IBM to lead DIMIA systems overhaul

IBM has landed a four year contract worth more than $250 million to lead a massive systems overhaul at the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMIA).

The $495 million systems revamp dubbed the "Systems for People Program" includes the replacement of ageing computers used to manage immigration programs including Australia's controversial detention centres.

An additional $380 million in new funding was made available in last month's federal budget following a series of damning reports into Australia's immigration processes which found serious shortfalls in information systems that contributed to Australian citizen Cornelia Rau being illegally detained.

Full details of the massive overhaul will be finalized in coming weeks but other members of the IBM led consortium include Microsoft, Oracle, Tibco and APIS Consulting.

Under the project, legacy systems will be phased out and replaced with a Web-based environment linking data from a range of existing projects including a document verification service and a number of biometrics projects and border control programs.

IBM is proposing use of the Websphere product suite combined with Siebel's case management software and a business rules management offering from Ruleburst.

The portals are expected to go live in 2007.

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