellow yeild signs. I asked him if this was a sales call and he got very defensive, too defensive. Told him I would call Microsoft to verify his company. He said "not a problem" but his demeaner just wasn't believable. Eventually I hung up. A relative just explained this scam to me.

Peter H


Got 3 of these calls in 3 days. I let them talk me through the first few steps without doing anything and then said Oops a window has just come up saying that I have loaded onto YOUR computer a virus which is emailing the various security forces and police forces and your computer will shut down in 15 minutes.

Nothing like putting the fear of god into the caller. First time there was a stunned silence before they hurridly set goodbye. Second one was rather rude! Another trick is to fool around with them and find it impossible to find the icons and then telling them you are running Linux!

greg o.


Second call this week. Told him that I played that game before so take a few minutes and change the rules. He hung up.




I got this phishing scam, and am ashamed to say I went so far as to let him 'login' to my computer from a remote area. He made me download a program that basically let him access my computer, and I saw him running it from their database. He said he was going to 'login to show me the problems I have.' He went on the eventplanner thing and showed me all the error messages. He did this for maybe a minute before I started panicking. I told him to get the hell off or I was going to call the cops. He got off my computer, and I uninstalled the program. I'm just worried.. Can anyone help me? Does the company ( have any of my private information / are they still operating in my system??

I need answers =[ I'm afraid I let them in and it's too late. I uninstalled the program they used to remotely 'run' my computer. I'm of the optimistic attitude that if they just wanted to sell me something, they probably left me alone since I didn't buy. and as long as I didn't give my credit card I'm fine. Can anyone give me advice??

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Ian T


Received cold call from "Quantum PC Support" - caller had African accent and discussed something called "online harmful infections" and directed me to the event viewer. Obviously a phishing scam and I played along for quite sometime - maybe 10 minutes. He was called Richard and we established that , although I wasn't a customer, they were ringing people at random to run some checks. I asked some basic questions, along the lines of "if I'm not one of your customers, then who is paying your wages" - which were deftly and carefully side stepped. He also couldn't tell me what my IP address was or what had alerted them to the fact I might have a problem. Eventually a more agressive individual came on the line and explained that if I had one of the major online harmful infections, it would be a chargeable task to remove it. At this point I couldn't hold it together any longer and started laughing - at which point he hung up.
1) Always ask up front what it is they are selling and if they say they aren't selling anything, you can remind them later on in the call when they do try to sell you something.
2) Try to get them to state who is paying their wages, as legit Companies don't operate call centres for free.
3) Never give away personal details, run any software, connect to any URL they recommennd or allow any remote connections without knowing exactly who you are dealing with.

Lisa D


On 5-16-12 I received a call (number blocked from caller ID) made the mistake of answering, man with strong accent (from India) said he was calling from Windows. He said they detected a lot of viruses on my computer. I purchased a new laptop less than 1-month ago. Haven't used it much. anyway, he convinced me to look at an ID number on my computer to verify he was legit. HA! Anyway, Before I knew it he had accessed my computer remotely. Scared me with all the virus crap. When I realized that I had made a mistake, it was too late. I told them I couldn't afford the $250.00 for their virus protection, managed to get them off my computer. Now, I have to do a system restore using the repair discs I have, according to my IT friend. I feel like such an idiot. I know better than this.... Well, it won't happen again.



Just got the weird "Indian accented" phone call from a man telling me that all of the people in my hometown that had Windows Operating systems were being called. He said that there was a bug in the "system" that he would help me fix. Even after I told him that this was total BS he continued to ask me to go to run and then type in "eventvwr"... I am sure he was attempted to eventually gain control of my laptop.. Do not fall for this.. total CRAP!



just had the same call, said he was from windows tech support, I have an online infection, sit at my computer so he can sort it out, if you don't your computer will crash and not ever work again. i ask him for telephone number and his name.
He said ROKI on 80018008485321, I said you are a scammer please take my number off your database, he was very persistent I said I will report you to Microsoft, which #i have. This needs stopping as I have had about 20 calls, very annouying

Ann Noyd


Same, this just happened to me.
I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We got a call on Sat. and I gave the guy an earful before hanging up. Today I received another one and played along to get the scam details (eventvwr), then ended the call.
The phone number he used is : 13604690456. It registers as an "OVERSEAS" number on our handset. (We use caller ID)
It's very frustrating and disturbing that there is NOTHING that can be done to rectify the situation.



got the phone call. told the lady i thought it was a scam. thought she was a bad person for doing this and hung up!. SHE CALLED back would you believe!
played along and when asked to type in eventvwr - did so but into google! and came across this post.

i f i get one of these again i am going to string them on if i have time.

i think this woman actually believed she was doing me a favour!



Got the same call from a blocked number. The caller, who had a thick foreign accent, said he was from "webtec" in Florida. He said they were calling ALL Windows users - yeah right. I played along for a while, but never gave him control of my computer. He could not gain my trust because he was not able to answer my questions. I told him he was working a scam and then asked "Is your family proud of what you do?". Suggested that he change careers and he hung up.



Recieved this call today - clearly sounded suspicious, so googled it, found this article, and so realised what was going on.

Since he was trying to scam me, I thought I should at least waste his time, so I asked him to hold for a second then left the phone in the bedroom and left the room. I came back 30 minutes later, realised he was still on the line, and hung up - he called back 5 more times before I answered and told him I knew it was a scam and hung up.

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Larry Kirby


I got that Indian scam call myself and let them go far enough to let them control my computer and install thier program. Realized the error soon and got rid of him. Now I want to uninstall the software but I dont know what the name of it is. So if anyone here knows what program I should uninstall PLEASE let me know at my email. THANKS FOR ANY HELP AT ALL.



Got a call tonight from a "Sam" (Indian) saying he was a technician calling from Microsoft in Melbourne, gave me a phone number & his work id. Said I'd had some illegal downloads performed on my computer. I said I don't do downloads, (of course we all do, but was calling his bluff) & said my computer was switched off. He then said they'd been tracking these downloads for the past 3 weeks. I said so you're only now calling me at 8pm on a Saturday night? He said we're open from 10-10. He asked me to switch on my PC. I did, but I was already suspicious. He instructed me to hit the microsoft button & R key & remove what was in the command field & type in eventwpr I stalled him while I googled this & saw the posts that it was a scam (which is what I'd guessed already). I told him I wasn't comfortable doing this & that I would call back on Monday, he said, I'll call you. I said no & I'm hanging up now. Lucky me!! SO BEWARE :-).



What a hoot.
I have had several of these calls.
I went with one of them a fair way down the script, all the time getting "Sam" to verify he was from Micosoft and that I had "malware" on my system.
Ho Ho Ho. After a good twenty minutes of leading "Sam" up and down the Garden path, having said "So you're from Microsoft yeah?" about thirty times I said...
"I don't get it Sam, you are from microsoft, you are monitoring my PC right now, I'm amazed, especially since I'm running windows in a virtual machine sandbox on Linux with a self compiled Kernel siting behind a proxy server and hardware firewall - You a bad man Sam, you gonna get reincarnated as a tapeworm!"
I have so gotta record the next one and post it on Youtube.

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